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  1. HatredHazard

    Any Adventure Time Fans?

    Hey all! Just wondering if anyone here watched Adventure Time. I know it's a kids' show but so are a lot of good stuff xD So, yeah? Anyone? If so, who's your favorite character, episode, pairing, etc etc
  2. HatredHazard

    A Zelda Theme Park

    What if there was a theme park (like Disney Land, Univ. Studios) based off of the Zelda universe? What kind of rides, attractions, booths, stores, shows, etc would it have?
  3. HatredHazard

    General Zelda Ever Had a Crush/strong Emotional Attachment to a Zelda Character?

    I'm guessing a lot of people will say no because Zelda isn't that kind of game. But still, have you ever admired a Zelda character, and to what degree? Maybe just liked his/her design (not necessarily in a crush sort of way). The only character I've felt an emtional attachment towards was...
  4. HatredHazard

    General Zelda Has Zelda Ever Made You Cry?

    Has playing a Zelda game, listening to Zelda music, etc ever inspired so much emotion that you cried: tears of joy, sadness, etc? If so, what particular moment? If not, has Zelda ever flooded you with emotion at all? I don't cry very easily, but the ending of TP did make me tear up. I know...
  5. HatredHazard

    General Zelda Are You a Liberal or Conservative Zelda Fan?

    I'm not asking for your political views, lol. Looking around the threads I've noticed that some of us want Zelda to make major changes to the classic formula in upcoming titles; our biggest complaint of the former titles is that they haven't changed much from OoT's template. Others think that...
  6. HatredHazard

    General Zelda Is the Legend of Zelda Losing Steam?

    I think most of us agree Zelda peaked at the N64 days, about 15 years ago. But is it in danger of falling into obscurity/losing all but its most loyal fans? Say ZeldaU and Zelda 3DS are just so-so Zelda titles...how dangerous would that be to Zelda's existance? I think Zelda will always have...
  7. HatredHazard

    Ever Tried to Spread the "Zelda Gospel?"

    What I mean is, have you ever tried to get any of your friends to play/become fans of tLOZ, and if so, what were the results? (So sorry if this has already been posted...) I'm bugging my friend into beating WW (the only Zelda game she already owns). She's been stuck in the Forbidden Forest...
  8. HatredHazard

    Steampunk Hyrule in ZeldaU?

    I've been turning this idea over in my head for a while. ZeldaU takes place hundreds of years after Spirit Tracks, on the new continent. A new Hyrule has been built, and as time passes, technology progresses. Obviously, hardly anyone wants to play a modern-day Zelda, but I think steampunk...
  9. HatredHazard

    Should Link Have More Characterization or Should He Remain a Blank Slate?

    So, Nintendo has told us that Link is so named because he's supposed to be a "link" to the players, a sort of avatar. That's why they try to keep his characterization at a minimum: we usually get very little or no backstory, not much personality, and of course, zero dialogue. This is all done...
  10. HatredHazard

    A Main Playable Character Besides Link?

    Now, I know this idea sounds absolutely terrifying to most of you, and you won't even stop to consider it. But I think it would be rather interesting, and if they pulled it off right, it could be really cool. Link would still have a prominent role in the story as an NPC. He could be the...
  11. HatredHazard

    Does Zelda Deserve to Be More Well-known/popular/"mainstream"?

    "The Legend of Zelda" is still one of the most respected franchises within the gaming community. However, among the general population, it's a bit more obscure. If you walk up to a random person on the street, at school, or at work, chances are they know vaguely what Link looks like, but chances...
  12. HatredHazard

    What Kind of Artstyle/graphics for Zelda Wii U?

    What artstyle do you think Zelda Wii U should adopt and why? I think they should make full use of the Wii U's HD capabilities and go for Twilight Princess-style without GC's limitations. I find realistic graphics are just more immersive and I think it would cause the game to get more attention...
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