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  1. Kitkat

    Your Pokedex

    In Pokémon White, I have 598 Pokémon, and I've seen 598. I got the three Pokémon that aren't released yet from my friend who has an Action Replay.^^
  2. Kitkat

    Should There Be a Female Link in Future Zelda Games?

    I was gonna say a bunch of stuff, but Vanita posted some super long thing that said everything I was gonna say. So, I'm gonna save my time, and just agree with him.. I agree with you Vanita. Anyway, I love the idea of choosing Link's gender and name. Like, there doesn't have to be a princess...
  3. Kitkat

    What Would Be Your Place in the World of Zelda?

    If I were in OoT, I would want to explore Hyrule. I would use a bow for defense, because I'm decent at it. I would also try to take Link's Ocarina... somehow, so I could make it day all the time, so I wouldn't have to fight skeletons at night. In MM all the places scare me, so I would probably...
  4. Kitkat

    How Did You Start Your Day?

    Well, 1:00 PM, Woke up 1:01 PM, Went back to sleep 2:15 PM, Mom wanted me to wake up, because I sleep to long or something, so I put in earbuds and listened to music to tune her out. 3:00 PM, My cat decided to try to eat my nose, so I figured it was time for him to go outside. 3:05 PM...
  5. Kitkat

    Twilight Princess What Was Your Favorite Music from TP?

    My favorite song from Twilight Princess is the Hyrule field theme, because it's so epic, and beautiful at night. ^^ It's really close to being my favorite Zelda song, other than the Song of Healing. :zelda:
  6. Kitkat


    That would be so cool! ^^ I'm not planning on ever getting a tattoo, but I still love that idea.
  7. Kitkat

    Ocarina of Time What Would Make You Swear?

    I usually try hard mot to swear, but one time I was fighting Bongo Bongo, and I kept losing because the controller had a problem where like, it moves you in a direction you don't want to go. It kept doing that, and one time I was finally going to beat him when, at the last second, it did that...
  8. Kitkat

    Which Link, and Or, Zelda Do You Most Look Like?

    I look like the younger version of Zelda in OoT, because I have blonde hair, and I look pretty young like her. :zelda:
  9. Kitkat

    How Many Siblings Do You Have?

    I have three brothers, and three sisters. My youngest siblings are twins, one is a brother and one is a sister, then I have another little sister. I also have two older brothers and an older sister. I like the MOM STOP ALREADY choice too. x)
  10. Kitkat

    Which Zelda Game Had the Best Soundtrack?

    I like the Spirit Tracks soundtrack, it's really happy. ^^ I love the overworld theme, and I don't remember why, but I seem to remember really liking the final bosd theme. Anyway, Spirit Tracks definitelynhas the best soundtrack, in my opinion.
  11. Kitkat

    What instrument do you play?

    I started playing the piano when I was four, and from there I went on to the keyboard. I also recently started playing drums too, so far they're really fun ^^
  12. Kitkat

    Spoiler Midna's Real Form

    Imp Midna is adorable! ^^ Even when she gets her evil face she's still so cute. As for her true form she was kind of.. beautiful. I still like her imp form more though.
  13. Kitkat

    Your New Year's Resolution for 2012

    I'm gonna try to be less insecure about myself next year. Also, I'm gonna try to conquer my fear of water, x) people are starting to call me "scaredy-kat" which annoys the heck out of me. I'm also planning on getting my first gaming system, ^^ and eating more junk food, just cause I can.
  14. Kitkat

    Nintendo Should Make a Zelda Game That...

    I like the idea of playing as Zelda again alot. I hate the idea of her saving Link though. I like Link because he's a hero, and he wouldn't be one if he needed help. I would love being able to play as Zelda in multiplayer too.
  15. Kitkat

    Which Boss Would You Like to Be Friends with and Why?

    I would be friends with Ganondorf, because when he like, takes over the world, we could just hang out and tell all his slaves to work for us. Of course, Ganondorf, being the selfish person he is, would probably try to kill me. Because of tat I would probably kill him before he has killed me...
  16. Kitkat

    Twilight Princess Scariest Looking Boss / Mid-Boss

    Puppet Zelda was creepy, I find the whole idea of possessing people really scary. Also, the water guy, I think his name is morpheel, his battle kind of creeped me out because I really hate water, and dark places. I don't know which battle is worse.
  17. Kitkat

    Do You Want to See a Boss Remade?

    I'd like to see the giant helmasaur from ALttP (helmesaur king?) in a new game. Make him huge and cool looking, and so we have to kill him with the ball and chain.
  18. Kitkat

    Ocarina of Time What Sage Was Your Favorite from Ocarina of Time?

