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  1. Dragon Master

    Corrupt a wish!

    Your wish is granted, but a he overheard a terrorist say a code word to stop the suicidal bombing in case if anything went wrong. The suicidal bombing takes place where ever you'll be tomorrow. I wish Ho-oh really did take children away when they went to the rainbow.
  2. Dragon Master

    Corrupt a wish!

    Your wish isn't corrupted, but due to the fact that you messed with fate, the guardians of corrupting wishes fly down from the heavens and annihilate you. I wish Game Freak and Nintendo never made Oshawott for Pokemon Black and White.
  3. Dragon Master

    Corrupt a wish!

    Your wish is granted, however nobody can remember your name, so you're declared as that weird kid rocking in the corner humming to himself. I wish muffins tasted like rocks dipped in blood.
  4. Dragon Master

    Too Early?

    I feel the same way. Demand for new Pokemon sent the company into a rush, so not only did they destroy HeartGold and SoulSilver's fame, but they also put less effort into the originality of the Pokemon.
  5. Dragon Master

    Let's Play The What If? Game

    You would've never asked this question, so instead you would've gotten a message on your computer that sent you to the Digital World where you partner with Agumon to save the world. What if Digimon was the largest gaming franchise in the world?
  6. Dragon Master

    Let's Play The What If? Game

    You need to reply with another "What if?" question.
  7. Dragon Master

    Worst Pokemon Memory...

    I'm beginning to see a trend with Crystal...
  8. Dragon Master

    What if Pokemon Were Real?

    I would be with dragon types, so I'd try to avoid your ice area, also I'd be freaked out by bug types too. They'd be half my height and like double my weight.
  9. Dragon Master

    (Pokemon Heroes (Movie)) A Question to All

    I think it was Latias on the account that she didn't speak, and she was kissing him, because she was grateful for his help, but she isn't a human, so she doesn't realize how emotionally empowering a kiss is.
  10. Dragon Master

    Let's Play The What If? Game

    Link would have to beat him by mentioning his poor dental hygiene and destroying all the tea and crumpets. What if Zelda married Tingle?
  11. Dragon Master

    Corrupt a wish!

    Your wish is granted, but you can only move one object. I wish stupid people would just drop dead.
  12. Dragon Master

    Worst Pokemon Memory...

    I just remembered another one. This one tops that last one. I used to have Crystal, and I was little, so it took me a long time to complete the Pokedex. Upon completion, my little brother took my game outside and lost it along with my Gameboy. It took me a whole year for me to what I saw as...
  13. Dragon Master

    Let's Play The What If? Game

    The Groosenator would've never been created, so instead, Impa would design the Impanator which shoots the age-fighting cream she uses to clear her wrinkles to look 80 instead of 200. What if the game was all about Tingle saving Hyrule instead of Link?
  14. Dragon Master

    I Need a Rapidash with Baton Pass!

    I have devised a new team, however I need the Rapidash with Baton Pass from Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness. I lost my copy a few years back, because I was just a little kid, so please help me! I'm willing to trade any Pokemon as long as it seems like a fair deal. Once we've established an agreement...
  15. Dragon Master

    What if Pokemon Were Real?

    That idea for Ditto was a bit disturbing, yet at the same time, it was humorous. I'm pretty sure that if Pokemon were real, it would be illegal to do that, also in the anime, Ditto can't change its face, so it would be really creepy to look into its face.
  16. Dragon Master

    Best Fan-made MMORPG?

    Thank you for notifying Pokemon Online and Pokefarm. I searched a long time for a good Pokemon mmorpg, but I gave up. Now that I know there's a good one, I will join it. Again, thanks a lot.
  17. Dragon Master

    Pokemon Themes (Team Name, Pokemon: Pokemon Nickname)

    Honestly, I've never even thought of doing this. I suppose that I'll begin now.
  18. Dragon Master

    Nintendo Does Something New for Once.

