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  1. Chilfo Freeze

    Are You Still Close with the Majority of Friends from Uni or School ?

    I just finished my sophomore year of college, and I have to say that I have parted ways with some of my friends from high school. It really is true when they say that you find yourself when you attend college. Living away from home and experiencing life on your own for the first time changes...
  2. Chilfo Freeze

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Sleepless - CAZZETTE ft. The High https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-sfFFnfO8g Am I Wrong - Nico & Vinz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBmEJZofz2s I love these vibes
  3. Chilfo Freeze

    General Art Into The Darkness *working Title*

    It's been a while, my friends. In fact, it has been such an amount of time that I almost feel as if I am imposing by posting this thread. I think maybe I am a bit out of place by suddenly showing up out of the blue and posting a thread without word for several months. I am sorry for the...
  4. Chilfo Freeze

    Rate the Sentence

    Ah, yes. I see what you did there! You've created a palindrome. I applaud your creativity. 9/10 "It's difficult to think and once I thought I was doing something profound; it turned out it had been done before."
  5. Chilfo Freeze

    Hair Styles You Like and Dislike

    There are some people that can pull off absolutely any hairstyle. IMO, Miley Cyrus is one of them. As long as a person rocks what they've got/has the confidence to own it, then I have no right to say what looks good and what looks bad. It's his/her choice! They're gonna do what they want, so...
  6. Chilfo Freeze

    What is Home?

    I simply believe that home is where the heart is; it's where you feel most comfortable and the happiest. I absolutely love living on campus at my college. I truly consider it to be home because I love it very much. I also enjoy living with my family in my hometown. Not many things are better...
  7. Chilfo Freeze

    Big Brother 2.0 (RP Thread)

    The sound of a slamming door shook Sean out of her daze. There were two penthouses occupying the top floor of the building she lived in, and she had the one that faced the North side of town. She never thought anyone could rent out the other one, she thought the government had paid to own it...
  8. Chilfo Freeze

    The Dreamers RP (Thread)

    Following the rest, Ellyra jumped in as well. She was hesitant, no doubt, but what other choice did she have? It was dark when she landed, standing up and realizing that her pant legs had soaked a bit. She walked on, following Xavier and the rest, hoping they would go somewhere that would...
  9. Chilfo Freeze

    The Last Survivors Sign up thread *Reboot*

    (I stole my sign up from the last time we started this. Mwahaha.) Name: Tassurelle Age: 20 Gender: Female Appearance: black, sleek hair cut in a shoulder-length bob. 5'4" and 120 lbs. Lean. Vibrant green eyes. Light skin. Camouflaged clothing. Background: Sassy and gets down to business. No...
  10. Chilfo Freeze

    The Dreamers RP (Thread)

    (I agree with Rainy, y'all are nutcase RP-ers! :rolleyes: ) Ellyra let the others finish of the rest of the demons, as it seemed that they had lots more experience then she did. Even with a powerful weapon, she didn't have quite the strength, stamina, or training to do what the others could...
  11. Chilfo Freeze

    Big Brother 2.0 (RP Thread)

    (Meh, Sean is outta the scene for now, so I'll create a little aside for her.) Sean unlocked the door and walked into her penthouse apartment - one of the perks of working for the government. She threw her bag off to the side and swiped back the hood from the top of her hood, tossing herself...
  12. Chilfo Freeze

    Big Brother 2.0 (RP Thread)

    Sean had finally made it back onto the streets of the city, walking down the sidewalk towards her apartment. She tucked her scarf in tighter, snuggling in against the cold wind. She crossed her arms and watched the sidewalk move past her feet as she went. Scars. So familiar yet so distant...
  13. Chilfo Freeze

    The Dreamers RP (Thread)

    Ellyra extended her pocket knife into the sternum of a demon, simultaneously twisting the knife and flipping it over onto its back. She jerked the knife from the body and took a balanced stance, cautiously looking around her for more demons. She had a free moment with no demons attempting to...
  14. Chilfo Freeze

    Big Brother 2.0 (RP Thread)

    Sean looked down at her feet for a moment, letting her arms drop to her side. She then looked up at him and proceeded to take a notepad and pen out of her bag. She then used Scars' shoulder as a hard surface as she wrote her number down on it. She then ripped the paper from the notepad and...
  15. Chilfo Freeze

    Big Brother 2.0 (RP Thread)

    (It's my weakness!) Sean stood there as she watched Scars come close and hug her. At first, she wasn't sure what kind of motions to make, she left her arms dangling at her sides. As she heard him say he missed her, a few faint memories floated back into her mind. She slowly raised her arms...
  16. Chilfo Freeze

    The Dreamers RP (Thread)

    Ellyra had been occupied by her own thoughts when the demons started to attack. She blinked a few times and gritted her teeth. A demon jumped at her left side, and she was able to grab her halberd quick enough to jab its bottom end into the demons' ribs and flip it over onto its backside...
  17. Chilfo Freeze

