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  1. Zeruda

    Zelda Art Oekaki Junk

    Doodle for Valentine's days and days ago:
  2. Zeruda

    How Excited Are You For Skyward Sword?

    I'm excited. Always for a Zelda. But more excited is for the preorder bonus whatever it is (action figure, cards, etc). I will obtain many, then sell them for more. Yaaay. :> But also yes very excited for SS.
  3. Zeruda

    Zelda Art Oekaki Junk

    More oekaki crap doodles. Ilia -> Freaky Midna -> Young Zelda -> Zelda & Midna (newest)
  4. Zeruda

    Ocarina of Time What Do You Want to See Fixed?

    Maybe it's strange, but I'm hoping for also the story to be enhanced. Not totally new parts, but more detail in description. Maybe more cutscenes. Remember the dying soldier in the alley? His presence added more level of depth to OoT. I want to see more of such things. OoT has many parts that...
  5. Zeruda

    Metroid Other M-love or Hate

    My personal opinion, I think it's an okay game. I actually like the controls, but sometimes they are slow responsive or not at all. There is one battle where WMP would have made a great difference, but aside from that the controls are actually fun. Not oldschool like the advertising made many...
  6. Zeruda

    Where Are the Goddesses Now?

    "The three great goddesses, their labors completed, departed for the heavens. And golden sacred triangles remained at the point where the goddesses left the world. Since then, the sacred triangles have become the basis for our world's providence. And, the resting place of the triangles has...
  7. Zeruda

    Zelda Art Oekaki Junk

    ...it's been long enough, double posting: An art trade with another artist on my oekaki board: And then, a failed attempt to try my friend's paint style. I cannot do it. :<
  8. Zeruda

    General Art ZELLY TUTS: Learn How Zeruda Works

    This thread will be dedicated to various graphics tutorials. Avatars, sigs, wallpapers, etc. Even artwork at some point. The title of the thread will probably change, but keep an eye on the thread for the tutorials. [1] Manga Avatars > or Go from a bland manga scan to something nice and...
  9. Zeruda

    Does Gaming Need to Cater More for Females?

    I think it depends on the game, really. For games like Fallout, I will like for there to be a female option. Games that still hold onto the "you are the character" idea, it's much easier to relate if you can choose a character that is the same gender that you are. And that's not even always...
  10. Zeruda

    The Disappointments

    When I was younger, I don't think I ever experienced disappointment with Zelda games. But lately, with the newer ones, I feel that disappointment in certain areas, and it makes me very sad because it feels (to me) like the series is in danger of becoming something other than "Zelda". Like...
  11. Zeruda

    Are You Happy or Sad Cammie Dunaway Left Nintendo?

    This, exactly. I have never liked her. I'm not going to judge her as a person, but her representation of Nintendo and gamers was not satisfactory. She ALWAYS frowned, never looking happy or excited about any new games. She only enforced the stereotype that girls can't or don't play games, and...
  12. Zeruda

    Zelda Art Zelda's Yummy Graphics

    If you'd like a sig like that, you'll have to find different Adult Link and Zelda art. The image you provided is somebody else's artwork, and I don't steal peoples' work. If you'd like a custom avatar, you'll have to provide different art. Those avatars you posted are created by somebody else...
  13. Zeruda

    Zelda Art Zelda's Yummy Graphics

    (made the top two with my friend Ilu) Glad you like them. Though, if you're going to use one of my sigs, be kind enough to link back like I requested on the first page.
  14. Zeruda

    Zelda Art Oekaki Junk

    Haven't had a chance to doodle on my oekaki board for some time now. Playing with bright colors in a different coloring style. Seems to work well for sloppily and hastily doodled pictures such as this.
  15. Zeruda

    If You Lost All Your Zelda Games but Could Only Keep Three.

    I'd prolly keep..... A Link to the Past, The Wind Waker, andd..... I don't know, one of the Oracle games? If I had ALttP, I would need OoT or TP since they both pretty much play on ALttP. TWW because it'd be a nice game to mix things up, and an Oracle game because puzzle-ness is good. :>
  16. Zeruda

    Ganondorf Had Mercy?

    First off, we know that Ganondorf, evil as he is, is more of a greedy-evil than a destroy-everything-evil. He doesn't kill people just for the heck of it. He simply knocks Link aside with magic. He turns Ingo against Talon and Malon instead of destroying them all. His 7-year reign may have...
  17. Zeruda

    What Are the Things You're Excited for in Skyward Sword?

    I'm excited about... the music. Orchestrations, finally. And, even more than the gameplay, I'm excited about how it'll look. I'm not somebody who thinks graphics matter, but I'm excited about how the overall look will create the game's mood. I guess I'm excited to see something new. The Wind...
  18. Zeruda

    Difficulty Settings?

