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    Spell Checking...

    Yes, it's rather hard to ignore those red lines. If you don't know what they are, that's pretty sad. DX I'm well known for being the best speller in my school. Heck, when I was in sixth grade, I had a high school senior's level of spelling! I may not get EVERY word right, but I strive to get as...
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    What Kind of Zelda Player Are You

    I'm commonly better at fighting than puzzles, but I'm not THAT bad at them. I always name myself Link. One strange thing that I do is that even if I have the max rupees possible, I still always grab a rupee if I find one in a jar. Same for heart pieces.
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    Greatest Game Of All Time

    My favorite game of all time is Majora's Mask. There's a lot of reasons why, too many to list.
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    Do You Use Your Name or Link's?

    On my first playthrough, I always name him "Link", but if I decide to play the game again, I usually name him something else.
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    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^ Nope. o: < Is playing my MM THC. V Dislikes vanilla pudding.
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    Sheikah in Skyward Sword. Too Early?

    I think it's very possible for them to be in this game.. this could be back when there were many Sheikah. But it's really hard to say this early without much info on the game, so I'll have to wait until I make my conclusion on whether they will be in it or not.
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    Lets Count to 1000!

    113. -insert witty words here-
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    Four Swords Adventures Worst Zelda?

    I actually really enjoyed it, but the drawback for me was the GBA thing. I luckily have one of those, but not multiple. I can't do multiplayer. I just wish that there was an option to do it with GameCube controllers rather than just GBAs. It probably would have been even better if that was an...
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    Daily Comics Post

    I don't even get this, but it's hilarious. XD
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    Three Word Story

    and nearly got... Filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler.
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    This Thread is So...

    Umm... O.o This thread is great because I've never seen anything like it on any other forum. 31
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    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but it's the not-fully-powered-up Master Sword. (Like in WW) I wish I had a copy of Pokemon Black.
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    The Opposite Game

    Uhh... Desert? ;P Rupee. Filler, filler, filler, filler.
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    Three Word Story

    Aquatic dirt then... 303030303030303030303030
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    Lets Count to 1000!

    14. My "Y" key keeps popping off of the keyboard. e__e Edit: NEEENJA'D. I will change my 13 to 14.
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    Well, in the game it says that he actually just sits in the room for seven years, so maybe there's a bigger set of clothes, a sheath, etc. I don't know though. Just a theory.
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    Adventure of Link Was It Hard For You?

    I tried, but never got past the first dungeon. I just gave up then. It's a shame so many people give up though, I hear it's pretty good once you get the hang of it. But I never can get the hang of it. e__e
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    Possibility for Downloadable Skyward Sword Demo in Wii Shop Channel

    Great idea. I will write up an email in a little bit, when I'm done with this homwork. C:
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    Lets Count to 1000!

    12. Yarn is most certainly epic. O:
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    What Gaming systems do you have?

    DS. Wii. GCN. GBA. DSi. Filler. Filler. Filler.
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    Most Hated Video Game Charachter?

    I've never even played a Raving Rabbids game, but every time I see one of the commercials for one of those games, I want to bury a head in my pillow and scream. I just never liked those things. :k
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    I Need Help with the Well!

    Confusing. I don't quite understand your question, and don't know why you said something about the well, but what I would do is just do what Sheik tells you to do (If she is telling you to do anything) and then come back later. Hope this helps.
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    Lets Count to 1000!

    6. This thread is going speedy.
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    Virtual Simulator Zelda

    Well, no one really knows what the future will hold, so I really can't say yes or no... but if they DO actually come out with that technology, I think that they will make a Zelda game for it. As long as it's a Nintendo system, that is.
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    Lets Count to 1000!

    3. "Yes we love to spelllllllll. S-E-P-L, spelll....."
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    If You Could Go Back in Time?

    Hm.. I'd probably tell myself, as some other people said, to start playing Zelda sooner. I only got my first Zelda game about four years back, so yeah.
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    Your Favorite Video Games

    I really don't think I could put together a top 25 list easily. I just really can't choose. I'd have to dig through my collection for a couple of hours to put one together, and I still probably wouldn't be satisfied with it.
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    Palace or Castle in Skyloft

    I always thought that there would be a palace in Skyloft. It just seems like that type of place. I'm not sure why I think that though. :/
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    Graphic Requests

    I Think It's About Time I Got an Avatar... Well, I have been on this site for a pretty good amount of time now, and I think I should get an avatar. I'm not really good at the whole graphics type of thing, but I can do Photobucket. The problem is that I have absolutely no idea what it should...
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    Ocarina of Time Is the Water Temple in Oot Annoying?