    I like Darunia because he's nice, and tries to kill the dragon by himself to save his people. I also like Ruto just because it's cute that she likes Link when they're kids.
  19. Kitkat

    What is Your Triforce?

    I'm not brave at all, so I wouldn't have the triforce of courage, I'm also not smart, so no triforce of wisdom. I'm definitely not strong, so that leaves me with the empty space in the middle shaped like an upside-down triangle. So, I guess my triforce would be the triforce of nothingness. :)
  20. Kitkat

    What Was the Inspiration for Your Username/user Title?

    Well, my name is Katryna, but people call me Kat, and one of my friends started calling me Kitkat, so that's what I'm going with. As for my user title, I love remixing music, and Zelda has the best music. ^^
  21. Kitkat

    What is Your Favorite Zelda Partner?

    I love tatl, I don't know why I just do. I also really like Ezlo, he's funny. I really hate the boat guy though he's all old and bossy, so I like shooting him with arrows. ^^
  22. Kitkat

    Zelda Characters in the Real World

    Ganondorf working at wendy's xD. I could see Anju working as a waitress. Tingle as a billionaire, and the carpenters as a motorcycle gang.
  23. Kitkat

    How Were You Introduced to Zelda?

    I was introduced to Zelda when I was 13. I had a really good friend who loved videogames. I didn't really like them back then, but I played them occasionally. He called me one day, and told me about a really old, really hard game called Adventure of Link, and he wanted me to play it with him, so...
  24. Kitkat

    One Man Army – Does It Need To Go?

    You're right, it definatley makes it less realistic. Like, when the group of people help you in Twilight Princess, I didn't actualy need their help, I could have easily taken those enemies out. Although, I was left wondering why they didn't help me with Ganondorf, one of them had a freaking...
  25. Kitkat

    Twilight Princess Which Item from TP Would You Want in Real Life?

    I'd love to have the horse whistle and, (if I had horse) call it from anywhere. I wouldn't mind having the dominion rod either.
  26. Kitkat

    Creepiest Things in Zelda... Even As a Grown Up..??

    I'm kind of scared if redeads, Tingle, the shadow temple (OoT), Ikana Canyon, Majora, the giant spider (TP), the Earth Temple (WW), Tingle, Dead Hand, Jabu Jabu's stomach, Great Bay, Zant, the guy made of bats in the Stone Tower Temple, the Song of Healing played in reverse, Tingle, and all the...
  27. Kitkat

    What Three Zelda Characters Would You Most Like to See Make a Come-back?

    There's like, alot of people from zelda I want back, but since there's a limit of three im gonna say five :) 1. A new creepier happy mask salesman. 2. Vaati, but give him more of an interesting story. 3. General Onox and Veran would be nice to see again in the same game maybe as secondary...
  28. Kitkat

    Should Nintendo Get Rid of Link?

    When I started reading this I thought you were crazy, but when I thought about it, it really wouldn't matter to me. Link doesn't have a personality anyway besides, running around, and screaming at everything like a maniac. The other characters are the ones with the personalties, like skull kid...
  29. Kitkat

    Link and Love

    I wouldn't mind if Link fell in love with me. I like the silent, screaming every now and then, oh, and I love the blanket he wears as a tunic and the white leggings. :love: Really though, Link never shows any interest in any girls he meets. He only looks shocked when they show interest in him.
  30. Kitkat

    Do We Need More Female Villains

    I think a secondary female villain would be good. Like if Zant was female I'd be fine with that. If Ganondorf was a girl though O.o I'd have problems with that.
  31. Kitkat

    New Young Link in Smash Bros.

    If you've played Super Smash Bros. Melee then you know that young link is a charater that is basicly a copy of link with a few exceptions. What if young link was the link from majoras mask and had a whole new set of moves that involved his three masks. So tell me what you think and if you want...
  32. Kitkat

    WW-Wii U Your Favourite WW Music

    I totally agree with having more music themed threads, and that Zelda has really good soundtracks. ^^ 1. Ocean theme 2.Title theme 3.Credits 4.Miniboss theme 5.Dragonroost
  33. Kitkat

    Ocarina of Time What's Your Favorite Warp Song?

    I like the Bolero of Fire because it's perfect for making upbeat remixes with. :D
  34. Kitkat

    Would You Want the Legend of Zelda Cartoon Series to Come Back?

    Nooo, Link talking was bad enough, but when he started saying things like "Exuuse me princess." oh, and "Oh boy! smoochie smoochie time." I lost all hope for that show. Nintendo shows are all horrible some people would say the pokemon show is good, but when you go back to the Zelda, Mario, and...
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