    I'd definitely love to see more difficult settings. I think Zelda is great because it's a series that everyone can enjoy, but some people just can't do the difficult stuff (casual gamers, young people, etc). Likewise, some more skilled players get bored if they aren't challenged. I think a...
  19. Zeruda

    Zelda Art Link Figurine Sculpture

    Whuh! How talented you are! ....I will totally buy something from you... As for which Link to make next, how about a retro Link? :> (I also merged your two threads. No need for a separate one for each sculpture. :> )
  20. Zeruda

    How Old is Link if He is Gonna Be the Oldest?

    Usually, with brighter colors, it becomes more difficult to determine ages by just looking at characters.. For example is many Disney characters. Many of the girls are only around 16, but they look old enough to be legal. >_> With some Disney males, some look younger than their age (Aladdin...
  21. Zeruda

    If You Were to Marry a Video Games Character, Who Would It Be?

    Ganon. Who cares if he's ugly? He's a rich king. He dies, so I'd get the money. But then he always comes back and somehow rises back to riches. So, when he dies AGAIN, I get the money. AGAIN. Infinite funds.
  22. Zeruda

    Sony DID NOT Copy Nintendo

    I don't think the main reason why people get so upset is that it seems like Sony copies.... the big upsetter is that Sony usually just hops on the bandwagon instead of being innovative on their own. Even if Nintendo didn't make the Wii, yeah, we'd probably see something like the Move...
  23. Zeruda

    ...Link Has Fists....

    Firstly I think it will be depending on how they make Link. If they focus on making him more of his own character (like TP sort of did) then it could be tricky. Link is always a normal, average guy. He is not meant to be fighter or hero right off starting. He comes from humble places and gets...
  24. Zeruda

    After Skyward Sword?, Parents of Ganondorf

    Are you kidding? Come on, they can't be lesbian with each other. They're twin sisters for crying out loud! Come on.... I'm sure Ganondorf was born of both a man and a woman. His father was probably the previous male Gerudo. Maybe the father dies or is even ritually killed when the next male is...
  25. Zeruda

    General Art Get Well Quilt-Card for Zeruda

    ;_; You guys are so sweet. This means so much to meee <3 I'm surprised so many care enough to do this. This gives me much strength! Thank youuuu! I wish I had better words to express! <3 <3 <3
  26. Zeruda

    If You Were to Marry a Video Games Character, Who Would It Be?

    WAT?! (btw Samus is an awesome choice) Estelle is a princess from Tales of Vesperia. She's a sweet girl, though very innocent and naive. She's got a lot of resolve and has a great amount of character development. Plus, she's gorgeous. :>
  27. Zeruda

    Role of the Kokiri

    Hmm... well, in the beginning of OoT, the Deku Tree is narrating. He says, "Long have I served...". To me, this is sounding like he means he's already been around for a very long time. If Skyward Sword is before OoT, then it's possible that the Deku Tree might be present in the game, maybe as a...
  28. Zeruda

    If You Were to Marry a Video Games Character, Who Would It Be?

    YES! I freakin' love Estelle to itty bitty bits! <3 <3 <3 I'd go gay for her. As for a guy game character to marry... uhm... Wesker. Oh my, yes. Intelligent, masculine, eye candy.... *swoon*
  29. Zeruda

    Chances That SS Will Be Ranked #1 of All Time?

    I have to agree with Mosley's post. You know, it needs to be mind blowing and revolutionizing the become #1 of all time. There are just too many things at this point to compete with. Guaranteed, some game released in the general same timeframe will do one or more things better than Skyward...
  30. Zeruda

    Is Link Too Pretty? Not Tough Looking Enough?

    Hmmm... on the topic of "tights", you can also argue Robin Hood and Peter Pan. Besides, Zelda is medieval.... that sort of trend is typical and not at all out of place. Various male NPCs wear them, too. And really, they're more like leggings than tights if you want to be technical. As far as...
  31. Zeruda

    Graphic Requests

    I suppose that's one way to go about it... though, I'm now sure what that does in GIMP since I use PS. In PS, posterizing makes it more.... vector-looking. In PS, there is also a filesize option, but lowering it lowers the quality of the .png, so that's why I just swap it over to .gif. Like I...
  32. Zeruda

    Graphic Requests

    Visibly, there isn't. It's the filetype that matters. If he tries to use the .png, then ZD's auto-resizer will destroy the image's quality because the filesize is too large. However, if he uses the gif image, it'll retain its quality for the most part (there will be a tiiiiiiny bit of image...
  33. Zeruda

    Spoiler Saria Will Be a Cradle Robber if She Goes Out with Link

    That's a good point. I can see how you might assume that from her quote. However, I assumed that she just knew he was different, but not the details of it. But, if it's the case as you assume, then I would think that is making Saria a little weird... but what do I know? I am assuming just as...
  34. Zeruda

    What Videogame Magazines Do You Read?

