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  1. Alex Arbiter

    Zelda Shirt and Animated Series Giveaway - The Hardest Zelda Level or Dungeon

    Hardest dungeon for me would have been the Sky Keep from skyward sword since of the entire level being a reformable maze, that and I forgot potions while going into it.
  2. Alex Arbiter

    Phantom Hourglass Figure Giveaway - Favorite Zelda Enemy

    Darknuts: When the enemies finally turned into their 3d counter parts, they brought with them a new challenge the battle making them actually fun compared to the original 2d form
  3. Alex Arbiter

    Link Plush Doll Giveaway - Favorite Funny Zelda Quote

    "You lay off my do right now, or I'll flatten you. Everyone knows I've got the slickest pompadour in town." -Groose, Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
  4. Alex Arbiter

    Majora's Mask How Many of Us Have Got Our A** Kicked at the Clock Town Archery Game?

    The bombchu mini game from Oot was worse, but not by much.
  5. Alex Arbiter

    Hylian Loach

    if the location is the same just check the around the center if not it should be by the log
  6. Alex Arbiter

    Zelda UStream Event

    I personally invite all of the members on this site to watch my first zelda ustream! For the first part I'll go through the palace of twilight with 3 hearts and no shield (wooden sword as well). Here is the link for those who would like to watch: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/usual-lets-plays
  7. Alex Arbiter

    Ocarina of Time Proof of Zelda MM 3DS

    Looks like a stalfos sword to me if you look at the ones from twilight princess and ocarinca they look alike and not the razor sword.
  8. Alex Arbiter

    Triforce Hole

    Maybe, the hole is there to represent the void that was left after the triforce was created like: the sacred realm.
  9. Alex Arbiter

    General Classic The Legend of Zelda Ancient Stone Tablets (Super Famicon)

    More or less its more like the time of day the site does not explain why there is a clock but an educted guess might be that it is the time of day which could indicate scripted events of which include two faries appearing.
  10. Alex Arbiter

    General Classic The Legend of Zelda Ancient Stone Tablets (Super Famicon)

    Running off of a device called the BS-X Special broadcastcassette, that looks like a Super Game Boy. AST was one of the few Zelda games that was mainly unknown to most U.s and Canadian residents. The BS-X game was downloaded temporary untill beaten (The first of four parts of the game had two...
  11. Alex Arbiter

    Why Don't You Have Your Homework

    Dodongo ate my home work, then I bombed the Dodongo.
  12. Alex Arbiter

    Should I Get the Wii?

    Looking upon the wii, it is quite suitable for mostly any gamer. It all depends on what games you like, for the regular gamer I would recomend the wii. Although I do not own a wii its most likely one of the more interesting systems out there compared to the next gens. But, I would say wait it...
  13. Alex Arbiter

    Majora's Mask Stray Faries in Snowhead?

    Try using the lens of truth. It might help out.
  14. Alex Arbiter

    Which Zelda Game Do You Want to See a Remake Of?

    Seeing as minish cap really lacks attention with alttp released on vc. Minish cap should be remade the game had tons of gameplay, but more levels would be nice.
  15. Alex Arbiter

    Twilight Princess What Did You Name Epona?

    I named Epona, cheese since of the awesome nature that is cheese. Well not really i named her Ganon.
  16. Alex Arbiter

    Ocarina of Time New, Different OoT 3DS Screenshots

    Well, about time they fixed the great fairy am I right? Well the game as always nintendo has me smiling at the game as always.
  17. Alex Arbiter

    Side Characters

    Side characters whould only be included in they are incorperated into the plot like Midna, Zelda, The king of red lions, and so on so forth. It makes it so they dont feel like they are there to be there.
  18. Alex Arbiter

    Favorite Horror Movies of ALL TIME!!!

    Army of Darkness, so bad with its cornball behavor with its script, which makes it the kind of great movie from back then.
  19. Alex Arbiter

    Skyward Sword Instrument!

    He could use the sword itself since of the name being what it is since if you look at the wind waker it could fallow in the same manner in being he conducts the wind.
  20. Alex Arbiter

    Twilight Princess Fishing Driving Me Nuts!

    Throw it in the water then wait for the bit (when the blobbler or whatever it is goes down into the green) then pull back on the wii mote or c-stick.
  21. Alex Arbiter

    What Game Was It That Got You into Gaming?

    The first time I saw an older friend of mine play link's Awakening on his gameboy, something just clicked in my head that I would be see more of this as time went by.
  22. Alex Arbiter

    Favorite Item

    Zora armor for me it proved to be the most useful item and an advancement compared to the older version
  23. Alex Arbiter

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    After finally beating fallout 3 I started the dlc so far I have completed Operation Anchorage and now I am starting either The Pitt or Broken Steel.
  24. Alex Arbiter

    Your Opinion on Emulation

    Emulation should only be done for games that have been patched in to for lanugage since of no release in that reigon, or a rom hack. Personally I have missed on alot of games like Blood of Bahamut since it never released in english, and quite noteable most of the tales games.
  25. Alex Arbiter

    Boots with Abilities Poll

    Sometimes you have to ask what would it be like with the bunny hood on at the same time as the iron boots.
  26. Alex Arbiter

    Was Vaati Hard?

