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  1. Cuju

    Spoiler Current Zelda Playthrough?

    Hello, and welcome to this delicious thread... Say which Zelda game you're playing through at the moment, and talk about it a little, simple as that. I popped my copy of Zelda Collector's edition into my Wii a couple days ago, and before that day, I had only played Ocarina of Time and...
  2. Cuju

    Countdown to E3 2012!

    It's that time of the year again! Welcome back to one of my fabulous countdown threads! If you haven't used one of them before, this thread is all about building up hype for the best time of the year, E3! Just post everyday about how pumped you are about Nintendo and Zelda announcements! Make...
  3. Cuju

    Good Non-turn Based RPG for 3DS?

    Hey people, I have some cash, I want a non-turn based RPG (you attack when you want, no turns), do you guys know of such a game? For refference, I am a huge Monster Hunter fan, it's tied as my favorite franchise with Zelda... Thanks in advance! Cuju
  4. Cuju

    Play Skyward Sword Theme on Ocarina!

    Hello people, I was playing Ocarina of Time 3D, and I was trying to play some real life songs, and I've figured out how to play the song of the Goddess from Skyward Sword! - Letters indicate the button - A number like this: R(h) or R(l) means you either play the note high or low using the...
  5. Cuju

    Spoiler Ending Revealed

    Through text dumps, the ending of SS has been revealed Huge Spoilers! http://www.zeldainformer.com/2011/11/skyward-sword-full-story-revealed-best-zelda-ever-confirmed.html What do you guys think, only read if you have big, well, you know!
  6. Cuju

    Zelda WiiU

    Earlier today at the first Zelda symphony concert, Miyamoto stated that he would be more involved with the Zelda game for WiiU this has me very excited! Today marks the first day of the wait for ZeldaWiiU in my opinion, I expect a new game in 3 years... Oh god!
  7. Cuju


    HULLO! Recently, I have noticed a lot of talk around the forums about the negative aspects of Skywadr Sword, I noticed a similar thing happening on Zelda Informer. This got me thinking, what is the general concensus about Skyward Sword at this point so close to release? Most people thought...
  8. Cuju

    Spoiler Final Battle?

    What's up my fellow nerds! I was re-watching the intro of Skyward Sword, and I was thinking how amazing it would be if we fought the great evil spoken about in the intro. I hope Ghirahim resurects him soon enough in the game, mainly because I don't want another "Ghirahim is a badass vilain! He...
  9. Cuju

    Translation Team!

    Hello people! I have been anxious for fans to translate the japanese Skyward Sword web site, but I see no signs of any such things happening. I have started to translate the web page by using what we know about the screens that go along with the text (I don't actually read Japanese.) All I...
  10. Cuju

    Spoiler Sealed Grounds

    Hey peoples! I was re-reading some of the impressions about the first few hours of SKyward Sword. and I came across this http://www.zeldadungeon.net/2011/10/skyward-sword-previews-galore-and-more-details/#more-19617. It says that we will visit a place called the sealed grounds, and that there...
  11. Cuju


    I have thought up a challenge for harcore Zelda fans who will be playing Skyward Sword soon. - No shields (you can just un-equip them.) - No healing potions or guardian potions - 6 hearts the whole game (or see below) - No quiver, slingshot, or bomb bag upgrades - No upgrades to make...
  12. Cuju

    My Last Fear...

    Wazzup peoples? All of my fears about Skyward Sword are now gone, I have comlpete faith in it to fullfill it's destiny and kick Oot's butt, I do have one more fear though, it's that the game won't have a lot of different areas. In the "official" map of the game, we see three provinces, I...
  13. Cuju

    Spoiler New Temple?

    Hullo! I was rewatching some SS footage (again), and I saw what looks like the entrance to a temple in some sort of foresty setting. It isn't the entrance to the Sky Temple, this ones different! What do you guys and girls think about this? I think that the prospect of it being a...
  14. Cuju

    What's That Say?

    Hello people, I was re-watching the 3DS conference trailer for Skyward Sword, and I noticed that there was writting beside the "1" and "2" buttons. Can some Japanese speaking folk help me translate it? Thanks a lot in advance!
  15. Cuju


    We have a rating! Before the item upgrade video, we see a E10+ rating from the ESRB, just thought I'd point it out...
  16. Cuju

    Do You Care About Spoiling the Game...

