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  1. The Other Color

    2.B.A. Master Original Series Soundtrack

    Did anyone else have this as a kid? It featured the full version of the original theme as well as a whole list of other great tunes from the show. Favorite song is What Kind of Pokemon are you and I still have the whole CD on my Ipod haha. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDNzyytIw24
  2. The Other Color

    Your Thoughts on MJ.

    HUGE fan. Off the Wall and Invincible are 2 of my favorite albums ever. I was also picked on in school for liking him and that was while the whole molestation thing was going on so it was a hard time to be a fan. What it comes down to is, he's totally innovative, original, kind, talented and his...
  3. The Other Color

    Does Anyone Know Any Good Music?

    If you're looking for something a little different from the normal list of classic rock bands (ACDC , Beatles, etc) try giving CAKE a listen the have tons of great tunes and a unique sound! I'm also in a Rock band you might dig ! the link is in my sig. Good luck with your search I'm also...
  4. The Other Color

    Most Creative Nicknames

    Just finished my playthrough of Emerald and it's only my second time naming my pokemon! My team was MUDD (Mudkip) LEGOSI (Crobat) FARORE (Kirilia) JABBA (Ludicolo) SHENRON (Rayquaza) MAW HAW(Mawhile)
  5. The Other Color

    Least Favorite Pokemon?

    Feebas because I can never catch one!!!
  6. The Other Color

    Pokemon of the Month: November - Nominations

    I'll vote Flygon! Love his type combo.
  7. The Other Color

    Zelda Art Hand Painted Majora's Mask Shoes!

    Haha just a mouse pad :P wouldn't do that to my LP ;)
  8. The Other Color

    Arrested Development is Returning to Television

    That's awesome!! David Cross is my favorite comedian and this show is excellent. Thanks for the good news.
  9. The Other Color

    Show Your Swag! Make People Jealous!

    my room back in my home town!
  10. The Other Color

    Zelda Art Hand Painted Majora's Mask Shoes!

    You guess right! Thanks for the positive feedback. :)
  11. The Other Color

    Zelda Art Zelda: Majora's Mask Fanart!

    Excellent! The mask looks especially awesome.
  12. The Other Color

    Platinum Team Help/suggestions.

    Wow thanks a ton guys!! I'm going to shoot for a fire/rock or fire/ground type. edit: Decided on Heatran.
  13. The Other Color

    Real Loftwing

    Haha I think it's pretty safe to assume they did :P
  14. The Other Color

    Hardest Elite Four?

    Agreed. Especially when the rest of the game was super easy.
  15. The Other Color

    Which is Better Diamond,Pearl,Platinum

    Platinum fur sure. Giratina is a beast!!!!
  16. The Other Color

    Real Loftwing

    Woah cool! Had no idea! I wonder how tall they get and where the come from..... to wikipedia!!!
  17. The Other Color

    Platinum Team Help/suggestions.

    Hey friends! Looking for some advice on my new team. So far I'll be using Leafeon, Espeon, Piplup, Lucario, Crobat and.... I dunno. I'm looking for a well rounded team but I'm not sure if I should get a rock type or fire or somthin'. What do you think? :thinking:
  18. The Other Color

    What Does Your Team Comprise Of?

    White: Serperior- Grassassin Krookodile- Pliskin (named after Snake from MGS2) Swanna- SwanSong Galvantula- Statik Haxorus- Kruxx Volcarona- Volvagia :P And my SS team!
  19. The Other Color

    Most Unattractive Pokemon

    III gen pokemon are certainly not my favorite.
  20. The Other Color

    Hardest Elite Four?

    I found the B/W elite tough to beat *rhyme :) The types of pokemon used were brutal on my team.
  21. The Other Color

    Pokemon Dungeon

    Perfect! My 2 favorite series!!! I hope that in the future I can contribute to the PD site.
  22. The Other Color

    What Is Your Signature Pokemon?

    My Zapdos. He's tooooo cool and my original favorite pkm.
  23. The Other Color

    Favorite Generation

    My favorite Pokemon are for sure the first generation, but when it comes to judging the generation based on the game series how can any one be better then the second gen. You get two regions, Johto being the most beautiful and imaginitive, there is a good story and 16 badges!! why did they go...
  24. The Other Color

    Most Attractive/Cutest Pokemon

    Emolga !!! and Snorlax :P
  25. The Other Color

    General Art Cherucha's Music Covers

    Nice! Good choice!! Did you get a backing track and play acoustic over it ?
  26. The Other Color

    What Are Your Top 10 Favorite Bands?

    1 The Beatles 2 Cat Stevens 3 Barenaked Ladies 4 Micheal Jackson 5 Gorillaz 6 Protest The Hero 7 Chet Baker 8 Foxy Shazam 9 Queen
  27. The Other Color

    Spoiler N-Gamer Tidbits - Mine Cart Dungeon and More

    I was a bit disappointed that the Sky will be the main overworld instead of Hyrule. First let down I've had.
  28. The Other Color

    James Bond

    Just finished View to a Kill. One of my favorite series.
  29. The Other Color

    General Art Xinn's Spur-of-the-Moment Speedpaints

    These are excellent! The one of the new character is too cool.
  30. The Other Color

    Zelda Art Hand Painted Majora's Mask Shoes!

    These are my hand painted MM shoes ! What do yah think? :)
  31. The Other Color

    Zelda Art Excellent Painting of Majora's Mask

    The singer of my band got this made for his birthday this past year by a mutual friend. Turned out great I'd say.
  32. The Other Color

    What instrument do you play?

    Here's an older pic of me and my best friends. This was about 2 years ago, I have replaced the electric guitar with a Gold top Les Paul, got a nice Gretch hollow body, and my trusty white Fender precision bass. Maybe I'll do an up to date pic!
  33. The Other Color

    Ocarina of Time Most Memorable Moment

    Yah that part is great too, I love how everything comes together so well at the end.
  34. The Other Color

    Is Banjo Kazooie Good?

    Excellent game(s) I'll be replaying these till the day I die.
  35. The Other Color

    Ocarina of Time Most Memorable Moment

    My worst memory was FINALLY beating the Water Temple after being stuck for like a year and the boss is a freakin ball in water. Although original I guess, Morpha is laaaame. Best memory would be watching the ending credits; seeing all the characters interacting and feeling accomplished...
  36. The Other Color

    Skyward Sword: The Use of the Lyre.

    I think warping will be handled in a different way. I can see it being used for sword techniques, but also unlocking things or secrets.
  37. The Other Color

    Graphics: Skyward Sword Vs. Twilight Princess.

    It looks like SS is kind of a blending of styles of game play, the silent realm and twilight realm from TP. And the sky and the ocean from TWW. I think it's appropriate that the art style be a blend of the two styles as well.
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