    Big Brother 2.0 (RP Thread)

    (Oof, I am a total sucker for this kind of stuff. My heart just melts.) Sean was not expecting the guy that stepped into her line of vision. She most likely expected anybody but him. She barely remembered him, faintly revisiting a few of her early memories with him. She blinked a few times...
  18. Chilfo Freeze

    Big Brother 2.0 (RP Thread)

    Dammit. He's too close for me to use my vision anyways. I never wanted this to happen. Why didn't I just stay back? As Sean thought this, she stood up from her spot - still keeping her distance from the view of the window - and took a few paces outwards. "Alright, who's calling to me? I'm...
  19. Chilfo Freeze

    Do You Have Good Balance?

    I'd like to say that I have good balance. When I happen to lose my balance, I've got quite a fast reaction time in order to catch myself.
  20. Chilfo Freeze

    Big Brother 2.0 (RP Thread)

    You've got to be kidding me. That is some uncanny timing. Sean rolled her eyes and panicked as she heard the door shut and someone call out. The voice was oddly familiar. Why did the voice feel so close to her internally? She didn't know whether to reply or not, so she stayed silent...
  21. Chilfo Freeze

    The Dreamers RP (Thread)

    All she wanted to do was know her place in this strange new world, so she reluctantly agreed to Shannon's proposal. "Okay I'll join up." She brushed her bangs off to the side and brushed some dirt off of her boots, ready to go wherever was needed.
  22. Chilfo Freeze

    Big Brother 2.0 (RP Thread)

    Sean followed the snow tracks to a shack, keeping a safe distance from the windows and doors. She did not want to be seen, but she wanted to hear what was going on. She wanted to know what they were doing. Were they planning another revolt? Maybe they needed her help. She didn't want to be...
  23. Chilfo Freeze

    The Dreamers RP (Thread)

    Ellyra looked up at Shannon through her bangs, giving him a blank look. She didn't take too kindly to others that weren't kind to her. Her fingers tightened a little around the halberd. Her eyes narrowed a bit at him, "Right back at you." She turned her head towards Lance, "So, according to...
  24. Chilfo Freeze

    Big Brother 2.0 (RP Thread)

    Picking out a woven scarf for the cold weather, she payed the amount at the register. She wrapped it around her neck as she walked out the door, keeping her hood up to prevent the frigid wind from hitting her face. Sean was sure that the others would be gone by now. She had to admit, she...
  25. Chilfo Freeze

    What Brand of Shampoo Do You Use?

    I tend to switch back and forth between Tresemme and Pantene Pro-V. It's not that I necessarily enjoy these shampoos over others, I just happen to buy them every time I need shampoo. It's just habit.
  26. Chilfo Freeze

    The Dreamers RP (Thread)

    "I can see that I'm holding you guys up." She realized as she glanced around that most of the people had done what they needed to and were about to be on their way. She pushed her bangs out of her eyes and wriggled her nose a bit, her nose stud glimmering in the light a bit. Ellyra called...
  27. Chilfo Freeze

    The Dreamers RP (Thread)

    Ellyra turned her head in the direction of the female voice, listening to her response. "Yikes, not my cup of tea. Although, I am drawn to this halberd here... otherwise, weapons are just, well, just not my thing." She tucked her hair behind her ear, glancing at everybody around her. She...
  28. Chilfo Freeze

    The Dreamers RP (Thread)

    "Doesn't matter whether you told me the last part or not, I have no idea what's going on and where I am..." Ellyra half-muttered to herself and half-stated to Lance. "What exactly is 'Weapons Point'? And are you here with all of these people?" Ellyra gestured to the others nonchalantly...
  29. Chilfo Freeze

    Big Brother 2.0 (RP Thread)

    Sean was lucky enough to be able to scanter away into the boutique that she longed to visit. She was content in this Bohemian-style shop, searching through the woven scarves and unique sets of jewelry. While she did so, she couldn't help but let her mind wander. Was that really them? Ugh...
  30. Chilfo Freeze

    Big Brother 2.0 (RP Thread)

    (Monolith - good to know you've got some historical knowledge of the way we roleplay! It'll definitely help you out here, but from what I've seen, you need no help! Thus, let us proceed!) Sean proceeded down the street, pulling up her hood in the process. She realized that she needed to...
  31. Chilfo Freeze

    The Dreamers RP (Thread)

    Ellyra flinched a bit when the blade slid across the floor and barely touched the side of her foot. She bent down to pick up the blade, grasping it carefully at the handle and lifting it up. She blew her bangs out of her face and lightly smiled at the guy. "Don't worry about it," she said...
  32. Chilfo Freeze

    The Dreamers RP (Thread)

