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    General Art Warriors - Of - Hyrule

    We are currently very small, with only six members. It would be fabulous if we could grow! --- Please do join. It's quite incredible and may someday be made into a game. I am second-in-command there. ~Midna's Sister
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    All Newtwo Speculations and News

    Much better looking than Mewtwo's usual form, LOL.
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    Pokemon X and Y Fossil Pokemon

    Because it's a dinosaur and the majority of actually cool dinos were meat-eaters. I know you're vegetarian, by the way. I can feel it... Skittles... Yhur mind is easy to read.
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    The Legend of Zelda: The Goddess's Necklaces (SU)

    The Legend of Zelda: Precipice of Memories(SU) Hello, howdy, hi, or whatever greeting you perfer, welcome to the Legend of Zelda: Precpice of Memories. This is 150 years after Twilight Princess. According to myth and legend, after Midna closed the gateway between worlds permanently, a strange...
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    RP Tutorial/guidelines(read First!)

    Thanks. I'm already very literate and a wonderful roleplayer, but this is a great guide.
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    General Art Tornface's Legend~StarClan Naming

    "I, Snowfall, medicine cat of DuskClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. She has trained hard to understand the ways of a medicine cat, and with our help, she will serve her Clan for many moons. Tornface, do you promise to uphold the way of a medicine cat, to stand...
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    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    *zips up Axle the Beast suit and mimics his voice* 1OOO23325579
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    Sorry I'm Late Boss...

    Sorry I'm late boss, but I'm a dancing Gibdo.
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    King Zora is Fat Because.....

    Because by the end of this thread he laughed so hard
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    I enjoy online MMORPGs, such as FeralHeart, Impressive World, and StarStables. In both Impressive World and FeralHeart, I can be known as kittycats9. In StarStables, I am named Brooke Bluefall. Anyway, I hope that you enjoy seeing me there. I will also link to my character biogrophies/stuff...
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    What Do You Eat for Lunch?

    At home: Whatever is in the fridge and I want it. On the go: It depends.
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    Things That Are on Your Mind

    This morning, my mom let me sleep until 12:39! I actually got to rest a it xD
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    The Flow of Time

    Darn you freaking Sheik. (moody Judy.......)
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    The Flow of Time

    Good ol' Sheik, eh?
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    What Do You Eat For Breakfast?

    Uh... Whatever is unclaimed in the fridge.
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    The Flow of Time

    ;) very good point, ALIT.
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    The Flow of Time

    Have you ever felt like time passes too quickly? How about too slowly? Anyway, this week, for me, 'twas as of someone played the Inverted Song of Time; one week felt like three... Yet the year passed so fast, from my birthday on July 14, to nearly the end of the year. So, what has the past week...
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    If the Next Zelda's Gameplay Style Was Completely Overhauled?

    I'm really sorry when I say this, and I do not mean to offend, but.... It truly would not be Zelda at all this was dungeon music. It just... Wouldn't.
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    Goombas in Zelda.

    I have found a couple other refrances, from TP to OoT: •Darknuts and Iron Knuckles are almost the exact same; you fight them the same way, they act the same, and also, their attacking animation is almost identical to Iron Knuckle's attacking.(TP) •Just look at the Temple of Time(TP) entrance...
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    Warrior Cats

    5 Things I Bet You Didn't Know About Warrior Cats (WARNING—SPOILERS!!!) I shall start up my list and add to it as I find, and rediscover, things about Warriors that I bet you didn't know. 8-Hollyleaf was never one of the Three. 7-Hollyleaf is not dead! 6-Leafpool, ThunderClan medicine cat, had...
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    Warrior Cats

    My warrior name would be Lilyfur. It was at first Lilyheart, then Lilyspirit, but in the end, I settled with Lilyfur.
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    Smiley Stories

    Hi! This is Midna's Sister, also known as Midny, Midna, MidSis, or Sissy. So, I had an idea: what if we used the smilies to partway tell a story? Still using words, but instead of certain words, it would be replaced with a smiley. For example: Link layed a :bomb: to finish off the pair of...
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    How to Add an Avatar to the Forums?

    Okay. The name pretty much explains it, but, I am having the most awful trouble finding the way to add an avatar and signature. If someone could please write a tutorial, I would love this. I feel somewhat left out, simply for the reason everyone else on-site has an avatar. Please and thank you...
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    General Modern Favorite/Least Favorite Zelda Boss

    Bonyness Hompnostly, Stallord from TP was amazing. The dungeon, too. I vote operation skeleton <3 :stalfos:
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    Some General Things I Noticed...

    I beleave that the Twili are a mix of the tribe that made majora and the gerudo. In the dungeons, the Skyward Sword Aceient Cistern, the water dungeon, is the size of about three Twilight Princess lakebed temple rooms. Bout all I can curenly say sooo....
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    The OoT Spoof Sign Up

    If Ruto and others are taken, then can I be MAlon? I sure have sass, and I'd like to be called kitty. (i sound like a softie i know... it makes it all the more funny when i'm not.)
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    Twilight Princess Does Ganondorf Even Fight Seriously or is It All a Joke to Him?

    Read mine. You might be suprised... In SS, Demise is all like "Stop the charade kid" and his with his final breath he says: "I will never be defeated! Mine is a hatred that will liver forever!! It will last as long as one with the spirit of the goddess lives!". Ganondorf probobly inhereted...
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