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    The "elf"

    hi people maybe some of you have seen more than once people calling Link or the hylians "elves", I can see why they call them like that, but to be honest I hate it, not to an extreme point, but I do, so, what do you think? you are ok with that? it´s correct for you? you dislike it? or even...
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    A Link to the Past Am I the Only One Who Doesn't Like It?

    uhm, answering your question, no, you are not the only one who doesn't like it, I think, why you don't like it? well, if you don't know, you cant expect me to do :P i think there isn't anything that is liked by all the people, there are many different tastes and, if you want to hear my...
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    Twilight Princess Epona - How The...?

    Why Link isnt old?!!, oh wait, is not the same link... :3 epona is just a name, is not the same horse
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    Does It Matter Which You Played First?

    I played OoT first, and like them equally in sightly different ways I suppose, the same goes for majora´s mask, wind waker and A Link to the Past, creating a quintuple tie, so I could say that is my top 5/1 favorite(s) games ever :)
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    The Flagship Zelda Non-boss Enemy

    hi people! basically, which enemy in the zelda series do you thing is/are the most representative, what I mean is, for example, the mario series have (in my opinion, at least) the goombas or the koopas are an enemies that represents in some way the series, they are very iconic, and when I...
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    "monsters", Living Creatures or Magic/evil/darkness/whatever?

    hi people! a long time ago, I used to ask me this question that has surface in me again, all the monsters that link fights, are they living creatures like animals? (human-likes included) or are they just dark magic´s creations? we have seen people die in zelda (ex: uncle), but on the other...
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    WW-Wii U Scariest Wind Waker Sea Enemy

    If I could be scared of any of these enemies it would be the seahats by far :S, those faces, the sound, and they are fast D:
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    How Long Until We Get a Female Link?

    well, even if that would be cool, I dont think we will see a female link, still, we can have some kind of spin off with a female character (tetra, sheik, aryll, etc) uh? so, zelda(game) is sexist? P.S: Link hair was only pink in the in-game graphics, he wasnt supposed to have pink hair
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    General Modern Wii U Zelda Ideas Thread

    hope you get it just by watching this: there you go :)
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    Which Version of Link Do You Like the Most?

    uhm, just a question, why should have Alttp link pink hair? what I mean is, it was just the graphics of the game, they never have showed link with pink hair in the official art, I think
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    Should Link Have A Voice Actor?

    voice acting for zelda? no thanks voice acting for link? and even bigger no thanks :)
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    Darunia is Younger Gor Coron?

    darunia was a sage in the adult timeline, there is no proof to say that darunia became a sage or not in the child timeline where TP takes place _______________________ I dont think they are the same person, imao, there are no real proofs to support it
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    Kokiri and Links Outfit Theory.

    I am not sure if this can be relevant, but: the clothes from the common kokiris arent exactly the same as link, plus, can be there a reason why only the males wear hats? you cant be sure of that, it may be just the art style changing from game to game, or may be not
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    Why is That Woman Making Soup??

    really? I am not alone!, since the first time I watched the trailer I thought the same, lol, but I am not sure why :S
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    Will Links Awkward Looking Arm Bother You.

    this pretty much, I dont see where is the problem
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    Gameplay Little Details

    hi people basically, lets post even the smaller gameplay detail that we have seen from the demo, for example: enemies (or some of them) run away from your active bombs skip to 13:30 cya later, hope to spot more details and see what you have discovered :)
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    Time of Day

    maybe the seasons could work (?), but I agree, it would not work, we need faster time in zelda, but I would not mind if there was a day system like in MM, I mean, slower time, even with a clock btw, since I use to play alway at the same time, it would get old :/, not only that, I use to play...
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    Link, Officially Right Handed Now?

    hi people we all know how link was turned right handed in the wii version of TP, then we get SS, where he is also right handed. at first it bothered me, now it doesnt, not really, but what I mean comes after watching the wii U tech demo, i mean: so, what is this image telling us? I...
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    Spoiler One of Seven

    uhm, but I dont think they would represent the "sins" because: a) I dont think Nintendo want to go back to religious things b) there are some "sins" that would not look, uh, "good", even for T rated game (if it is T rated) cofcoflustcofcof
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    Does Anyone Know if Nintendo is Gonna Fix the Treasure Chest Rupees?

    I was thinking this xD, it would help, if not, there is a second option, it would be easy and would work for the people who liked the system in TP and the ones who dont, as simple as, if you open a chest and your wallet is full, you get an option like "you found 100 rupees!! ...but your wallet...
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    it would be... interesting, too bad this is zelda and I am not sure if I want this kind of differences in the way you play, I mean, story wise
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    WiiU HD Zelda - E3 2011

    yeah, is just a tech demo yeah, it looks good, but I have seen some people saying its better than SS, come on, just because it looks nice it doesnt mean its better, there is no actual gameplay there :/ anyway, I dont think that nintendo is gonna release a zelda wiiU very soon, because its...
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    Most Effective Villain

    lol, love how ghirahim has too many votes xD, I mean, come on people, he can be a good option, but we should wait to see him in the game well, I will vote ganon, you might say he has failed some many times, but he is a mastermind, and he has doing pretty good, there are no zelda villain...
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    Spoiler Skyward Sword: A Link to the Future?

