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  1. amaterasu

    Oniana, A Tabletop

    Link me to it over Skype, because I'd be down.
  2. amaterasu

    Oniana, A Tabletop

    If you want you I can answer all your questions, I think I wasn't as clear as I should've been when I made the post.
  3. amaterasu

    Oniana, A Tabletop

    Oh yeah uh, totally. Uh huh. I mean batpool signed up on the other site (and his character is a sensible miner, even). But no bait here.
  4. amaterasu

    Oniana, A Tabletop

    Listen here you nerd
  5. amaterasu

    Oniana, A Tabletop

    Alright, post the application if you change anything drastic.
  6. amaterasu

    Oniana, A Tabletop

    It's the exact same game, do you want me to copy/paste the thing from the Age of War spreadsheet to the ZD one?
  7. amaterasu

    Hidden Video Game Gems!

    I'm gonna put this in spoiler tags bc it's a pretty huge Mother 3 thing.
  8. amaterasu

    RP Leaving/returning Activity Thread

    Hey I used to be a hella RPer here and I'm back with a Tabletop! If you want me to join yours I'd probably be down too.
  9. amaterasu

    Oniana, A Tabletop

    Dice Rolling System Attack and Weapons System Roleplay Style Characters Application
  10. amaterasu

    Oniana, A Tabletop

    Hey guys, I'm back from the grave. I've chilled out a lot and you can find me on Age of War Zelda Roleplaying Forrum whenever, but I'm really hype to get this RPG going and it's not getting the attention I want on AoW. So I'm going to post this here. I copied everything from the AoW post, so...
  11. amaterasu

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted! It's ancient Roman currency with no value. I wish I had motivation.
  12. amaterasu

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, now that soda is water. I wish my toes weren't so cold.
  13. amaterasu

    OoT Man Begging You to Sell Him Something

    I always call him ManLadyBankerThing, regardless of what game I'm playing. Pretty sure I stole that from Chuggaaconroy, maybe NintendoCaprisun. But you sell him things the way you show things off (i.e., the Moon's Tear or a Deed to a Buisness Scrub) in Majora's Mask I believe, I always get...
  14. amaterasu

    Sleeping Positions!

    I sleep on either side or on my belly, one arm shoved under my pillow, the other on top of the pillow or on the other side of me, one leg stretched out and the other bent in the weirdest way. I've got a queen bed so I have plenty of space, even though I only use half of it.
  15. amaterasu

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but now you don't have any money. I wish these beads would sort themselves.
  16. amaterasu

    General Art The Rise of Elizibeth

    Hey guys it's Ammy again. Remember me? Yeah, um.. About the story, I didn't expect to finish it, but.. yeah... This is really nostalgic, and I'll be on Age of War for the most part, I'm surprised I remembered my password for here. I know it's been a year, but.. Yeah.. talk to me on Age of War...
  17. amaterasu

    Dragcave Dragons

    You can put them in Silvi's Lair as posted above and keep them from dying instead of having the trouble of putting them in forum signatures.
  18. amaterasu

    Dragcave Dragons

    Okay so as you've noticed, I've for the most part left ZD. Although, I have been active on another site as well as dragcave.net ;a collectors' site. As many of you are on Dragoncave, i've decided to open up a trade and transfer shop. I can only do so many as i have two Magi Dragons and they can...
  19. amaterasu

    Nintendo RP: Worlds Collide!

    okay listen PK Love Omega, stop with your **** and play by the rules, or you will be modkilled, and all posts you make will be ignored. kthanksbai
  20. amaterasu

    General Art Second Hunger Games Fanfic

    kewl story bro. nice way to dodge a conflict chailyn.
  21. amaterasu

    General Art Second Hunger Games Fanfic

    i think Chailyn's gonna win. or not. THE SUSPENCE!
  22. amaterasu

    General Art Second Hunger Games Fanfic

    caught up again. HoT, i just want to point out that whenever i read Sully as your character, i think of "James P Sullivan" (direct quote) from Monsters Inc. One of my favorite disney movies. next to the Lion King.
  23. amaterasu

    Zelda Art Amaterasu's Fan-Fic Art Thread(By Luigidude64)

    i was going through my subscriptions and found this, wondering WTF? and now i remember. so, what happened to all the pics? D :
  24. amaterasu

    General Art Second Hunger Games Fanfic

    Myriadviper, I have caught up, and I must say. Chailyn is one badass *insert mutliple colorfol words here). good job. I have a feeling she'll make it to the final three, if not win.
  25. amaterasu

    General Art Zombified

    nice. trapped in a store. cool story bro
  26. amaterasu

    Official Suggestions Thread

    I personally think that we should have an icon above avatars and below names like for mods and article writers, for artists and authors. But, they should be only recognized by a group, like a vote. People who are "famous" on ZD for there stories and artwork such as Ganondork and Linknerd09...
  27. amaterasu


    i've always liked this, and i can sing it word for word. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWu6YeRg2N4&feature=iv&annotation_id=annotation_468439
  28. amaterasu


    personally, i can't even poke myself with a pencil on the inside of my elbow, so i probably couldn't get a tattoo. i have nothing against them though, as my mom has one that she only got for sentimental reasons. I'll get tatts for sentimental reasons too, but if i do, i might have to be put...
  29. amaterasu

