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    Ocarina of Time Favorite Warp Song

    So, which is your favorite warp song in Ocarina of Time? Mine is the Prelude of Light... it's kinda sounds like a fast food jingle. c: (I would have made this a poll, but I couldn't figure it out.)
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    Yes, This Sounds Like an Insanely Dumb Question...

    But where can I get some bottled water in OoT? o: Thanks.
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    Zelda Wii: Vitality Sensor

    I checked through all of the Zelda Wii threads, and none of them talked about this that I saw. I hope I didn't miss it or something. Anyway, I've heard a couple of rumors of what the Vitality Sensor could do in the games. he first one is that it will be used to measure how much "Courage" you...
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    Water Temple Troubles: Seeking Assistance

    I need help on the part of the water temple where there are several platforms moving up a waterfall; I got past them easily, but I cannot find the small key for the locked door behind it. Help?
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    To Defeat a Phantom, You Need the Phantom Sword... Right?

    I was just thinking about how you're supposed to defeat a phantom. In Phantom Hourglass, you need the Phantom Sword to defeat a phantom. But in Spirit Tracks, Link defeats phantoms and Zelda then controls them. So, if this is true, how does the Spirit Tracks Link defeat a Phantom with no...
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