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  1. onewafighter1

    Taking Your Hand Held Console to School?

    I take my Gameboy Advance SP every other day, I spend about two hours playing Tetris+ for the Gameboy Color. I've gotten really good at Tetris, atleast.
  2. onewafighter1

    Which Pokémon Did You Choose in Black/White?

    I chose Tepig, which when I first saw the starters I wanted Oshawott. But I make all my guesses based on their full forms, to which Emboar is AWESOME, and Samurott looks.... much much worse. Also a Fire type on the team is nice to have, especially with fighting so it can handle rock type.
  3. onewafighter1

    Scary Zelda Characters

    I personally find the Laboratory guy from Oot and MM the scariest. The creepy old guy from the house at Lake Hylia, and his terminian counterpart in the Great Bay, I don't want to try and find what he looks like or what his name is, because he freaks me out. o.o I try to avoid him at ALL COSTS.
  4. onewafighter1

    If You Could Create a Instrument for the Next Handheld What Would It Be?

    Legend of Zelda: Xylophone of Souls. :D And you could use the Stylus to tap on all the bars! And maybe for customization you could change the colors of the bars to whatever color you want. (Is there an actual musical term for the Xylophone bars? I'm not sure). It'd be kinda hard to carry around...
  5. onewafighter1

    Metroid Other M-love or Hate

    I got the game a day after it came out, and I thought it was pretty good. I'll admit the story needed a LOT more work into it. The cutscenes got to be boring at some points. Control-wise, I only found one major flaw. Switching from the Normal setting, to use the Missile, where you have to point...
  6. onewafighter1

    What is Your Favorite Boss in Oot?

    My favorite is definitely Volvagia cuz he's a giant epic flaming dragon. Bongo Bongo gets bonus points for creative though.
  7. onewafighter1

    "Them" Aliens or Monsters?

    I think that they are monsters, but designed to be a spoof (sort of) of aliens. So they're alien wanna-be's. But they look to me like Poes that eat cows.
  8. onewafighter1

    Stupid Little Things

    Hitting the pigs on Windfall and Outset island were my favorite things to do on WW. I used all the weapon, bombs, arrows, the skull hammer, and the boomerang. Then they would get angry and chase you. The cuccoos just aren't as fun...
  9. onewafighter1

    What Water Based Dungeon Is Hardest?

    Great Bay temple, I STILL haven't beaten it...The boss is hard, and you keep having to restart it if you run out of time.
  10. onewafighter1

    Favorite Song

    I have a lot of favorites, but my top three are 1.Dragon Roost Island 2. Koume and Kotake's theme 3. Linebeck's theme
  11. onewafighter1

    What Games Are You Playing Through at the Moment?

    I'm playing: Megaman 3(Virtual Console) Megaman 9(Wiiware) Legend of Zelda (the original)(Virtual Console) Pokemon yellow(Gameboy) Pokemon Crystal(Gameboy) Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon(Nintendo DS) Which is a lot for me...
  12. onewafighter1

    What's Really Annoying to You?

    Having to keep reseting the water dungeon on majora's mask. Having to turn into a wolf when teleporting with midna. That fairies can go through walls to escape you.
  13. onewafighter1

    *Spoilers* Two Ghost Ships

    I think the ghost ship can rebuild itself! Because in Wind Waker there are those ship parts inside that one island(I can't remember the name.) It can easily rearrange itself with those parts if it needed too. More evidence is that you get the Ghost Ship Map on the island too! Also maybe link...
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