    Game Informer. It's an awesome magazine that covers pretty much every type of game and every platform. Awesome previews, reviews, commentary, interviews, etc. They're quite witty, too. I used to subscribe to Nintendo Power, but now I am feeling that they are lacking in good material. They seem...
  35. Zeruda

    What Chores Do You Help Out With?

    I never had chores, and I'm glad. I always feel that, if the parent wants to teach responsibility, give the kid a pet or tell them to find a job. Household work, in my opinion, is the duty of the parents. Kids should be kids, not help the parents take care of the house. To me, it seems like...
  36. Zeruda

    Spoiler Saria Will Be a Cradle Robber if She Goes Out with Link

    Sweetie, I'm one of the oldest forum members here and am well aware of what love is. My relationship is almost as old as some of the users here, and I'm sure my grasp on the concept is a little more developed than many of the younger members' here.... ANYWAY... What I was trying to say is that...
  37. Zeruda

    Raven's Poetry Thread

    Short, but pretty nice. Has a nice fairytale feel to it. Good work. :>
  38. Zeruda


    I like mine black and very, very bold and strong. At least, that's how I have it in the morning or during the chilly months. Sometimes I'll put a small amount of creamer or syrup in... I really enjoy raspberry syrups, and for creamers I loooove pumpkin flavors, or anything of that holiday spice...
  39. Zeruda

    Graphic Requests

    .PNG //Use this file for just about anywhere. .GIF //Use this file for Zelda Dungeon if you want it to look decent.
  40. Zeruda

    Redone:At Last,my Timeline!

    You have some good points here that I agree with... The problem is that this "death" isn't clear at all. It could be just another defeat. A weak spot doesn't mean much. Ganondorf is weak to light arrows, yet he's been shot with them how many of them? The weak spot is probably there more as a...
  41. Zeruda

    Official Graphics/Art Thread

    Some more icons I randomly threw together.... yesterday? Featuring OoT!Zelda and TP!Zelda.
  42. Zeruda

    Princess Zelda's Role?

    I love Zelda. But, I don't think Nintendo needs to follow the trend of making the girl character a fighter just to avoid a cliche. Zelda's already been a mysterious ninja-like guide, she's been a sassy seabrat pirate, and she's even been a hulking suit of butt-kicking armor. I miss the damsel in...
  43. Zeruda

    Skyward Sword Huge Disappointment So Far!

    If you want to hate on various games according to their graphics, that's fine. A lot of people do. But you have to realize that Zelda has never, ever been about graphics, and if you're waiting for a huge graphical surprise, then you're going to have to wait until Nintendo makes a HD console...
  44. Zeruda

    Ocarina of Time Do You Think OoT 3DS Is a Good Idea?

    I'm not all that enthusiastic about this remake. I don't know if it's supposed to be just an updated port or a full-fledged remake... if it's an updated port, I'll be a little upset that they'd waste the first 3DS Zelda title on a game we've already seen. If it's a full fledged remake, I'll be...
  45. Zeruda

    Obscure Talents?

    Obscure talent? Remembering the finer details of something somebody said regardless of my inability to remember what I did an hour ago. It ticks people off. :> I can also roll/twist/curl out of pretty much any sort of hold/pin. It's weird, so weird that people refer to it as a "talent". Oh, and...
  46. Zeruda

    Things Your Teacher/Boss Does or Has Done That Makes You Mad?

    My boss (not my in-store boss, but the big guy in charge) has decided to cut down hours and blame it on everybody's raises. So, because I got a nice raise, I don't get many hours. What the heck is the point of a raise, then? This makes me very, very mad. Additionally, they started to make me to...
  47. Zeruda

    General Art Great Fairy Fountain Theme -- Vocalized!

    I listened to this on LiveJournal. I have to say I am very happy to hear a Fairy Fountain remix with a lovely voice. The only issues I have is that the voicing is a little too sharp, and there is a bit too much vibrato. All it needs it some leveling so it doesn't hear overbearing of the theme, a...
  48. Zeruda

    Spoiler Guaranteed Ganon?

    ONM:So with new controls and a new art style, is this an entirely new world for Link to explore? Or will we see the references and little nods toward other games in the series, as in previous Zelda games? AONUMA: We really haven't made a set determination as to whether certain characters...
  49. Zeruda

    Twilight Princess Why Is Zelda So Serious

    Why wouldn't she be? Look at her situation. Her personality is also different. She's a different Zelda, so why would she have the same personality as another? She also appears older, around early 20's. Her entire design shows us these things. Instead of colors that are more like pink or bright...
  50. Zeruda

    I Have Lost My Hairy Little Mind...

    Ohohoho, crossovers always prove to be the most entertaining of fan fictions. Luckily I know Trigun well too, so I won't have any trouble grasping your fan fic. I think it's an excellent idea, and I do hope to see more. :>
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