    interesting, but I would say no, or at least a "small no", the technology is not really important in zelda, we has seen a lot of technology before (LA phones FTW), and I dont think it means something very important at this moment, I dont think that zelda is really a middle age based game, of...
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    Do You Think Skyward Sword Will Include Hylian's Origin?

    whut? for a moment I was making it official in my head xD, but no, its not official at the moment, but, yes, I think we will see the origin of the hylians, why?, just read above ;D
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    Why Do So Many Ppl Think There is a Split Timeline...?

    maybe because...its official...? really, its fairly impossible to disagree now, some people has explained it very well in this threat, I am just supporting
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    Wtf nintendo logic

    Awkward zombie time! seriously, I dont care about nintendo logic :)
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    Anyone else Really Hoping for Hard Bosses?

    well, if it seems a little challenging to beat a bokoblin (watching some videos), the bosses would be strong, and I am definitively hoping for harder bosses
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    The Whale from the Trailer = Wind Fish?

    I dont think it would be the wind fish well, for the people who still think it can be the wind fish, I could came with a small theory: maybe the wind fish has been (uhm) turned bad with some (uhm) kind of darkness, aka, nightmare, maybe we should go inside the wind fish save zelda and seal...
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    Fungal Spores What Are They For?

    is there any video featuring link drinking them? because I dont think they will give you health just like that, because I dont think they are going to remove them, I bet you can make some potions with them
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    Truth About Shields!

    nothing really new, but here is some info from IGN http://wii.ign.com/articles/117/1175200p1.html
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    The Ear Design in Skyward Sword

    hylians and gerudos are the same, is just racism :lol:, ok no xD I also noticed this (the ears difference), I think zelda really looks like Alttp zelda
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    Wow !!

    why would be an M rated Zelda a better game?... I even think it would be worst, i mean, it would mean unnecessary blood, or something worst...
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    Bulbasaur Penguins

    I also has notated how this, uhm, penguin like thing looks a little, uhm, plant-like xD btw, the mogmas still rememberme of the geldmans not like they look the same
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    New Super Smash Bros. Zelda and Link.

    maybe they will do what they did to toon link, hen still looks the same, but he is not cel shaded (talking about brawl, of course)
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    We Got a Sky Overworld, Will Be There a Traditional Land Overworld?

    hi people in SS you can jump to from your bird, so you can explore some places, but, do you think there will be a more traditional land overworld like in OoT, MM or TP, where you can go from area to area by land? or you are just gonna drop from place to place? it would even do for some...
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    Power Wisdom Courage

    well, it would be interesting, but story wise I dont think it will work bowser =/= ganon I think the closer you will get to that is called smash bros brawl ;)
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    Boss Key?

    agree, but I dont think it will be only for the boss, for example, the door in the first image looks more like a dungeon entrace
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    Lets Talk About the Sea of Clouds

    Hi people at this point I am sure everyone has seen the "Sea of clouds", let me start with these questions 1-So, you will be able to fly around and explore, but, there are actually islands (floating ones) that you would be able to explore someway like in wind waker? 2-what do you think...
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    Truth About Shields!

    I dont think the hylian shield will break, maybe it can be just...uh..out of power? xP, ahhhh those shield AA batteries run out so fast xD the other shields can break as many times as they want :P BTW, since the item changing is now real time, I was wondering if the items just pop out...
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    Nintendo Says Link is the Oldest...

    what were you specting to make link look older? a mustache? xD
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    Purple Dude/Villain?

    I also dont think he would be the MAIN villain, maybe he isnt even a real villain (most probably yes, and we are sure link should fight him at some point)
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    Spoiler Rauru?!?

    why so sure?? how many times have you been reincarnated? xP
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    Spoiler Who is the Girl from the New Trailer

    I was thinking it was zelda from the beginning, but I must agree there is something strange xD *-* <3 BTW am I getting in love? >.< <3
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    Spoiler Rauru?!?

    yeah, it look like any of these people (rauru, keapora and A king (not THE king)), think we need more images in this theat belive it, those eyebrows really make him look like keapora :P
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    The Skyward Sword

    people, are you seeing it? there is a THIRD sword, the Master sword we all know and love, the sword we are talking about AND the sword link is using while flying, look to me they look different to be the same sword
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    Hate for ReDeads.

    Oh no, I remember that now :S anyone thinks that the WW redeads are even more scarier?
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    Female Gorons?

    are you sure any of them are females? ;D anyway, they are magical creatures, maybe they dont reproduce as real life animals (humans included), maybe they are just mutated rocks O_o
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    Do You Think the "key" Tells More Than We Think?

    uhm, I has been think, what if its not the boss, but another important character? maybe something like the helmaroc king (important enemy) or maybe a spirit who gives you the key, think about valoo, for example
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    Hate for ReDeads.

    uhm, I like them to be in the game, but when I should fight them...*creeps*
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