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  1. zeldafreak

    Minish Cap Shells

    I almost have a 100% game in Minish Cap. But the problem is, I need to get the Piece of Heart in the locked house and all the figurines. To get them, I need to get figurines with the shells. But I've opened every chest I could find and no one will fuse Kinstones with me anymore. The store is...
  2. zeldafreak

    Who Composed the Song of Storms?

    You know that guy in Oot in the windmill? (I think his name is guru-guru or something like that.) Anyways, when you're an adult, he teaches you the song of storms. But when you go back in time, you have to teach it to him. So the guy teaches Link, but Link teaches him. So who made the song...
  3. zeldafreak

    Jabu Jabu

    Has anyone ever wondered what was wrong with Jabu Jabu in Oot? Why does it have doors, switches, floating platforms, deku salesmen, crates, treasure chests,... need I say more? And how come Jabu Jabu is bigger in the inside than the outside? I can swim under Jabu Jabu in 10 seconds, but...
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