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  1. Alex Arbiter

    Zelda UStream Event

    I personally invite all of the members on this site to watch my first zelda ustream! For the first part I'll go through the palace of twilight with 3 hearts and no shield (wooden sword as well). Here is the link for those who would like to watch: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/usual-lets-plays
  2. Alex Arbiter

    General Classic The Legend of Zelda Ancient Stone Tablets (Super Famicon)

    Running off of a device called the BS-X Special broadcastcassette, that looks like a Super Game Boy. AST was one of the few Zelda games that was mainly unknown to most U.s and Canadian residents. The BS-X game was downloaded temporary untill beaten (The first of four parts of the game had two...
  3. Alex Arbiter

    Twilight Princess TP Challenge Run

    So, I have come up with a challenge for all people who felt as if TP is easy. I have thus dubbed the "Dire Challenge Run" Restrictions: Three hearts wooden sword no shield No hidden skill no potions/soup and lastly most combat has to be done with the wooden sword
  4. Alex Arbiter

    Zelda Art The Shadow of Twilight

    In the lone, darkness of Hyrule, a swordsman such as myself have many memories. Tis one I'm about to tell is how I became to who I am today. I am Nyfer, and this, my friends, is my story... Prologue Lightning struck in the far distance as a lone half-twilight fighter cut...
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