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  1. Zeruda

    General Art ZELLY TUTS: Learn How Zeruda Works

    This thread will be dedicated to various graphics tutorials. Avatars, sigs, wallpapers, etc. Even artwork at some point. The title of the thread will probably change, but keep an eye on the thread for the tutorials. [1] Manga Avatars > or Go from a bland manga scan to something nice and...
  2. Zeruda

    Graphics How-To

    I'm seeing a lot of unnecessary posts and threads asking the same questions over and over: "How do I make a signature/avatar?" "How do I show a signature/avatar?" So I'm going to make a thread here with some basic information on how to get yourself started if you don't already know how...
  3. Zeruda

    Zelda Art Oekaki Junk

    What is Oekaki? (お: O = Formal prefix, 絵: E = picture, 描き: KAKI = to draw) is the Japanese term to describe the act of drawing, meaning "doodle or scribble". Unlike the works I draw in Photoshop, these come out much more sloppy. They are not detailed images (though some people are very good...
  4. Zeruda

    Future Timeline- Absolute, Varying, or Multiple?

    !!!This is NOT a theory in the slightest, so please please please don't start debating which game goes where and throw this thread into the wrong direction. !!! Okay, move this if it's necessary, but I was just thinking something about where Zelda's future of game placement might go. Ever since...
  5. Zeruda

    Crizzappy Shizzeik Dizzoodle?

    Daz raght, foo. Got bored just now. Decided to doodle Man-Sheik. I know he's actually Zelda, but he was meant to appear male and fool Link and Ganondorf and everyone else, and so that's how I prefer to draw him.
  6. Zeruda

    A Single Thread of Fate

    SJFIJDIGFIDFH I finished my picture I guess. This section needs less fics moar art. Link has pink hair to go along with the whole ALttP!Link sprite dilemma, and Zelda's black hair is based off of the old Japanese Zelda Rap commercial.
  7. Zeruda

    Zelda Art Zelda's Yummy Graphics

    Hello! This will be where I keep my collection of Zelda-related graphics so they don't get lost among graphics in other threads. Feel free to use what I have posted as long as you thoroughly read the terms and agree to them. So far, my signature collection is a single image, but I'll work on...
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