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  1. Nullatrum

    The Hylia Problem

    This is a theory extrapolated from the larger thread by Wolfess on Zelda Dungeon. Basically, the idea is that Hylia is a lesser goddess than the three golden goddesses but was tasked by man to watch after the Triforce. One big reason for this is the distinction in the Skyward Sword intro between...
  2. Nullatrum

    The Gap Between Dimensions - All Questions Answered

    Alright, so I've seen maybe a few threads on the topic here on any Zelda fansite/reddit but none that go into too much detail. I went ahead and created another theory video about the Gap Between Dimensions. It's so mysterious because it's only ever mentioned once. It's easy to say that...
  3. Nullatrum

    Ganondorf in Twilight Princess was not an example of poor writing, but instead a story element

    First and foremest is a bit of background for the YouTube audience. Assuming you know about Demise's reincarnation and the Split Timeline, then skip around to the "quote" in this post if you want to read still after watching. We already know a lot about Ganondorf, whose appearance takes place...
  4. Nullatrum

    Remember the old fansite, The Odyssey of Hyrule? We all thought we could get the Triforce in OoT.

    Video Series This fansite made by Video Gamer X, who has since disappeared from the planet, but looked at how to get the triforce in Ocarina of Time. There were tons of rumors within the first year of the game's release, and tons of stuff that's fun to read looking back. This ranges from the...
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