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  1. illmatic

    Favorite Sports Teams

    What are your favorite sports teams in each sports league? What teams do you hate? Here is mine: My Favorite Teams: NBA - Los Angeles Lakers NFL - Pittsburgh Steelers MLB - Los Angeles Dodgers NHL - Los Angeles Kings Soccer - Los Angeles Galaxy (MLS), US National Team, Germany National Team...
  2. illmatic

    Favorite Browser Extensions

    What are your favorite web browser extensions for Firefox/Chrome/Safari? Here are some of mine. These are for Firefox, but might be available for other browsers too: AdBlock Plus: Blocks ads from sites completely DownloadHelper: Download videos from YouTube and many other video sites...
  3. illmatic

    Skyward Sword Moonlight Merchant Disappears?

    The Moonlight Merchant seems to have disappeared from the Waterfall Cave in my game. After beating Skyloft's Silent Realm, I went into the cave and found the butterflies, played the harp and he appeared like normal. But after going off and doing some sidequests and pretty much 100%-ing the game...
  4. illmatic

    NFL Football

    The NFL season is well underway now after a lockout threatened the season to be canceled. Are you a fan of football? (American Football) What is your favorite team? What team do you think will win the Super Bowl this year?
  5. illmatic

    Zelda 25th Anniversary Art Challenge - How Many Can You Name?

    Can you name all of the characters that appear in this painting and the games they are from, without looking it up? And a bonus question: Which major character does not appear in the painting? Please use Spoiler tags when you list so other's can't see your list. [ SPOILER ] [ /SPOILER]...
  6. illmatic

    Guide: Missable Items for 100% Completion

    When going for 100% completion in games, sometimes there are things that you can miss out on and ruin your chance of getting 100% without starting a new game file. I couldn't find a list anywhere so I thought I'd compile everything together here. So here is a list of known things that are...
  7. illmatic

    Faster Sailing

    Is there any way to sail faster instead of just having the sail out and waiting? I've noticed that some people tend to put the sail away and quickly bring it out again while sailing. Does this actually make you go faster, or is it just for show?
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