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  1. MightyGhirahim

    How Much Time Do You Plan to Spend at the Marathon?

    Needless to say, I love marathons. And last year this marathon was more enjoyable than other ones to me and I am extremely excited about the marathon this year! So I wanted to ask you guys a question, how long do you plan to watch the marathon? I plan to spend most of my day on the marathon...
  2. MightyGhirahim

    Wiki Help

    i dont know if this belongs here, but i have a quick question. In pictures for the wiki, where are the files for the pics?? Sorry this was short, but i just need to know this real quick.
  3. MightyGhirahim

    Why Does Everyone Hate COD

    I have played Call of Duty since Modern Warfare has come out. I have played every installment of the series since, and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself in each and every one of the games. Now, I understand that some people do not like games such as Call of Duty. But why does everyone seem to...
  4. MightyGhirahim

    I Need Some Help from U Awesome People :p

    Since I was gone for soooooo long >.> I kinda didnt see any spoilers. And I am reeeaaaly curious about what was released. So in the responses, can u kinda lay out some of the stuff that was revealed? :lol: :nod:
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