    I don`t! I just read that huge list of new details from the home page, and I kinda felt bad about not discovering these things on my own when I play the game, then I realized that I don`t care, I just needed info. I`ve been waiting for this game since January 2009, and I`m 65 days away from...
  17. Cuju

    What Skyward Sword Has to Do...

    I missed out on Super Mario Galaxy when it first came out, and I thought about buying it once it was used, but it still cost 50$CAN. So when the Nintendo Selects version was released, I rushed to Best Buy to get a copy. I have been playing it for a day, and it made me realise what Skyward...
  18. Cuju

    What New Art-style?

    Hello! This is a general disscusion about completely new art-styles fro future games! I would want a completely anime style game. What do you guys and of course ladies want?
  19. Cuju

    Should Link's Bird Replace Epona?

    I think that fresh ideas are gonna be of huge importance, and I think that having the bird alongside Epona would be pointless. I much rather we let Link's new plumed stead to shine in this game. What do you think? Should the Bird replace Epona in Skyward Sword, or should they both be present...
  20. Cuju

    Rating Predictions

    How high of a review score do you think Skyward Sword will get? I think it will get a 9.5 from most reviewers. What do you think?
  21. Cuju

    The Box Art...

    Hello! This thread will at first be about talking about when we'll get Skyward Sword's official Box Art from Nintendo. Once there is an official box art, this will become a general Box Art disscusion thread. I'm actualy not sure when we'll get the game's box art, does anyone know when...
  22. Cuju

    Skyward Sword is on the Official Zelda Website!

    http://www.zelda.com/universe/?ref=http://www.google.ca/search?q=zelda&sourceid=ie7&rls=com.microsoft:en-ca:IE-SearchBox&ie=&oe=&redir_esc=&ei=LoNATsbVM-bLsQLj3s2JBw Don't get too excited! I checked the official Zelda website today, and under "Wii game", there was Skyward Sword. I was then...
  23. Cuju

    Countdown to Skyward Sword Release!

    For those of you who used the "Countdown to E3" thread I posted a few months before E3 2011, you'll know what the point of this thread is going to be. For those who didn't experience that FABULOUS! thread, I'll explain the point of it now. This is a place to talk to people about your concerns...
  24. Cuju

    Spoiler Confirmed Locales

    This thread is for putting together all the places we know about in Skyward Sword, from trailers and demos of the game. Forest Confirmed to be the first place Link goes to in the land below the clouds, this is the area that was featured in the E3 2010 demo. The features of the forest are...
  25. Cuju

    Should I Buy a 3DS Now?

    Now that the price of a new 3DS is dropping to 169.99$, I am thinking that maybe I should buy one. I didn't buy one at launch because 250$ is ridiculous for a handheld, but for my budget 169$ is fine. Is it worth buying now for someone cheap like me?
  26. Cuju

    Spoiler WTF!?! What Sword is That?!?

    I was watching the "new" Skyward Sword trailer, and when Link is fighting Ghirahim in what looks like Skyloft's ruins, Link appears to be using the sword he has before he gets the Skyward Sword and his green tunic... This confused me deaply in terms of when that scene took place. Tell me...
  27. Cuju

    Will It Be FABULOUS!

    I am now confident that Skyward Sword has a great chance of becoming the greatest game in the series, and finally debunking Ocarina of Time of it's pedestal. Everything we have seen at the past weeks E3 has been FABULOUS! and has got me very excited. Despite this weeks awsomness, some people...
  28. Cuju

    Truth About Shields!

    I have figured out what is the use of the new shield bar at the top left of the screen. When the meter depletes, you can't use your shield, so you have to switch shields using the - button. This is probably going to add depth to the game, as different shields have different resistances!
  29. Cuju

    Skyward Sword is Finished?

    At Nintendo's E3 conference, Miyamoto said on stage that "(Skyward Sword) it's finally finished". I'm relieved to say the least, because anymore delays at this point are highly improbable. What do you guys think Nintendo is going to do with Skyward Sword, since it's done, until the planned...
  30. Cuju

    Spoiler Ghirahim, the Pale Dude...

    Ghirahim that's the guys name. I think that this name sounds cool, and the battle against him looks great. I am pleased to see a sword battle as a dungeons boss, very pleased. Also, in this vid we see Skyward Sword heart containers, as well as a bit of the story... Link to the awsome video...
  31. Cuju

    What Not to Change?

