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  1. Dark Princess

    My Awesome Graphics :3

    Since everybody else is making a graphic thread, I figured I'd post mine. :3 Warning: May take a while to load DP loves her FullMetal Alchemist... :P :3 Hehe! ;D A friend helped me make this sig. It looks amazing. x3 Chu~ :3 Yay for Majora's Mask! :3 Best siggy I've ever made! :3...
  2. Dark Princess

    Favourite Final Boss Battle [May Contain Spoilers]

    Well, since I didn't see this thread anywhere, I figured I'd post it. What's your favourite final boss battle? Now, I think this is pretty hard. I loved most of the final boss battles. Well... (I'll put in my thoughts on Ganon from the first Zelda game once I'm done fighting him) Nightmare...
  3. Dark Princess

    Senses Fail

    Anyone listen to Senses Fail? I love them. They're one of my favorite bands of all time. I'm a big fan. They play punk/alternative/emo/rock music. Who elso likes them?
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