    I have a love-hate relationship with the Water Temple. I mean, the boots-switch was annoying, but if you overlook all of that stuff, it was just a challenging temple. The first time I played through the Water Temple it stopped me for months. But when I finally figured it out, it gives you a...
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    Twilight Princess Double Clawshot: Good or Bad?

    I liked the Double Clawshot a lot. I mean, it may not be the most creative item in the game, but the Hookshot was my favorite item in OoT/MM and really liked what they did with it in TP. I think that the Clawshot's design makes more sense, and when they gave your two of them, I enjoyed it.
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    Most embarassing/Worst Game you've ever bought?

    (This is from a very late post, I'm reading through all of them because I have nothing better to do.) I know. I rented this game many years ago and I started playing it, but I don't remember if it was bad or not. All I remember is that there was the kid with the plank and I could NOT get past...
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    Your Favorite Zelda Game

    ^ Pretty much says it all. Majora's Mask is my favorite Zelda games of all time, actually, my favorite video game of all time, and it's going to take a lot to change that.
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    Twilight Princess What Did You Think of Malo Mart?

    I liked the gathering rupees for donations idea. I gave you something to shoot for rather than just having your rupees just wasting away in your wallet. And then, when you finally got enough, there that funny music. That was hilarious for me. XD Go Malo Mart! And it was kinda funny how Malo's...
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    DSi Virtual Console?

    Not the DSi, but 3DS VC might happen. It would be VERY nice if it did. If any of you have read the recent Nintendo Power article about the 3DS, on the side you can see this: "EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW" "Hidden away in the Nintendo 3DS demonstration area was a nonplayable video featuring...
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    Pokemon Black and White Comes to Stores Sept. 18! Or March 2011!

    I'm pretty sure it is. If you look on play-asia, it says September 18th.
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    Pokemon Black and White Comes to Stores Sept. 18! Or March 2011!

    Well, I think I'm importing, so I think I'll import Black. (This is mainly because I want White more) I'll import Black and then when it comes out in English, I'll get the one I'm more excited for. c: White. I said White, but I guess I could say both... I'm pretty sure it is. If you look on...
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    Ocarina of Time Favorite Warp Song

    Heh, that's pretty funny, actually. I always play the Serenade of Water to skip over Castle Town too. ^^ That one is a close second for me.
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    Worst Name You Can Come Up with

    XD I have a shirt that says, "May the Triforce be with you" on it. It ish awesome! o:
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    Stone Tower or Water Temple

    I LOVED Stone Tower. I wasn't aware that a lot of people disliked it. I thought the Water Temple had boring music, was too long, and I didn't like the water level thing. "Oh, I get it! I'm supposed to go- ... up there..." And then I always forget where the Triforce things are and I get confused...
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    Link Through the Years.

    I really like the Skyward Sword Link. The mix right in between WW and TP, it's really great. :D My favorite so far. Great style! But, if you want me to say something from a game that's already out, I'd say Wind Waker. Such a nice, bright feel to it.
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    Which games do you really want on the Virtual Console?

    Actaully, I think something similar may be happening for the 3DS. I don't know if they'll have handhelds, (Which would be AWESOME) but they just might have a Virtual Console. I say this because- oh darn it. I would have quoted something, but I can't find my copy of Nintendo Power... oh well...
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    Special Secret Boss

    Yup, I beat him. He seemed rather easy, IMO.
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    General Art Get Well Quilt-Card for Zeruda

    I would like to take part ion this, but I have no idea how to do the paint and such. ;-; Oh well. All of the other ones are great. c:
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    Your Arrows

    Nice idea. I can see a lot coming out of that, such as there's a boss that just IS light, and it zooms around at the speed of light, and you have to wait for an opportunity for it to stop and then you shoots it. This would take away most of the light around it so you can see the monster's true...
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    The Zelda Series Can Relate to Anything!

    Wow, I think I'll use that in an upcoming essay that I have to write that is very similar to this, but the subject changes every year. I'll keep that in mind. ;)
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    Ocarina of Time Favorite Warp Song

    OK, I will now attempt to make a poll out of this.. please feel free to delete this thread.
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    Ocean King Temple Vs Spirit Temple

    I know a lot of people hate TtoOK, and even the game in general, but I really liked PH. I loved the TtoOK, I found it very fun. I never really had a huge challenge with it, and I found all of the shortcuts and such to get through with the most time remaining as possible. (; I have a pretty good...
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    Ocarina of Time Favorite Warp Song

    So, which is your favorite warp song in Ocarina of Time? Mine is the Prelude of Light... it's kinda sounds like a fast food jingle. c: (I would have made this a poll, but I couldn't figure it out.)
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