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  1. winterbbytumblr

    Game Help Majoras Mask Great Bay Temple

    I am playing through MM again, and this time when I got to the room with the boss door, i turned the last green lever, like I am supposed to, but it didn't trigger the water pump elevator thing to work, therefore I cannot reach the boss room, amd complete the game. How do I fix this, why has it...
  2. winterbbytumblr

    Spin Off Games

    Hey guys! I know there is already a similar thread to this, where you can share your top 3 favorite spin off games if they were to happen, but this thread is for more detailed answers. Here you can post ideas about a specific game, and go into detail of how it would work, characters, etc. My...
  3. winterbbytumblr

    How Do You Pronounce Names?

    I was wondering how you guys pronounce names from the Legend of Zelda games. I know there are multiple ways to pronounce them so i'm kinda curious to see how you all do it differently than I :) Also, if there is a thread like this I couldn't find it, so sorry if I missed it. These are the...
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