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  1. Majora16

    Favorite Song

    WOW my taste in music has changed drastically over the last month. I came back to edit it but apparently it's too old to edit now. Anyways, this is what I listen to now: The Blue Van-There Goes My Love Coldplay-Violet Hill Coldplay-Viva La Vida Feist-My Moon My Man The Fratellis-Everybody...
  2. Majora16

    Favorite Song

    I like pop the best. I realize that gamers, for whatever reason, seem to favor rock music but not me. Here are some of my current favorites: Black Eyed Peas: Meet Me Halfway Coldplay: Viva La Vida Coldplay: Violet Hill CSS: Music is My Hot Hot Sex David Guetta ft. Akon: Sexy ***** David Guetta...
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