    The burly guy gave her a nudge on the shoulder, pushing her a half-step forward, "Get out there, girl. Go pick a few weapons, practice a bit." She sighed and blew her bangs out of her face, tightening the scarf around her neck. She walked out, heading directly to the weapons, not making eye...
  33. Chilfo Freeze

    Big Brother 2.0 (RP Thread)

    (Oh okay! I was gonna say, how does she know?! Haha good to meet you, Monolith! :) )
  34. Chilfo Freeze

    Big Brother 2.0 (RP Thread)

    (Hylian Monolith... I do remember! Great RP. Do I know you? Did you have a different username? I feel as if I should probably know you...) "Thanks!" Sean walked out of the massage shop, waving back at the lady behind the counter. When was the last time she had ever done anything for...
  35. Chilfo Freeze

    Soda Thread

    Sometimes I wish caffeine and sugar had a strong effect on me. I can drink a cup of coffee or eat a pack of pixie sticks and be tired. I'm wired incorrectly or something. Anyways, back to the topic. I enjoy Diet Coke. A lot. I keep it stocked in my fridge at all times. I'll drink other...
  36. Chilfo Freeze

    Big Brother 2.0 (RP Thread)

    (Introduction time... here we go! :D) It was a day off for her. It had been 6 months since she had a day off from work. She was taking it in full stride. Jeans, hoodie; comfortable clothing that she hadn't worn in what seemed like ages. She made her way downtown, her hair down like she...
  37. Chilfo Freeze

    The Dreamers RP (Thread)

    (A random newcomer is coming... here we go! Introduction time!) Ecnal... Ecnal? Is that what that person said? I've never heard of this place... and now I'm lost. Great. Ellyra rotated the map in her hands several times, tilting her head in confusion. The person that had passed her...
  38. Chilfo Freeze

    Big Brother 2.0

    Here's to hoping that I'm not too late to sign up! Name: Sean Lowlithe Age: 21 Gender: Female Appearance: 5'4" and 120 lbs. http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/attach...n-up-girl1.jpg Personality: Determined. Set on a mission, doesn't like to be put off track. Can have a laugh once in a while...
  39. Chilfo Freeze

    The Dreamers RP (Sign-ups)

    Well hello there, fellow RP-ers! It's been a while, and I may just be a tad bit late with this sign-up ( :sweat: ), but Silver herself has granted permission, so here is my character! Name: Ellyra Drugante Age: 21 Appearance/Clothing: Cropped, choppy brown hair. Whispy bangs in front...
  40. Chilfo Freeze

    Rate the Siggy!

    Very funny, I've always liked hilarity! 8/10
  41. Chilfo Freeze

    What is Normal?

    As many others have said, it's subjective. But I also believe that it also can be seen as conforming to the norms of society/rules that institutions (groups to which we belong) have set up.
  42. Chilfo Freeze

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Adventure Club, anyone? Got some insane remixes to share! :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XG_0iV2B40
  43. Chilfo Freeze

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    Ah, yes. Django Unchained. So very masterful. My lovely Jamie Foxx did a splendid job, as did my handsome Leonardo DiCaprio. Quentin Tarantino is simply stunning. 9/10
  44. Chilfo Freeze

    If You Had 3 Wishes What Would They Be?

    1: Emma Stone. I want. 2: Long hair. I want. 3: A career choice that will make me happy as well as make me a sufficient amount of money. I want.
  45. Chilfo Freeze

    Name One Strength and Weakness About You?

    Strength: A strong mentality. Especially when it comes to sports and the conditioning that comes with it. I can push myself to exceeding lengths, and it only makes me better. Weakness: Impatience. When I become impatient, the word "wait" just does not exist in my world. If I want something...
  46. Chilfo Freeze

    What Color Are Your Hair and Eyes?

    Brown and brown. IMO, boring and boring. I wish I had the lovely combination of brown hair and blue eyes. <3
  47. Chilfo Freeze

    What is Your Guilty Pleasure?

    My most recent guilty pleasure is Ragtime music. For some odd reason, I've become infatuated with it. I mainly play it while I do things around the house. It's just fabulous. MAJOR Edit: The character "Dr. Thredson" in the tv show American Horror Story: Asylum. Good God, Zachary Quinto...
  48. Chilfo Freeze

    How/Why Did You Choose Your Username?

    I'm not gonna lie, mine was a half-a**ed attempt to be creative. I searched enemies in Twilight Princess (one of my favorites), and came up with Chilfos. I found them extremely difficult to beat on the first run-through of the game, so I figured, "why not?" Then I had to think of some kind of...
  49. Chilfo Freeze

    What Do You Miss About The Childhood Years?

    I miss the simplicity of decision-making. What am I going to wear today? What's for lunch? Am I hanging with Amy or Erin today? What time is practice? Did I have homework in that class? Such simple questions that I still answer on the daily, but college has brought upon much more...
  50. Chilfo Freeze

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frhiMVQV_tw Attempted to find a clean version ;)
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