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  1. Scribear


  2. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild First Divine Beast

    Right? I wish I did this one first. I did Ruta first but if I were to do it over I'd choose Medoh.
  3. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild Last time you died

    A Lynel hit me off into the great beyond. Down down down I went. I just kept rolling down a cliff...it was actually pretty funny.
  4. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild How do you name your horses?

    Juice. It. Mario. Donkey. Destroyer.
  5. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild Are the Gerudo babes?

    Oh you are right. Totally judged them there. EDIT: Like, dang persons, what is with all the sexual tension!?
  6. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild Are the Gerudo babes?

    Great Fairies anyone? :eye_roll: Like, dang girls, what is with all the sexual tension!?
  7. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild Malon, Marin... Paya?

    Palink. Liya. Palinkya. Anyway. It was love at first sight for Link and Paya I believe. That stutter. It really got to Link. If it wasn't for that hint of "what-if" chance of being with Zelda I think Link would be full Paya romance. "I got a house in Hateno ready for us, baby, let's go."
  8. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild Are the Gerudo babes?

    Mipha is super cute. Paya is my favorite girl so far. But yeah. The Gerudo are wife material. Just ask....errr what's his name, Hudson!!
  9. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild [SPOILERS] The Path You Took Through the Game

    Been waiting for a thread like this. Awesome... Scribear's Path, Part 1: Starting out at 2am day 1 was a joy, "Open you eyes" line filled me with excitement. Like, this was finally it, all my waiting and anticipation was finally done. I had the game I had wanted more than any game before. I...
  10. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild [SPOILERS] BOTW Game Help

    Anyone know the cooldown for the Master Sword?
  11. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild BotW: True to U

    I haven't played any of the HD remakes since I own the original. So pausing to equip is something I have always done. I was/am actually really excited that we can quick equip swords, shields, bows and arrows. So cool! I guess in this case ignorance is bliss.
  12. Scribear

    Favorite/Least Favorite Character

    Right. What a dumb farm boy.
  13. Scribear

    What's the Difference Between Ganon and Ganondorf?

    Maybe they're trying to be like Breath of the Wild --- Reviving something years after it has died!
  14. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild What Are You Doing In BOTW?

    I need to do this too. -- Right now I am finding Shrines. 70 down. I also just completed Tarrey Town! Woooooo.
  15. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild My guide to beating Lynel (minor spoilers)

    Nice essay once again! Good job. Just to help out (very little) here is the following info: Lynel - 2000 HP Blue-Maned Lynel - 3000 HP White-Maned Lynel - 4000 HP Silver Lynel - 6000 HP
  16. Scribear

    Most Anticipated Marvel Film of 2017

    I don't go see movies to often, not for lack of wanting but just because I can usually wait. I love comic books (actually comic books) and have collected them for a while (though not as heavy currently - growing up and junk). But I do watch them as soon as they release on DVD/On...
  17. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild Rank order the divine beasts

    How they look: 1 - Camel: My first time seeing it was awesome. In that dust cloud I was awe struck and excited. Up close it was scary cool. 2 - Elephant: It looked tiny in the resivour but then got to it and it was massive and intense looking. 3 - Bird: So cool. I thought something so big flying...
  18. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild [SPOILERS!] [SPOILERS!] Zelda's Aging

    :) YAAAAAY! Now Link can move on and settle down in Hateno with a nice village girl. (to be clear, I don't care - I just look out for others that might...)
  19. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild [SPOILERS!] [SPOILERS!] Zelda's Aging

    I didn't read what you posted just he title. Your title kinda has a spoiler in it. Like, for me who has not gone to the end of the game I was half expecting Zelda to look different. Maybe drained after 100 years. Maybe old like Impa. Maybe the same, I wasn't sure. But with your title you have...
  20. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild Going for 100%

    I have the guide book and it says that 100% is possible right now. The biggest thing are this: 120 Shrines 900 Korok Seeds 357 (i don't have the book on me right now so this number may be off a few) Pictures <-- This one is tough to remember to take pictures of EVERYTHING! Fairy Fountains And...
  21. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild Breath of the Arbiters Grounds

    Go read page 351 of the Guide Book. The first entry there. ;)
  22. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild What Are You Doing In BOTW?

    So the other day, I found my way to the top of a mountain noticing something strange and lo and behold a dragon covered in malice. So I start fighting and i am shooting the malice and I am down to one more malice spot. I look. 1 arrow left. I'm like "I got this!" I focus...aim...shoot...hit it...
  23. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild [SPOILERS] BOTW Game Help

    I can answer 2. Use your magnesis rune to pull them out. Kinda. Yes. You are suppose to sort of find the place based off the pictures and when you get there - there will be a glowing light where you can go to and activate a cut scene memory.
  24. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild What Are You Doing In BOTW?

    My play style for BOTW is very... organic. I guess. I started off by heading East...then just began to activate as many towers as I can and stop at any Shrines I saw along the way. I accidentally stumbled on to the Zora quest so I did that dungeon. Then just kept moving in any direction that...
  25. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild Favorite Region in BotW

    I like having a house. Makes me feel special. Like, after all is said and done and I have saved Hyrule, I can settle down with a nice lass and start a family in a nice quiet village that is pretty close to the ocean. It's cool.
  26. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild Got the Expansion Pass...where's my free loot?

