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  1. Chilfo Freeze

    General Art Into The Darkness *working Title*

    It's been a while, my friends. In fact, it has been such an amount of time that I almost feel as if I am imposing by posting this thread. I think maybe I am a bit out of place by suddenly showing up out of the blue and posting a thread without word for several months. I am sorry for the...
  2. Chilfo Freeze

    Things You Find in a Guy or Girl

    I'm sure there's a thread like this somewhere... it's a shame I was too lazy to look for it. :rolleyes: - Anyways, a simple question first: What's the first characteristic you find of the opposite sex (or same sex)? - Then, here's another: Do you find yourself constantly attracted to...
  3. Chilfo Freeze

    (In)Voluntary Actions in High Pressure Situations

    Are there things that you purposely do - or can't help but do - in high pressure situations? Let me get the ball rolling so that y'all can get a better understanding of what this thread is about! 1.) In any tight-scoring lacrosse game, I find myself constantly shuffling my feet back and...
  4. Chilfo Freeze

    General Art Art from Portfolio Class & More

    My Senior year in high school, I took Art Portfolio the first semester. I have no plans to major in art; if anything, it'd be minoring in Photography. With that said, here's a simple lead pencil medium that I made for the first assignment in the year! Here's another one. I started off...
  5. Chilfo Freeze

    What Makes You Stand Out?

    Alright, people. Show me what you got! What makes you unique/stand out? Are you a valedictorian? Do you like arts & crafts? Are you exceptionally good at sports? Do you like blogging a lot? Do you have a record for the longest sitting of playing Zelda? :P Do you have a crazy...
  6. Chilfo Freeze

    General Art The Tracelium Charm

    This is the prologue to my story. I only have had a few people sign up as of right now, but I'm so eager to get this out there! I haven't written any fiction since the end of my school year, so I really do hope that you all enjoy it and what's next to come as well! I'm not sure if I'll keep...
  7. Chilfo Freeze

    General Art Fan-Fic Story - Sign Ups (title TBA)

    Alright, it's about high-time that I give this a shot. I've always liked stories set in medieval times with a sprinkle of fantasy and a dash of romance. I'm not sure if my story will end up this way, but we'll see how this goes. ;) I'm completing a fan-fic based on the story The Amaranth...
  8. Chilfo Freeze

    Favorite Monument/Memorial (D.C.)

    So, whether you've visited a hundred times, or you've only seen pictures in textbooks, I 'd like to know what your favorite monument or memorial is in Washington D.C. is, and why! I figured this was a unique topic - and I was a bit curious - because I indeed have a favorite memorial. The...
  9. Chilfo Freeze

    AP Classes

    The AP stands for "Advanced Placement", and I'd like to know if any of the other ZD-goers are in an AP class! I'm currently a senior in high school, and I take two AP classes, which consist of AP Biology and AP Literature & Composition. So, what I'd like to know is: - Do you take any of...
  10. Chilfo Freeze

    Lacrosse... Am I Stretching Here?

    Whelp, I'm an avid lacrosse player, currently in my senior year in high school and bound to play in college. With that said, is there anyone out there that also plays? Or perhaps watches? I'd love to know if any LoZ fans are also fans of the "fastest sport on two feet". (Look that up; I...
  11. Chilfo Freeze

    General Art Something New

    Welp, it's been awhile since I've posted in the art thread. I'm probably better known for my photography rather than actual drawing skills, so I figured I would post something out of the ordinary for myself. But I'm not going too far out of my element, for I am going to post a couple photos as...
  12. Chilfo Freeze

    Any Recommendations?

    Hey there, Zelda Dungeon go-ers! I have a quick question for anyone who feels as though they can give me a good recommendation. Please! I am such the fiction reader. I am looking for a book (possibly more than just one) that is considered a 'young adult' novel, and has 1 or more of the...
  13. Chilfo Freeze

    Lady Gaga Vs. Madonna?

    I'm sure at least some of you have heard of this discussion; whether it be from Twitter or Youtube or even the news. Here it is: Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" vs Madonna's "Express Yourself" Haven't heard one song? The other? How about either? Well, let me give you a little insight about this...
  14. Chilfo Freeze

    Book/Series Review Thread

    I was looking through the topics and surprisingly found nothing related to a general book reviewing thread! (If I'm wrong, feel free to edit/etc.) It's a book/series review thread! What do you talk about on here? Well, let me share a few things... - Have you read a book that you would love...
  15. Chilfo Freeze

    General Art Photography, Anyone?

    So, I figured photography/editing would be considered art, so this is my thread! Here are a couple of photos taken/edited by yours truly. Critique if you wish! ^ This one happens to be a stock! I simply edited this one. ^ I love this one. Colors <3 ^ I was bored one day...
  16. Chilfo Freeze

    Majora's Mask Electrical Attack?

    How do you use the electrical attack with the Zora mask? This may sound like I'm an amateur, but right now I'm okay with that, 'cuz I just need to get the Great Bay Temple over with. :)
  17. Chilfo Freeze

    Ocarina of Time Your Favorite Ocarina Song Learned by Link?

    (I didn't see this topic, so I decided to post it. If there is a problem, it may be deleted if needed!) Alright, so we all should know that in OoT, Link learns several songs along his journey for his ocarina-use. Both while he is a child and an adult. What was your favorite song that he...
  18. Chilfo Freeze

    General Art Ouran High School Host Club Portraits

    OHSHC is a manga and anime that I recently finished. I just finished two drawings of some of the characters. ^^ Here they are; Tamaki-sempai Hikaru and Kaoru Feel free to express what you think. I'll most likely post more sooner or later!
  19. Chilfo Freeze

    Twilight Princess TP: Which Theme Music is Best Against Ganon?

    Near the very end of the game, there are four stages to Ganon. Each stage contains a different theme music. My question is, which theme music do you like the best? The choices are: Puppet Zelda http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBugPsBGTdE Dark Beast Ganon...
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