    I for one can't wait for this game to be released. It looks like it'll take Pokemon for an interesting turn. It looks like it's fixated more on violence which is something I've been anticipating for quite some time now.
  19. Dragon Master

    General Modern Phantom Hourglass-Golden Ship and Minish Cap Green Kinstones

    The kinstones are all by chance, so there's no helping you there, however the anchor you're looking for is called the Gem Anchor. It isn't only the masked salesman that has it, for Beedle will also have it, and if you're a member, it'll be for a lower price, so I suggest that you first, check...
  20. Dragon Master

    OoT-GCN I Did the Unthinkable.

    Don't feel gloomy. All of us QWOP every now and then. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of Majora's Mask. I used the Nintendo Club thing to get it for free on the Wii shop, so I just got it yesterday. I agree with you on the whole stress part. Having to save and restart the three days makes the...
  21. Dragon Master

    Ocarina of Time What Would Make You Swear?

    I always had trouble using the items. For example, I could have the bow as the downward c-stick motion, the ocarina as the left c-stick motion, and the Lens of Truth as the right c-stick motion. Now let's say I'm fighting an enemy that needs to be hit with the arrow such as Bongo Bongo. I have...
  22. Dragon Master

    OoT-GCN I Did the Unthinkable.

    You can get both Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask in the Wii shop. They're relatively cheap when compared to the collector's disc, so I suggest that you invest into that.
  23. Dragon Master

    Are These Easter Eggs I Have Discovered?

    I already saw these a while ago in my first playthrough, but congratulations on catching those. You must have a good eye.
  24. Dragon Master

    Worst Pokemon Memory...

    I kept trying to evolve my Charmeleon, but my elder brother was right next to me yelling, "Press B! Press B! Press B!" I was a small child, and I've always had fast reflexes for commands like that, so without thinking, I kept falling for his mischievous annoyances. I eventually evolved it, but...
  25. Dragon Master

    Shadow Pokemon, Should They Be Continued?

    It seems everybody agrees. Perhaps one day Nintendo will realize that its fans crave a return of the shadow Pokemon.
  26. Dragon Master

    Best Fan-made MMORPG?

    I strongly advise that you evade all of those online Pokemon games. A vast majority carry viruses, and I speak with experience. They look so intriguing, however they aren't worth the risk.
  27. Dragon Master

    The Greatest Pokemon Game Concept

    That sounds amazing. My only questions are, how do you travel around the Pokemon world in order to reach all these regions, and does this include the spin-off game regions?
  28. Dragon Master

    Pokemon TV Series

    Don't get me wrong. I enjoy the series, however I don't exactly agree with all the ideas the creators have. To me, it would be more interesting if Ash had more skills as a Pokemon trainer, because you'd think by now he'd be more powerful. He is, but the creators aren't very good at showing it.
  29. Dragon Master

    Let's Play The What If? Game

    There would be a fourth sequel to Ocarina of Time about a Link that was half Hylian and half Zora, and he couldn't beat Ganondorf, because he couldn't go into the Gerudo Desert without suffocating. What if the dream from Link's Awakening wasn't a dream?
  30. Dragon Master

    Your Pokedex

    I have all the species (except for the three events on Black and White), however I haven't gotten around to getting them all on one game yet. I decided to wait until Grey comes out to do that.
  31. Dragon Master

    Who's Your Favorite Evil Organization from the Games?

    I chose Cipher, because they had very solid motives and plans. They didn't simply steal Pokemon or whatnot. They used them as tools in an attempt for world domination. They were the baddest of the bad, and no matter how hard you try, they can always build new labs to start creating new, stronger...
  32. Dragon Master

    Most Attractive/Cutest Pokemon

    Look into these eyes and say no!
  33. Dragon Master

    Which Game Should I Get?

    I know that. I'm just saying that it would be a good idea to invest in getting FireRed or LeafGreen.
  34. Dragon Master

    Ultimate Team?

    I would have all the pseudolegendaries, because they have the highest stats. In order to defeat their weaknesses, I would equip them with moves that are super effective to the types they're weak to. With legendaries my team would consist of: Rayquaza, Arceus, Mewtwo, Groudon, Darkrai, and...
  35. Dragon Master

    How Do You Use Your Master Ball?

