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  1. Irishmile


    We all know The Legend of Zelda turned 25 in February... but what else was going on at the time? February 1986 February 2 – One of Australia's worst crimes, the Anita Cobby murder, occurs. February 3 – Pixar Animation Studios is opened. February 7 – President Jean-Claude...
  2. Irishmile

    Son is Going to Be Toon Link for Halloween... HELP!

    I need some tips.. and ideas from people who have made Link costumes before... Keep in mind this is a Halloween costume and not a Cosplay .... so it doesn't need to be perfect.. BUT I do tend to try to go for as nice as I can get for the money. I was thinking of making the Wind Waker shield...
  3. Irishmile

    Irishmile's Horrible SIG and AV Eye Bleed Emporium

    LOL so pick my Signature... BTW if you like any of it and wanna steal it for another site or whatever go ahead. Up first my current one I titled slicethru Or this one I just made I titled Ladies Love Little Link Full sized And something New ... full sized
  4. Irishmile

    Post Your Favorite Zelda Picture

    What is your favorite bit of Zelda art or picture if its fan art try to credit and link the original artist. I am fond of this I also really like this new bit of art
  5. Irishmile

    Zelda Related Pictures in 3D

    You know one of the first things you did with your 3DS was take photos of your Zelda stuff or the Zelda AR card... Share your 3D pics here.... go to 3dporch.com to host your pictures and then link the .mpo files here. Open this thread with the net browser on your 3DS and you will be able to see...
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