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  1. jameswillis

    Jameswillis artwork.

    This is my first drawing, And This was my second.
  2. jameswillis

    What fandoms do you like?

    Hey guys! I'm just really curious to know what fandoms I'm missing out on. I think I've got all the essential fandoms though, including, The legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, The Elder Scrolls(well just skyrim), Minecraft, sly cooper, jak, ratchet and clank, the lord of the the rings, Star Wars...
  3. jameswillis

    What is the Fierce Deity

    My last thread got me thinking about the fierce deity mask and what it is. I remembered in MM when you get Fierce Deity, it asks if this mask could be more evil than Majora himself. This obviously means the FD is evil to some extent. My guess is that it is Evil, but not as evil as Majora. The...
  4. jameswillis

    What is Lorule's Hystoria?

    We all know the history of Hyrule, the timeline, characters, and story's, but if there's an alternate universe that's parallel to Hyrule, what's it's history? WARNING:Spoilers and unconfirmed theory's are used in this article. Lets start with the timeline. We know of two events that take place...
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