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    Zelda Dungeon Meme Contest

    My "Rutroll" Meme!
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    Goron Reproduction

    Remember- Birdo from Mario is male. Anything is apparently possible with Nintendo...
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    Majora's Mask Time-Proof Bank Account?

    Admittedly, you can't think about this too long or hard, because it's just a simple gameplay mechanic, but here's what is essentially happening: The banker sees his signature stamp on Link, and knows Link should has X amount of rupees stored in the bank, as indicated from the stamp. I guess...
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    Dampé's Theory

    Dampe being a ghost is rather puzzling. Perhaps he so loved being in and caring for the Graveyard during his life that he didn't want to leave it in his death? Or perhaps he wanted to see the hookshot be used in good hands? Eh, who knows. :) Anyway, it's definitely a possible theory. But just...
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    Should Link Have More Than One Mode of Transport?

    I'd like more modes of transportation- Epona and a boat would be great, and some sort of flight traveling late in the game would be cool. However, I only want it if there's a big enough over world that warrants it. If we're not going to have a massive over world, then it would just be...
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    One Zelda Game

    While I tend to like OoT and MM the best, I chose Wind Waker. The Great Sea is just awesome IMO.
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    New Zelda Game Idea - Sequel to AoL

    Yeah, why not? I know I'd like to see a continuation of the "failed" timeline, and see some of the old-school enemies return. However, I doubt that they'd make it obvious like you did- outside of HH, there's nothing that would directly imply that ALttP was due to the Hero of Time's death in...
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    Boss Ideas for Next Zelda Game.

    What if you go through a typical, run-of-the-mill dungeon, and then discover when you get to the boss room that the dungeon itself IS the boss. The boss wakes up from a long sleep and starts to stand up, causing the dungeon to flip and turn all over the place. You'd have to navigate through...
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    Favorite Pokemon Champion?

    Definitely Blue. The whole game lead up to it, and his character was just a big jerk. Taking him down always felt great! :)
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    Twilight Princess "darker Feel" Compared to Majoras Mask

    I'm pretty TP is the way it is partially because of the fan backlash in direction with WW. After MM, many people were expecting the series to stay rather dark and "realistic", and the Space World demo to affirm this. However, when WW and its cel-shaded graphic came along, several fans felt the...
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    Hardest Zelda Game

    I assume TC excluded Zelda II and MM on purpose, seeing as they're typically cited as the hardest, and wanted to hear of something else. I would say the original Zelda. It seems darn near impossible to beat without a guide, and even if you know what you need to do, it can still be hard to...
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    A Link to the Past This is My Minecraft Recreation of Kakariko Village from Link to the Past

    Amazing! I've always wanted to do something like this in Minecraft, haha but I guess I simply fail at having patience
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    Should Something Drastic Happen in Zelda?

    I just can't see the game ending on a extremely sad note- it's just not Zelda's style. However, I would like Zelda endings to be spiced up a bit. Perhaps an extremely ambiguous, open-ended ending would be interesting though. Don't tie everything into a complete knot, and leave plenty of room...
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    Old Zelda Titles in the 3DS EShop?

    I bet most if not all of the old Zelda titles will end up on the e-Shop or available on the 3DS. Zelda I and II are already available for ambassadors, and will be up for everyone at some point. ALTTP will probably be up at some point, possibly as a 3D Classic given Miyamoto's recent interest in...
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    Hyrule Historia - Do You Think It Will/Won't Get Localized? Why/Why Not?

    I highly doubt it too. It took thousands of persistent fans months for Nintendo to listen to Operation Rainfall fans, and that was for some of the best RPG games a dying system has had to date. I see it being very unlikely they'll see the need to publish it outside Japan, especially since...
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    "MM is Superior to OoT"

    I once heard someone say that if OoT and MM were movies, OoT would be a summer blockbuster, while MM would be one of those small films you may not have heard of until the Oscars came around. Both are great, but they accomplish different things. OoT had a more classic, grand, and epic feel to...
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    Is Every OoT Gold Cart V1.0?

