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  1. OcarinaBoy

    General Zelda Pronunciation of Farore

    To begin, this is mostly my own personal opinion, so you are free to ignore/disregard this idea. Of the four goddesses, Farore's name is (arguably) the hardest to pronounce. So how is it actually pronounced? This thought crossed my mind after a session of talking to myself. Ever since I started...
  2. OcarinaBoy

    Animation Software

    I'm looking to get into animation, and I was wondering if any of you know a good way to start out (recommended software, some tips, really anything will help). I would be greatly appreciative of any advice I could get.:)
  3. OcarinaBoy

    A Link Between Worlds Link's Hair

    This is a bit of a question directly from me, but does anyone else find it mildly annoying that Link's hair isn't pink? Now, I know that there are a lot of reasons why his hair would be brown. This could be a different Link, artwork shows his hair as being brown-ish, etc., but what I'm...
  4. OcarinaBoy

    Weird Things Your Pet Does

    Often when I am cooking, my dog will walk up to me and stand between my legs. He doesn't move or sit down, he just keeps standing there. Other times he will continuously lick the sheets on my bed. I always find it odd and somewhat amusing. What kind of weird things does your pet do?
  5. OcarinaBoy

    Megaman: Bass or Bass?

    Since you can't read pronunciation without context, I will elaborate. One bass is pronounced like the fish and the other as you would the word "base". Now, on to my question: How do you personally pronounce Bass's name in the Megaman series? (note: this is not to spark a debate about the...
  6. OcarinaBoy

    Are There Any Game Enemies That You Respect?

    I wrote an entry in my bolg a while ago, and it inspired me to make this thread. There are some enemies in video games that I respect quite a bit. For example, Darknuts from the Legend of Zelda series. There are many enemies in the series that I can defeat with little more than the flick of my...
  7. OcarinaBoy

    Can You "see" Music?

    I can, for lack of better terms, "see" music. Whenever I close my eyes and truly listen to music, I can see things happening in my mind. I don't mean simply playing the music video in my head (though I will do that with songs that I don't find very interesting). I see things that are vastly...
  8. OcarinaBoy

    Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

    I recently went to see Rise of the Guardians, and I was reasonably impressed with it. I don't normally watch movies like that, but I really liked this movie. It was a pretty great experience, and I will probably end up buying it at some point. What great movies have you seen?
  9. OcarinaBoy

    Do You Think Rupee Exchange Should Return?

    First, let me explain what I mean by "rupee exchange". I've been playing the original Legend of Zelda lately, and the way the bow works in that game brought this question about. In LoZ, each arrow uses up one rupee (If I'm right, this type of process is called equivalent exchange). As long as...
  10. OcarinaBoy

    General Art OcarinaBoy's Ocarinart

    I'm somewhat of an artist in my free time. Drawing is one of my favourite hobbies, second only to video games. I've become a bit more savvy with the forum, so I decided that I would share some of my art with all of you: <-I've expressed my love for Absol before. This particular drawing came...
  11. OcarinaBoy

    The Longest Time Spent Playing

    What was the Longest amount of time you have spent playing a game without interruption (minus food and bathroom breaks)? The longest I've gone was about 11 hours playing Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. I (against my better judgement) did not stop for food and bathroom breaks for this...
  12. OcarinaBoy

    Sawk and Throh

    I have a random question: Does anyone else think that these two look like muppets? I do. More specifically, I think they look like these two: In case you're not that familiar with them, Sawk and Throh look like this:
  13. OcarinaBoy

    The Wind Fish: a Dragon?

    I was randomly surfing through ZeldaWiki and eventually ended up on the page for the Wind Fish. One of the statements in the theories section said that the Wind Fish could be a descendant of Levias and, therefor, a dragon. I personally don't believe this, but I wanted to hear your opinions. What...
  14. OcarinaBoy

    Coke or Pepsi?

    Which soft drink do you prefer? Do you even drink soft drinks? Let the public know! I am one of those people who doesn't care what it is as long as it tastes good (though I am quite partial to Dr. Pepper).
  15. OcarinaBoy

    Mario Kart and More

    Mario Kart and Mario sports games have been around for years. In recent installments, items and characters from other games have made their appearance (F-Zero's Blue Falcon in Mario Kart Wii, Final Fantasy characters in Mario Sports Mix, R.O.B. in Mario Kart DS, etc.). With this in mind, do you...
  16. OcarinaBoy

    What's for Dinner?

    A weird question, yes, but so many questions are. So... Did you go out to eat? Did you cook something at home? Did you just pick up some fast food and call it a day? If you had something so awesome (or terrible) that you have to tell people about it, feel free to do so. I just made myself...
  17. OcarinaBoy

    Do You Allow Your Pet(s) on the Furniture?

    A fairly straightforward question. I personally don't care what my dog jumps on (just as long as he doesn't knock anything over). I often allow him onto the bed or the sofa when I'm sitting/laying down on them. How about you guys?
  18. OcarinaBoy

    Random Pastimes

    There is a bunch of time in between side quests and the main adventure that you can use for relaxation and goofing off. What kind of random stuff do you do to pass the time in the Legend of Zelda? I normally just hang out in my favourite area of the game and run around like an idiot. I will...
  19. OcarinaBoy

    Favourite Tunic?

    Stop right there, mister or miss! This is a poll, and I have noticed that the ZD community is so active that people answer the question before I can set up the poll. I ask that you kindly wait a moment while I finish things up. Thank you:) My personal favourites are the Magic Armour and the...
  20. OcarinaBoy

    Do You Sleep with the Television On?

    Simple question: when you go to bed, do you sleep with the TV on or off? I leave mine on because I use it as a sort of background noise. I've also managed to make it my alarm clock (I always leave it on the same channel, and always wake up during the intro to the same show each day).
  21. OcarinaBoy

    Dying or Fainting?

    I want to clarify something right away: I know that your pokemon don't die in any of the games. What I'm asking is what terminology you use to describe your pokemon being knocked out. I personally refer to it as "dying" in conversation. So what do you say in that situation? Do you say that...
  22. OcarinaBoy

    The Legend of Groose

    I was replaying Skyward Sword recently, laughing at this scene as usual. Then a question popped into my head that I wanted your opinions on. How do you think Groose would recount the events of Skyward Sword? You can feel free to write "excerpts" from what you imagine he would say.
  23. OcarinaBoy

    The Legend of Zelda Without Link?

    I had a dream the other day, and it got me thinking about something. In the dream, I was reading an article in a gaming magazine that said the next LoZ game wouldn't have Link in it, but would be told from the perspective of Zelda instead. It also talked about how/why Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf...
  24. OcarinaBoy

    Spoiler Aftermath of Link's Awakening

    Spoilers once again. If you haven't finished Link's Awakening, you will want to leave because I give details from the VERY END of the game. As in right before the end credits. Continue reading at your own risk. I recently (at the time of first writing this) finished Link's Awakening (DX) and...
  25. OcarinaBoy

    Spoiler Lord Ghirahim's Fate

    Hello, ZD forums. First thing's first, If you are reading this despite the spoiler warning in the title, I am going to assume that you have finished Skyward Sword. If that is not the case, you may wish to leave this thread. If there is no spoiler warning in the title, that just means that I am...
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