    Yeah. They aren't hard. I found them without the video. :)
  27. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild Why are some people butthurt that BotW is a great game?

    Yeah. I've seen people butthurt that Zelda is taking away from Horizon...like, legit butt hurt about it. Probably people like that.
  28. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild Breath of the Wild Amiibo functionality

    Awesome! Glad. I do have some...but I was gonna be sad if my question was true....anyway. Thanks! Good to know. I'm looking forward to finding <spoiler thing>.
  29. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild Breath of the Wild Amiibo functionality

    The spoiler concerns an amiibo in botw but I had a question for any who have played more than me so far.
  30. Scribear

    Smash Bros Going to a Tournament

    So far I have gone to a couple VERY small Smash 4 tournaments. Four of them to precise. 1 = 9 people 2 = 16 people 3 = 12 people 4 = 20 people I placed: 1 = 3rd 2 = 3rd 3 = 3rd 4 = 2nd Yeah, finally got over that 3rd place hump! Anyway. These are that big but they give me some tournament...
  31. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild March 3rd Plan

    GOOD TO KNOW! I decided to just get a download code for it instead of waiting on Amazon to ship or Best Buy to have it. Got a USB 3.0 32GB waiting... If I ever get a Switch I'll buy the cartridge for sure though.
  32. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild Let the Countdown Begin

    I'm really hype (even with the fear of my order being messed up) for Friday! Breath of the Wild is going to be released and all the people waiting are finally going to get to play. I'm really excited to play the game that I have been waiting for! I've never been one to get hype for a Day 1...
  33. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild Amazon delaying Wii U Breath of the Wild orders

    Dang. Mine is STILL March 31st! :( I really hope mine changes soon... Sorry for double post -- Conversation with Amazon chat (Siraj): Siraj: We only charge of an item when it ships out from the Amazon fulfillment center.The Delivery date of your order is Friday, March 31, 2017.If the...
  34. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild Breath of the Wild Wii U [EU] v1.0.0- Technical Gripes

    Sad to hear about no multiple save slots. But actually I do have multiple accounts (1 for me, 2 others for my kids) so I am glad there is at least that option because I know they will want to play and I'd like to let them without ruining my game. Thanks for the info. Liked. Subscribed.
  35. Scribear

    First Cars and the Stories about them

    What was your first car? How'd you get it? How long did it last? Tell us your first car story! I bought my first car in 2007, it was a 91 Buick Le Sabre. I bought it for $1000 from a dying old lady. The dying old lady lasted longer than the car... but it still did the trick. Got me places...
  36. Scribear

    Is Sony Hurting Horizon Sales by Releasing it so Close to Breath of the Wild?

    So which came first chicken or the egg...i mean, Zelda or Horizon? Which announced their release dates first? EDIT: I ask because if Horizon was set to release first and then Nintendo said, "Oh I see, let's put Zelda a few days later." I'd say Nintendo was smart. vs. Zelda first then Horizon...
  37. Scribear

    Would You Rather: Outrageous Edition

    Play: Dark Souls 3 or Skyward Sword
  38. Scribear

    Middle Earth:Shadow of War

    I sold my ps4 but loved Shadow of Mordor. Sad...I'll probably try to get a ps4 again one day for KH3. But this might make me try and get one sooner. For sure excited.
  39. Scribear

    Where Did You Get Your Username From?

    It's my pen name I use. I also like bears a lot and it was something my dad called me when I was little. So Scribe + Bear You can say it like Scribe-er or Scri-bear or whatever, I'm not picky.
  40. Scribear

    What did you last eat?

    Tacos from Taco Cabana. Not my favorite. But tacos.
  41. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild Amazon delaying Wii U Breath of the Wild orders

    Still haven't gotten an email. Either I got lucky or its a giant synchronization trolling. Hope it's false. Or that I'm lucky...
  42. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild Amazon delaying Wii U Breath of the Wild orders

    Yeah I don't know. I haven't gotten any email from Amazon. I pre ordered mine in December.
  43. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild March 3rd Plan

    Hahaha. No man! You got a full plate. All that responsibility wrapped up in one day.
  44. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild March 3rd Plan

    Look at you with all that responsibility!
  45. Scribear


    You're my hero.
  46. Scribear

    Should someone else handle Sonic?

    Great question. I too was a Nintendo boy who dabbled in Sega growing up. So Sonic was present for sure. But can he be saved today or should the dumpster he go? Hmm.. Absolutely. They try to hard to give Sonic this persona that crosses all ages. Giving him drama and uncomfortable voice lines...
  47. Scribear

    Breath of the Wild Breath of the Wild Amiibo functionality

    Just pre-ordered Rider Link and Zelda. I was trying to decided between Rider/Zelda and Guardian/Archer (only had enough for 2). Because that is either Sword/Shield or Arrow/Bow. I decided I'd go for sword and shield. Also, they're amiibo so they're cool by themselves too.
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