    A lot of talk around Skyward Sword seems to be about all the changes the game is supposed to bring to the series, but in this thread, I want to talk about some of the things that I hope they don't change in the game. Aonuma has already explained that there are certain things that they can't...
  32. Cuju

    Mario Galaxy Composer Returns for Skyward Sword

    Over at Zelda Informer (http://www.zeldainformer.com/2011/05/mario-galaxy-composer-returns-for-skyward-sword-ocarina-of-time-3d.html) They confirmed via Iwata Asks that Skyward Sword will feature a fully orchastrated soundtrack, and that it is composed by Koji Kondo as well as the team that did...
  33. Cuju

    Twilight Princess E3 2004 Today...

    Do you guys remember how Nintendo ended their 2004 press conference? With an epic trailer for Twilight Princess... The crowd responded with a standing ovation, and I still ge goose bumps when I watch it today. I want to know what was your reaction to the trailer, and how it's content ended up in...
  34. Cuju

    General Modern DS and ST?

    Now that the 3DS is out, and Nintendo DS' are going to drop, should I buy a DS and Spirit Tracks? I really want a portable Zelda game but I can't afford the 3DS right now, what should I do??? :O
  35. Cuju

    Celebrating Zelda 25th

    Simple question, how will you celebrate Zelda anniversery. I will be playing through my entire Zelda collection (see below in my siggy) during the summer holidays. Hopefully, I'll be able to play through SS too...:xd:
  36. Cuju

    Boss Difficulty?

    So long ago, at Nintendo's E3 round table conference, Miyamoto mentioned that all the had left to work on with SS was creating some more dungeons, polishing the game up, and maybe most importantly, he said that they were trying to create some more challenging bosses. I, like many others, has...
  37. Cuju

    Zelda Art Arnold the Bokoblin

    When I started drawing this guy, I thought I'd just copy a picture of a bokoblin, but the I got the insparation to make something new. I based the whole head on an exsiting SS bokoblin, then I just put together the rest of the body by bassing myself on what they actualy look like. Then, another...
  38. Cuju

    Zelda Art My Deku Link

    Here is my first drawing of Deku Link, from majora's mask: Tell me what you think (I woke up this morning and was bored so I drew this at around 7:30.) *Click the image for a good look :)
  39. Cuju

    Playing the Harp?

    We've all seen it, he harp from the GDC trailer. It looks like Sheik's harp, it raises more questions than it awnsers, and, like almost everything else we've seen about Skyward Sword, it's covered in a dark veil of mystery. What I want to know, though, is if this new item will be played using...
  40. Cuju

    Favorite Bit of News?

    I want to know what your favorite bit of news concerning SS is... Mine is that Aonuma and Miyamoto have been "throwing around the phrase back to basics" and "figuring out what makes Zelda fun".:yes: (too short???)
  41. Cuju

    Should They Reuse the Gerudo Valley Theme, Only Orchastrated?

    I noticed a dessert locale in the GDC trailer, and I think that if it's like the home of the gerudos, they should include a higher quality version of it in SS, or if were lucky, an orchastrated version like this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYPgxgbOL3Y&feature=related Tell me what you think...
  42. Cuju

    Countdown to E3

    With E3 pretty much right around the corner (80 some days to be exact) I'm am getting seriously hyped.:) We are almost 100% certain to get a ton of new info and a new trailer, though maybe not a demo, so I want to know what you guys are excpecting or hoping for at Nintendo's press conference...
  43. Cuju

    Spoiler New Trailer

    YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!:puppy: At GDC just a few moments ago, Nintendo showed a new trailer of Skyward sword! This trailer included a few new puzzles a new character a new design for the logo, and a new item. Please post your reflections and...
  44. Cuju


    Hey guys, post your youtube accounts if you have one. Mine is Althecanadiangamer, it should show up on Google.:D
  45. Cuju

    Reviewing Old Interviews

    Thanks to the new interview section of the site, I looked over some stuff about Skyward Sword, I just thought I'd give my views on various tidbits found in the interviews. Eiji Aonuma: Well, in the demo what you're seeing is an area that will actually end up being divided more – and of course...
  46. Cuju

    Monster Hunter Tri?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if any of you have tried or own Monster hunter tri? I personaly think it's a great game, but I want to know what you guys think? :suspicious:
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