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  1. Lukémon

    General Art The Phantom League Begins

    I felt so proud of this I decided to make a thread. So yeah the Phantom League is my new youtube channel that I've created, we're mainly doing gaming videos but later on we might do more, check out the first vid and see if you can think of any ways to help us improve the quality. The Phantom...
  2. Lukémon

    PC Artists and Musicians Needed

    I'll get straight to the point, My YouTube channel is missing a few things, first of all, I need a profile picture and a background for the channel, we also need a theme tune to open and close our episodes, so we need someone who's either good at making computer artwork, or can create a...
  3. Lukémon

    Battle Tower Help

    So, I have gotten myself a 4 star trainer card on Platinum, and I only need to get the 100 win streak at the battle tower, but I need some help. So do any of you guys know any good tactics or pokémon to use to try and conquer this, or perhaps do you have any pokémon that have actually beat the...
  4. Lukémon

    Who Should I Choose

    So, I'm creating a youtube account, where I do 'Let's play's' for different games, I've decided to start with pokémon platinum, and I'm gonna let you guys decide which of the starters I choose, and if you can think of a good nickname, post it too, if it's good enough, I might just use it in the...
  5. Lukémon

    New Order RP

    Those who are in this RP should know who they are, anyway, let's pick this thing up from where we left off.
  6. Lukémon

    'My Pokémon Adventure' Sign Up

    Some of you may have read my fan fic, ' My pokémon adventure ' well now I'm allowing you to sign up some characters for it, so I only need your character's: Name Age Personality Vocation ( choose from; pokémon trainer, professor's assistant, evil team member or pokémon ranger ) First...
  7. Lukémon

    Lukémon's Battle Tournament

    Ok , first off, I'm wondering if I'm allowed to do this, but anyway. Hello pokémon battlers, I'm organising a special tournament for all ZD pokémon battlers, this battle tournament will use these rules: 1. No hacked pokémon 2. lvl 50 all 3. use a gen 4 game ( diamond, pearl, platinum...
  8. Lukémon

    Pokémon Quiz

    Think you know all about pokémon? Well, it's time to test your metal with a quiz, I shall post the subject of the questions and some questions on it. Okay here's the first set of questions. General pokémon knowledge 1. What pokémon type is not super effective on any other type? 2...
  9. Lukémon

    Explorer Team Help

    I've been playing explorers of time/darkness/sky for a while now, and I'm wondering if any of you need any help on it, if ur stuck on a particular part or need rescuing in a dungeon, just post ur problem here.
  10. Lukémon

    Pokemon Art My Pokémon Adventure

    i've been making this for a while now so i'll give you a basic overview of what stuff i'll be missing out. ( because there the same as the TV show ) i'm doing this as a script at the moment , cause I found it complicated to write it as a full story ( plus it kinda doesn't have an end ) so...
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