    Yes, I believe every gold cart is Version 1.0. However, not every 1.0 cart is Gold. There are a few grey cart 1.0 carts out there.
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    Link As a Girl?

    Shh... we don't speak of the CD-i games. Haha jk :) But really, I'm not against the idea of a girl Link or playing as Zelda in and of itself, but I just don't think it would fit with the Zelda universe already established. Link, while a general hero the player is encouraged to "link"...
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    New Locations for New Games?

    Technically, the abandoned/destroyed city thing has been done several times already, including Castle Town in OoT, Old Karkariko Village in Zelda II, and sorta in Winder Waker with Greatfish Island. Although, it's one I'd like to see fully played out in the future. I'd also like to see a...
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    Minish Cap on 3ds

    It'll come out on the 3DS for everyone... eventually. Maybe in a year or three knowing Nintendo, but it'll happen for everyone one day :)
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    General Classic What Zelda Remakes/collections Would You Like to See?

    You got yourself another Operation Moonfall supporter here! :) But aside from that, an enhanced remake of the NES original would be amazing.
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    Where on the Timeline Should the Next Zelda Game Take Place?

    Hmm... tough to say. I think they'll probably make the 3DS one at the end of the Adult Timeline, or with Miyamoto's recent interest in ALTTP's style, possibly one in the failed timeline. The Wii U will probably take place in either the child Timeline (before or after Four Swords + Adventures)...
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    OoT-N64 Can You Complete Jabu-Jabu's Belly Before Dodongo's Cavern?

    Yes! Haha did it today, actually! You just need to get the Bomb Bag from Dodongo's Cavern first, then leave and complete Jabu-Jabu's Belly. Although, you do need to complete most of Dodongo's Cavern before you get the bombs, unfortunately... I miss how much freedom you had in games like OoT...
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    Do You Want the Realistic Zelda Tech Demo?

    Personally, I hope Nintendo learned from their past mistakes and do go with a style close to the tech demo for the Wii U. While I personally loved Winder Waker and its graphics, many fans were really disappointed with them after seeing the Space World demo in 2000. The N64 Zelda games...
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    Facebook or Youtube?

    Well, I really don't know if Facebook and Youtube are fair to compare against each other. Sure they're both social media, but they're very different in how most people probably use them. I use Facebook to keep up with my friends and family, and Youtube for entertainment. Sort of like choosing...
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    Zelda in the Movies

    1. Personally, I don't think a new story would be the best way to go. It could easily feel "sort of like a Zelda movie, but not the real thing", if that makes sense. Yet if the movie's a flop, it would be a good way to forget about it. Also, you know either way Nintendo's going to end up making...
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    Best Tunic

    Green- it's just simple and iconic.
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    Skull Kid

    The Skull Kid in TP may or may not be the same one from OoT and MM, but the intention was obviously to at least illude to him. I wouldn't want to see him too much in future games. He shouldn't be the next Ganondorf or anything, but I wouldn't mind a small nod every now and then.
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    The Hero of Time Defeated Timeline Split - Major Flaw

    Personally, I just think this timeline was thrown together to tie-in the old games to the new ones, so naturally it's going to have it's problems. Ganon could have been sealed into the Scared Realm even with the whole Triforce. What's stopping the three Goddesses themselves from coming down to...
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    What is Your Favorite Zelda Race?

    The Gorons! They're adoptable, roll, pretty much a staple to major Zelda games since Ocarina of Time, and have a charming simplicity to them. The Sheikah are a high second, though.
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    How Many Dungeons Should a Zelda Game Have?

    It all depends on the quality of the dungeons to me, if they are all mandatory, and really the overall quality of the game as a whole. For example, Ocarina of Time only had 8 "official" dungeons, but it had several mini-dungeons (Bottom of the Well, Ice Cavern, Gerudo Training Ground, and...
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    Majora's Mask I Never Have Trouble with the Collectors Edition Disc.

    Hmm, I had the Collector's Disc for a while, and I've heard of this problem, but never ran across it myself. But I assume I'm just lucky. Wasn't there a warning or something about this before you actually even started playing the game?
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    Funny Pics/videos

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    What Kind Of Bellybutton Do You Have?

