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  1. Ricardo Paez

    Zelda Reimagined/remake Project

    This is the video of the Kakariko graveyard and the Shadow Temple entrance. It's completely reimagined, there are comments in the video of the core ideas I have for the place. There is a Link's animation near the end of the video. It's made with the model made by Christoph Schoch...
  2. Ricardo Paez

    What is your favorite anime?

    Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. It has a little of everything and the most important for me: a good ending.
  3. Ricardo Paez

    Zelda Reimagined/remake Project

    All you see is in Unity.
  4. Ricardo Paez

    Zelda Reimagined/remake Project

    Hello guys! My brother and me are making a project about reimagining Zelda rooms from older games. Is not all about the graphic fidelity but about the concept, for this all the 3D assets are done from scratch to match the desired design and concept. (We don't have any super powerful computer so...
  5. Ricardo Paez

    What is your unpopular Zelda opinion?

    Not really that, but people trying to make it work is the popular opinion (at least on youtube and some forums). Trying to get some chronology in games that had none to begin with.
  6. Ricardo Paez

    What is your unpopular Zelda opinion?

    -The Zelda canon sucks! Is really inexistent, it was just made up before SS and it was never meant to be. (And I think it was better that way). -BOTW's weapon break mechanic is fun, people just like to attach themselves to weapons. -BOTW's may not have the best linear story, but if you tell it...
  7. Ricardo Paez

    Queen Gohma Custom action figure

    Is it movable? (I just notice that the arms are moved in the pictures) How many joints does it have? It really look super sick!!
  8. Ricardo Paez

    Breath of the Wild What are your favorite and least favorite locations in game?

    Least favorite: Hebra region, you can't see nothing there (that is the point, but I don't really like it). Favortie: Akkala Citadel, when I get there the first time was amazing!! It's a shame that we cannot see it in full glory but just to imagine it in the past is awsome, it is not just a...
  9. Ricardo Paez

    What is Your Favorite Location in Twilight Princess

    The worn down Temple of Time in the woods, you don't get to explore it fully, but that is part of the magic, how back in the past there was this massive building as the temple that was slowly swallow by the forest with only the master sword that remained in solitude. The idea seems too great for me.
  10. Ricardo Paez

    Which Zelda game has your favorite soundtrack and why?

    WW is awsome, it connects very well with the places and the adventure but... TP is the most epic soundtrack, while most of the tracks are something like remixes of older games it take them to a whole new level of epicness. BOTW maybe has not the best overall sountrack but some of them are...
  11. Ricardo Paez

    Overhead Zelda: Sprite-based or 3d?

    The 3DS games were super good for experimentation on graphic style, but it seems very unlikely to go back to the 2d sprites style of older games. Also for good or bad, Nintendo is never "married" with any visual style, most of the games have very different and unique art styles and I think that...
  12. Ricardo Paez

    Realistic Next Gen Zelda

    I looks great, and it realy helps that you not only imported the model but also add foliage to the building to blend it a lot better in the environment. The dedication is appreciated.
  13. Ricardo Paez

    Queen Gohma Custom action figure

    Is it 3D printed or you sculped it by hand? It's awesome nevertheless.
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