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  1. Jimmy

    Disappointment in Wii Virtual Console

    Today I bought some Wii Points, downloaded Donkey Kong Country 2 and plugged in the Gamecube pad to play. Here are three things that annoyed me: 1) Wii Points are pointless. Just let me pay for what I want, not waste time accruing virtual dollars, at least some of which I will probably never...
  2. Jimmy

    Check Out My Band!

    Warehouse Republic Hey guys, this is a shameless plug for my band but I genuinely believe we're very good so it's for your benefit as well. We play a bluesy kind of rock music - been compared to the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and the Doors before which can't be a bad thing! You can find the...
  3. Jimmy

    Majora's Mask Three Day Cycles: Do You Love It or Hate It?

    Hey people, I need some well thought opinions from you for something I'm writing at the moment. Clearly the three day cycle mechanic is such a big part of Majora's Mask that your opinion on it probably defines whether or not you love the game or hate it. I'm sure everyone who has played it has...
  4. Jimmy

    Religious Fanatic Girl Thinks the Earthquake is a Result of Her Prayer

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgWpyobNTno I don't know how she came to that conclusion. Nutters like her pray every year at the start of the lent and sod-all happens most of the time. It's rare to meet someone with this level of delusion, so it's pretty shocking. If this is the sort of God...
  5. Jimmy

    What Are the Best Games of All Time, Objectively?

    Now I imagine a few of you are stopping by to post "There is no objective measure of video game quality, only personal preference". I don't really believe that is true, and I'll explain why in the next paragraph, but even if you are not convinced please entertain the notion that it is true for...
  6. Jimmy

    Ocarina of Time 1997 Preview of Ocarina of Time

    Tidying my room yesterday I came across a booklet that I got free with an old Ninty mag a few years back. The cool thing about this is that it contained a bunch of previews relating to Virtual Console releases on the N64. Included were a couple of previews on good old Ocarina of Time. A few...
  7. Jimmy

    What Are You Planning On/actually Doing with Your Life?

    Pretty big question, I know. I'm at that age where the question sits at the forefront of your mind (19) and wanted to see what the rest of you were doing. I'm working on becoming a professional musician and writer, among other things.
  8. Jimmy

    Which Zelda Game Do You Want to See a Remake Of?

    Simple question. With OoT3DS coming out I heard a few suggestions of MM getting the same treatment and thought "Surely there are more interesting ideas for remake?" Vote for your favourite.
  9. Jimmy

    Challenging Games Needed!

    Good people of the Dungeon, I need your suggestions for a challenging game to play. I've found in the past couple of years that few games have really challenged me. Maybe games are getting easier, maybe I've gotten better or perhaps I've just lucked out and picked easy games. For me a...
  10. Jimmy

    Avoiding Game Previews

    In the past I used to trawl through gaming magazines, forums and websites to find the latest info on upcoming games. Over the years my obsession with gaming has waned, although my interest in it raises when there are some games on the horizon that spark my interest. The result of this is that...
  11. Jimmy

    OoX Connection to MM/OoT

    I was watching the introduction to the Oracle games on Youtube yesterday and noticed something that I haven't seen suggested around the forums too much. (See the intro to Ages here). Both of the intros are the same with different colour schemes; in them a young Link (looks like a child to me...
  12. Jimmy

    OoT Split Timeline Paradox

    At the end of OoT Zelda confesses that Ganon's entrance to the Sacred Realm was all her fault, based on mistakes she made as a kid. We then see in the final scene that Link goes back in time, Navi leaves and in the final shot Link meets up with Zelda in the Castle. Given that in MM we see child...
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