    Zelda Art The Goddess's Requiem

    cool story bro. get the idea from the RPG you made in the group or did the story idea come first?
  30. amaterasu

    Zelda Art Adventure to Skyloft

    oh my god, i can feel tears under my eyes, but they're not coming up. WE NEED A SEQUAL D:
  31. amaterasu

    Ocarina of Time Why Do People Find the Shadow Temple Difficult?

    i find it hard mainly because of the obscurity to it. i always miss a key, and it's rare that i can go through it without help from my mom. D :
  32. amaterasu

    Music for Certain Times

    Just a thread for music and stuffs. Self Explainitory by the title. I play this music when i go to bed. TP Version's of the Serenade of Water. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MK5wMv9vZsc&feature=autoplay&list=QL&index=1&playnext=41
  33. amaterasu


    i havn't personally played the games, but i have watched Chuggaaconroy of Youtube.com play them, and i'm hooked. I think my favorite quote is... Wess: Duster, you are..... oh, and Kemp WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT
  34. amaterasu

    Harry Potter Year One RPG

    (as i said, and i'm not RPing any longer, as i said, you can control Chailyn, First Years can't play. Harry gets in when he chases Malfoy and the teacher sees.)
  35. amaterasu

    General Art Invader Zim Fan Fic

    Cool story bro. think Mizz will have a Sir that's not broken, or a broken one like Gir? I'm going to roll around on the floor for a bit, K?
  36. amaterasu

    SwS or SS?

    no, i didn't. it's just the way i thought about it. excuse me for being a prick about things. others, i could care less or be nice and the complete oppisite of a prick. i'm kind of wierd like that.
  37. amaterasu

    General Art The Rise of Elizibeth

    okay, I AM SUCH A BAD PERSON. I promised updates the next day, and then didn't. Promised double chapters when I got home, didn't. so, here's the rest of the previous chapter, then the next chapter. i don't want to post a big chunk of stuff for you to all read through in one sitting. "Uh, hi...
  38. amaterasu

    SwS or SS?

    okay, this is actually getting on my nerves a little bit:mad:. it might just be because i'm a prick about some things:embarrassed:, but here we go. So, we have prefixes for the games, such as OoT for Ocarina of Time, TP for Twilight Princess, but a lot of people go from SwS and SS for Skyward...
  39. amaterasu

    Iron Boot Trouble

    I do admit being able to put not only items but clothes on the start screen was helpful in TP for using the Iron Boots, it wasn't all that hard to hit the start button in OoT. I do admit though, listening to the sound effect every time was enough to annoy me to the point of insanity. Almost. If...
  40. amaterasu

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda Fan Fiction

    Chapter IV Ouchies When Amaterasu falls to the ground with an arrow sticking out of her leg, what is the group to do? They all help in doing the best they can to heal her, but she will need medical attention. Tennor was first to react. He quickly looked down the hall and saw nothing. He...
  41. amaterasu

    Dragon Rider's

    (he might've, but he probably didn't.)
  42. amaterasu

    Dragon Rider's

    (i'm still not really sure what the Festivle of Flames is, i fail : P)
  43. amaterasu

    Dragon Rider's

    Chailyn stretched when she felt the sun on her eyelids. Yawning, she stood and stretched, looking around for Zuko. He had found a rock and was curled up on the flatish surface, sunbathing and sleeping. She walked over and shook his head. "Wake up Zuko, we need to head back to the mansion." She...
  44. amaterasu

    Okami RPG Sign Ups

    ^ I do know this, i put pheonix because the rooster is on fire. i should change it though.
  45. amaterasu

    Did You Know...?

    yes i did know that. did you know the best thing to do when you're puking up everything in your stomach is to eat lots of dry toast or saltines and drink water?
  46. amaterasu

    Harry Potter Year One RPG

    okay, technically, only Harry's Broom went up on the first try. so... yeah... This RPG moves a bit too fast for me, and I might return in Year Two if it slows down a bit. Anybody can control Chailyn now.
  47. amaterasu

    Harry Potter Year One RPG

    (since this is an RP, we can bend the rules a little bit. no worries)
  48. amaterasu

    Harry Potter Year One RPG

    (i like that idea. crap, when should the characters' b-days be? our real birthdays? Not the year, just the day)
  49. amaterasu

    Harry Potter Year One RPG

    Chailyn snickered at the nickname Malfoy had given Ashie. "Sounds like a good fit for you if you're dating Malfoy!" she teased, before running ahead to the next class. She hadn't slept during History of Magic, so she'd probably have to sleep during another boring class.
  50. amaterasu

    Dragon Rider's

    (Chailyn went to the base of the mountain to clear her head and sleep there)
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