    He is easy for the most part from my personal experience with the fights first form is simple nothing but slashing his red eye. Second phase would be quite annoying and still is most likely the hardest phaze to get though, its just all the projectiles and random stuff that hurts you. The final...
  27. Alex Arbiter

    Best Final Bosses and Your Methods?

    Fighting Ganon in twilight princess was epic! Thunder crashing, epic music, a fight to the death Ganon vs. you with a fishing rod!
  28. Alex Arbiter

    Ocarina of Time What Do You Want to See Fixed?

    It would be nice to see them make it more action oriented the puzzles where great already, but finding that I flew threw the game, most of the time with out getting hit, maybe a difficulty setting would be nice to see for the hardcore fans.
  29. Alex Arbiter

    Boots with Abilities Poll

    Interesting fact, you can see something similar to the magnetic rock from tp in the ss e3 debut trailer 45 seconds in.
  30. Alex Arbiter

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Endded up geting fallout 3 game of the year edition, great game minorly annoying from the start.
  31. Alex Arbiter

    Nostalgic Music

    Two Steps From Hell - Heart of Courage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRLdhFVzqt4 The song does all the talking, and its simply epic.
  32. Alex Arbiter

    Majora's Mask Favorite Music in MM.

    Oath to order Elegy of Emptiness Final Hours and Inverted Stone Tower Temple
  33. Alex Arbiter

    Challenging Games Needed!

    Hey, try 23% Metroid Prime Satisfyingly challenging game to me would be twight princess with 3 hearts, no shield, wooden sword, and no sword techs.
  34. Alex Arbiter

    I Have a Question

    Even in the gamecube version its hard to get the song to play, well atleast for me, it just froze for no reason
  35. Alex Arbiter

    Is Miyamoto Killing Off Some of the Races We Know and Love?

    Upon thinking over this its clear that most of the races are being taken out, but not completely since of the fact that they just weren't put into the game! Clearly to make room for another race. All in all, most of the races are going to be and are still in the new games, but they should bring...
  36. Alex Arbiter

    April 2011 Release Date?!?!

    Hmm, if the game is going to be released in April, it has got to be the first.
  37. Alex Arbiter

    Who is the Masked One?

    The Masked One is mentioned threw out the game and told of reaking havoc so it Majora's mask if anything it would by the skullkid possesed by Majora's Mask.
  38. Alex Arbiter

    Flagship Handheld Zelda Game?

    Well, most likely Spirit Tracks since of the vast improvment that it broght to the table with a more deep puzzle system then I have ever seen in any protable zelda in a long time. But, its plot is otherwise it just was not spead well enough, but the story is still enjoyable.
  39. Alex Arbiter

    Top 5

    My one and only question would be: Why are you recycling the same sword and just putting another name on it
  40. Alex Arbiter

    WW Rope Jumping

    Guess I wasn't the only one to skip Neko's tutorial, its all in the timing and angle.
  41. Alex Arbiter

    Spoiler Saddest Zelda Moment?

    Everytime when Ganon dies, I emotionally break down, he didn't do anything to deserve death when you really look at him, he is really mistaken and might just be one of the nicest mistaken characters.
  42. Alex Arbiter

    The Thunderbird

    The Thunder Bird might be the crest bird, but most think its a Phoenix when you look at it you have to that the wings are expansive and not closed together like the thunder bird, a phoenix on the other hand it is known to have a wide wing spand. Lastly, why would the thunder bird be put on the...
  43. Alex Arbiter

    Majora's Mask Favorite...

    My favorite mask would be the Stone Mask it helped quite abit. My Favorite ocarinca song would be Elegy of Emptiness minus the creepy statue. Favorite theme: Termina Field My favorite temple the Water Temple
  44. Alex Arbiter

    Twilight Princess The Most Biggest Zelda Adventure of All Time?

    Still today I find that yes, Twilight Princess is one of the biggest Zelda games. Now look at Wind Waker the over world is unbeatable in its size. Twilight Princess is no match in size for it. But, Wind Waker lacks one thing the dungeons, Twilight Princess has no where near this problem, but...
  45. Alex Arbiter

    Best Game of the Year

    Fallout New Vegas and Minecraft again this year for me
  46. Alex Arbiter

    The Worst Zelda Item

    Deku Nuts, I always skip them. All they do is stun, and the boomarang was better for that.
  47. Alex Arbiter

    Do You Think This is the Plot of The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword?

    Great so Link now has the basicly his version of Cortana.
  48. Alex Arbiter

    Worst Game This Generation

    Well, I would say that COD black ops was since of all the money wasted on the game. The story had mostly no meaning, and of the game is, is flash back I think the CDi-games where well made compared to this.
  49. Alex Arbiter

    Master Swords Existence and Purpose

    Since the light Arrows, Silver Arrows, and the next one in line have deluded the lore of the master sword. I'll just ingnore those for now, but the master sword was blessed by the three goddesses. In turn gives it the power to repel evil. The soul perpose it for the sword to drive out all evil...
  50. Alex Arbiter

    What Will the ESRB Rating Be for Skyward Sword?

    Well let's look at the demo of SS there was no blood in that, now the graphical poin of view its all cel-shadded and looking at what WW was rated I would say E.
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