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  1. LinkGoro

    Minecraft Question

    How much Gigabyte does Minecraft take? I'm gonna download it on my Mom/Dad's Mac. Will the Mac.... Be slow?
  2. LinkGoro

    SS or Minecraft?

    Sorry if this doesn't fit in the Skyward Sword part of the forum. I just began thinking about buying Minecraft even thought i had SS in my mind :hmm: So? Is SS more worth? Is Minecraft more worth? Should i purchase both?
  3. LinkGoro

    Plazma Burst 2

    Plazma Burst 2 is an AWESOME free online multiplayer shooter game. Here's a video of a little gameplay- BEWARE, BLOOD INSIDE VIDEO. TO TURN OFF THE BLOOD IN THE GAME (NOT VIDEO), GO TO SETTINGS AND TURN OFF VIOLENCE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHLq3-GYXKE...
  4. LinkGoro

    Master Ball Request!

    Hi, i just found Kyurem in White! I battled him 100 times with no catch... If anybody could trade me a weak pokemon with a masterball, a legendary (not Kyurem) may fall in your hands! It's pretty dumb that i can't get my Master Balls from HG. I have like 500 or something there... So...
  5. LinkGoro

    Brock Done in Anime Series!?

    I can't believe that they just let Brock off and got a Nerd of some sort instead!! Why??? I think that Brock was a funny, and pretty much a main character in the series. All generations up to 5, now gone.. That was a BIG fault if you ask me. I will pretty much lose my eyes on the anime...
  6. LinkGoro

    ZeldaDungeon Football Club?

    I've been thinking lately about the shorten of ZeldaDungeon Forum Community, ZDFC. Split up ZD and FC. And it could mean Zelda Dungeon Football Club. Had it been fun if ZD had a football team? Try to set up your own ZD team with forum users. Thoughts?
  7. LinkGoro

    SPOILER! Point Contest!

    In this thread i'm giving 100 points to the best final boss battle:clap: Contest requirememts: *Video Camera/Phone Camera(If you're playing on a pc you can use programs to film it) *Any Playable Zelda Game *Came to the boss in the Zelda game Film the boss battle while you play. Send the...
  8. LinkGoro

    Art Thanksgiving

    Hello! If you want to thank someone for making a siggy, userbar or avy, Thank them here! Thank you zeldahuman for making a siggy for me!:clap:
  9. LinkGoro

    Majora's Mask Theory: The Deku Butler's Kid.

    In this thread we will discuss about the Deku Butler and who his child is. I have my own theory, and wanted to hear if you guys had one. I'll post my theory later in thread. Well...recently i've only got views and not replys so i'll post my theory right away. SPOILER!!!! DO NOT READ IF YOU...
  10. LinkGoro

    Ocarina of Time This Game's Highlights?

    I just wanted to know if anybody had any highlights about the game, and wanted to tell it!
  11. LinkGoro

    Ocarina of Time Noticed Glitches? Post Here!

    Post Glitches here! I have found one myself, but i need at least 3 posts to post it. I will awnser quickly tonight and tomorrow morning. Glihces rule!
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