    Inny and proud! :)
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    Majora's Mask Favorite Cutscene from Majora's Mask

    I love pretty much everything about Majora Mask, but the first scene that came to mind was one of the ending scenes- the one with the Deku Butler weeping in front of his dead son. It was an amazing way to end the game thematically. Generally, Link was able to not only save Termina, but also...
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    Spoiler Favorite Glitch in a Zelda Game

    I'm pretty sure you were able to pass through the door of time if you did this just right, too. Haha there's just something so satisfying about removing a game cartridge :)
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    OoT Sages

    I think the theory behind it is that the Sages aren't actually alive when you "awaken" them, but rather spirits or ghosts of their former mortal selves. Nothing would seemingly contradict this, and in some cases it's one of the more logical conclusions. Take Darunia for example: he entered the...
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    OoT Sages

    Ocarina of Time Spoilers: So, as much as I like OoT, I've always been confused on how exactly the Sages were awakened. Specifically, what were the sages doing in the seven year gap? They clearly all haven't been in their respective temples the whole seven years, right? For example, Sheik...
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    Love It Or Leave It: Twilight Princess

    To me, Twilight Princess has always just been a possible Zelda game- not amazing, but not awful. I found it to be fairly bland overall. I don't hate it. In fact, as mentioned by TC, I enjoyed being a wolf, the hidden skills and other secrets. Dungeon design wasn't bad IMO. But overall, it felt...
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    The Legend of Ganondorf

    I've thought about something like this. I doubt it would ever happen, but it makes for an interesting idea for a spin-off game. The game would be a prequel of sorts to Wind Waker- you break out of the Sacred Realm, and go into different temples to take their respective treasures. Additionally...
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    Which One of These Odd-ball Relationships Do You Like Most?

    Dampi and Twinrova for me. Haha glad to see Dampi finally in a happy relationship, haha even if it is with two evil, old witches. :)
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    Favorite Soup

    Mexican Soup! But I also really like Potato Soup :)
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    Would You Want to Be Link at All?

    As long as I can respawn when I die, eat, and sleep, sure thing! :)
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    What Would You Like to See More of Out of Zelda Dungeon

    Overall, I think everything here at ZD is wonderful! But I understand there's always room for a little improvement. I'd agree with donpedrox- work on refining the articles a bit more. I personally haven't noticed anything along the lines of spelling or grammar errors, but high quality writing...
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    Spoiler Twilight Princess Ganondorf Death

    Are you asking how exactly/ if Ganondorf died? If so, I believe the whole situation was deliberately kept vague. I'm pretty sure one theory is that Zant killed himself in order to kill Ganondorf, because their spirits were linked in some way. Some may also say it was more symbolic than anything...
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    Which Girl?

    Depends on which Link we're talking about. OoT/ MM Link= Definitely Malon. Zelda, Saria and Ruto aren't real options due to story reasons, and I just think Malon has the quite, simple-but-strong type of personality that would suite Link after all he's been through. Plus, I just like the idea of...
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    Most Attractive Character in The Legend of Zelda

    I've always liked Malon... I guess I'm just into the simple, fun, laid-back, redheaded rancher girl type ;)
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    Discussion #015: Are All the Skull Kid's the Same?

    Well, offhand I'm pretty sure the skull kid from MM was the same one you meet in OoT and taught Saria's song to. I believe Skull Kid mentions this in the end of MM. Also in MM, we learn Skull Kid was friends with the four giants in Termina before they parted ways. So basically, it's fair to...
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    I Don't See the Big Deal About Ocarina of Time.

    As others have said, Ocarina of Time is regarded in such high esteem because it was a technical masterpiece for its time. It did a lot of things right during a pivotal time in the gaming industry, including: -Smooth transition from 2D to 3D -Great graphics -Solid narrative -Nearly flawless...
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    Favorite Ocarina of Time Dungeon

    Hmm... tough. Excluding the Water Temple, I honestly love all the adult dungeons. But if I had to pick one, I'd go with the Fire Temple. Really like the setting, mood, music (all verisons) and situation with freeing the Gorons (even though it really makes no sense when you think about it... have...
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