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    Okay, so I recently made my own challenge thing, and one of the things that are in the challenge is to get a different type starter from a different region AND use it in your team. So you would need, say a Tepig from Unova, a Mudkip from Hoenn, and a Bulbasaur from Kanto. However, in Heartgold...
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    I'm now doing a giveaway on pokemon Black and White. I don't have much, but comment and I'll reply if I have it or not. If you want to do a trade on this, then you can, within reason. I will only do fair(ish) trades. I will not trade a kyurem for a lillipup, or anything like that. If you want to...
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    Pokemon Trade?

    Hello, thank you for having the courtesy to wave your mouse over this post. Moving on, The reason I want people to at least respond to this forum thread is: I am, or rather was, looking for a Dratini. Sadly, I couldn't find one. I was hoping someone would reply to this post on this forum thread...
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    Your Favorite Pokemon?

    What is your favorite pokemon.And Why? Do you use the pokemon often? What moves do you use for it? Answer or not. It's your choice. :love: TheVampireSlaye
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    Trading "Post"

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    Breeding Problems

    Okay, I want to delete this post so just don't go here.
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