    I save my master ball until the end. After catching most of the rare Pokemon, I go for the rarest of them all. Zubat! :lol:
  36. Dragon Master

    Which Game Should I Get?

    You should start off with FireRed or LeafGreen (GBA). They do a great job in tutorials, and they help explain the entire concept of Pokemon, and to top that they're also remakes of the first games, so they're rather simplistic making good beginner games.
  37. Dragon Master

    Pokemon TV Series

    I agree with those talking about how it went downhill, but I'm surprised no one has bothered to point out Ash's signature that he did before catching a Pokemon or went into battle. He would always turn his hat backwards. That may seem like a little thing to most people, but to me that seemed...
  38. Dragon Master

    What Makes You Play Pokemon?

    I play Pokemon in hopes for a better story, and I want to catch them all! So far I have them all except for the three event Pokemon that haven't been released yet, but all my Pokemon are kept on separate games, because I'm too lazy to put them all on one game. It takes too much time and effort...
  39. Dragon Master

    Least Favorite Pokemon?

    I don't like most dark types, because there aren't that many dark type moves that do a decent amount of damage or have an effect that I can find useful in a battle, however I do like Zoroark, Zorua, and Darkrai, but I couldn't care less for the rest.
  40. Dragon Master

    B/W and 5th Generation Thoughts?

    The Pokemon weren't nearly as vibrant, creative, and natural as the others were, also there wasn't a feeling of adventure. The story seemed more based on a conflict of opinion rather than a new adventure like the others. Pokemon is supposed to be all about adventure, so without that factor Black...
  41. Dragon Master

    Shadow Pokemon, Should They Be Continued?

    As many of you may know, there were two games that made their way to the GameCube that had stories revolving around Shadow Pokemon. For those who don't know or those who require a reminder, Shadow Pokemon were Pokemon that had their emotions eviscerated from their thoughts, therefore they were...
  42. Dragon Master

    Old or New? - Poll

    I agree. The magical, creative flow has left Nintendo in the Pokemon franchise. Now we need a savior to replenish this creative drought in order to resurrect the good in Pokemon.
  43. Dragon Master

    Favorite Legendary?

    As you can tell by my avatar and signature that Rayquaza is not only my favorite legendary Pokemon, but it's also my favorite Pokemon out of all 649.
  44. Dragon Master

    Most Out of Place Pokemon...

    Have you ever felt that there just isn't something right about a Pokemon? Don't worry you aren't the only one. There are some Pokemon that I think have a very odd quality, or they are in a time or place that just doesn't quite fit them. For example: Psyduck is a psychic duck. Hwo thinks of...
  45. Dragon Master

    Pokemon and Eggs

    Arceus creates the eggs in the center of the universe. It sounds weird, but if you saw the Arceus event in HG and SS you would know. It shows the creation of an egg.
  46. Dragon Master

    If You Were a Pokemon What Would It Be?

    Victini is a Mirage legendary.
  47. Dragon Master

    The Many Mysteries of the Pokemon World...

    Also it is impossible for Kangaskhan or Nidoqueen to make a Cubone because they're both strictly female. Any expert breeder would know that the baby is always the same species as the mother, therefore a Cubone couldn't be produced from either. They are, however all in the same egg group...
  48. Dragon Master

    The Many Mysteries of the Pokemon World...

    I did the Arceus event so I know that Arceus creates them at the center of the universe. That was just an example. I'm not an idiot. Also that thing about Kangaskhan and Cubone is how they are in the same egg group.
  49. Dragon Master

    Favorite Final Boss?

    Red was freaking awesome in the second and fourth generations! The fight I had with him was a rigorous, agonizing battle, but the sweet taste of victory over the strongest trainer ever was incredible.
  50. Dragon Master

    The Most Annoying Pokemon Ever!

    I started this thread because I have found one pokemon to be very, very irritating. This pokemon is Bidoof. I honestly can't tell why. Perhaps it's those huge teeth, or maybe it's because all Bidoof is is just a messed up Rattatta. Anyway it would be greatly appreciated if you were to take out...
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