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  1. HatredHazard

    General Zelda What is Your Favorite Zelda Soundtrack?

    WindWaker's. I mean, just listen to the WW Symphonic Suite from the Symphony of the Goddess CD. It's one of the few things that have made me tear up with emotion other than sadness. And that suite doesn't even have all the best tracks in the game... I mean, like seriously, the WW OST is a...
  2. HatredHazard

    General Zelda Ghirahim - Was It a Poor Decision?

    I loved Ghirahim. I'll go so far as to say he's one of my favorite villains in the series. I loved his flamboyant, seductive personality, the way he "flirted" around with Link....Zelda villains are typically dark, in-the-shadows types, or they're all macho like Ganondorf, so it was refreshing to...
  3. HatredHazard

    General Zelda Would You Like More Romance in Future Titles of The Legend of Zelda?

    Eh, I don't know how I feel about Link getting really tied up romantically. I prefer to think of him as the solitary hero who's equally compassionate towards everyone, not just his love interest. I'm not against other characters being more romantically involved as long as it's not too try-hard.
  4. HatredHazard

    General Zelda What Do You Think of ZREO Shutting Down?

    I appreciated what they did, they just seemed like the epitome of "dedicated Zelda fan", and the reason for their departure is pretty sad (I mean, it must be so frustrating to work in music/film production and see everyone steal your work online for free, when they should be buying it. I can't...
  5. HatredHazard

    What is Your Least Favorite Anime?

    Death Note is the most overrated thing ever IMO...I liked L and that was about it.
  6. HatredHazard

    Any Adventure Time Fans?

    Woohoo! I started watching it recently, and it's really growing on me xD My fav's Marceline as well, she's just so cool. I have to admit, I was a little infatuated with Marshall Lee after the "Bad Little Boy" episode. My favorite episodes are probably the genderbending ones, but I've only...
  7. HatredHazard

    Any Adventure Time Fans?

    Hey all! Just wondering if anyone here watched Adventure Time. I know it's a kids' show but so are a lot of good stuff xD So, yeah? Anyone? If so, who's your favorite character, episode, pairing, etc etc
  8. HatredHazard

    Sherlock Holmes

    I've seen the BBC modern Sherlock (w/ Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman). It's my favorite interpretation of the title character, since it focuses a lot more on Sherlock's wits and downplays the action (always felt like Robert Downey Jr. was more about action). They also did a good job...
  9. HatredHazard

    What Kind of Story Do You Want in Zelda Wii U

    I'm hoping Zelda Wii U has a more mature story...I don't mean anything too deep and philosophical, but around anime level in terms of story depth, character development, character-character relationships and emotions, etc. I'd say most Zelda games are around classic Disney level in terms of...
  10. HatredHazard

    What Would You Like to Be Changed or Added in Wind Waker HD

    It would be awesome if we got orchestrated versions of all the original tracks because 1) WW's soundtrack was, IMO, the strongest of any Zelda game give or take OoT, and 2) the MIDI used in the GC version might feel just a bit outdated with slick HD graphics. Though I doubt this will happen. At...
  11. HatredHazard

    Spoiler Favourite Link "design"

    TP Link>SSBB Link IMO... Idk, SSBB Link looks too European with the very blonde hair and very white skin. TP Link has darker hair and (I think?) slightly darker skin. He's hot <3
  12. HatredHazard

    Favorite Animes

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Avatar: the Last Airbender (whether or not you consider the latter an anime, it's a must-see!)
  13. HatredHazard

    If You Could Live in a Book, TV Show, Movie or Video Game, Where?

    Definitely Pokemon. I haven't watched the show/played the games in forever, but think about it. When you're freaking ten years old you get a Pokemon license, you get to leave your parents and travel around on your own or with your besties. You catch and train Pokemon and they become your besties...
  14. HatredHazard

    General Zelda Too Focused on Being a Legend?

    I've never felt that the series' coherency has hurt it. It's there all right, but it doesn't do THAT much to affect each game's individual story. When I heard SS was going to be about Hyrule's origins, I thought it would explain a ton of the series' mythology, you know, contain vital "Zelda...
  15. HatredHazard

    General Zelda How Well Do You Know The Zelda Series?

    A two or a three. I need a quiet summer to play all the games I haven't played. I'm also trying to get the Hyrule Historia for one of my birthdays somewhere down the road... so that'll probably bump up my Zelda knowledge :)
  16. HatredHazard

    Skyward Sword What Music from Skyward Sword is Your Favorite?

    I didn't like SS's music at first because I felt like there weren't a ton of memorable songs, but after listening to stuff on Youtube, I began to realize that SS's soundtrack has a lot of gems to contribute to the glowing Zelda repretoire. Unfortunately, most of the really memorable melodies are...
  17. HatredHazard

    General Zelda Getting to Know The Villain

    Yes. Don't give us another TP Ganondorf, where the first time you meet him is in the final battle. Give us a villain that Link meets many times throughout his quest, so that we can get to know the villain better. Also, it would be more epic if Link had very personal connections with the villain...
  18. HatredHazard

    A Zelda Theme Park

    What if there was a theme park (like Disney Land, Univ. Studios) based off of the Zelda universe? What kind of rides, attractions, booths, stores, shows, etc would it have?
  19. HatredHazard

    General Zelda If The Lands Of Zelda Were Real, Where Would You Live?

    Skyloft -Similar to modern-day life -Bright, cheerful, lots of people, etc -BOARDING SCHOOL!!! Where you learn how to be a knight! Sign me up. -You drive Loftwings around instead of cars! -Imagine how fun it would be to jump off the edge of a floating island, feel the wind in your...
  20. HatredHazard

    General Zelda Which Zelda Title Has The Best Name?

    "Majora's Mask" because I dig alliterations. I would like "Skyward Sword" for the same reason as well but I can't help but associate it with the innuendo, which makes the name sound extremely unepic for no fault of its own :( But my favorite title is Twilight Princess because I felt like it...
  21. HatredHazard

    Spoiler Should It Be Ganondorf or Demise?

    Mehhh I really dislike either of them. I find them both really cliche in their motives, speaking, and appearances. I've seen tons of great villains...villains who creep the hell out of you, villains that go over-the-top in their wickedness, villains that are just confused and deranged because of...
  22. HatredHazard

    Game Help Which Game Should I Start With?

    So did you play twilight princess all the way through? If not, you should start with that. If twilight princess isn't your thing, try skyward sword on the wii. Stay away from the ds Zeldas; they're entertaining but considered to be the worst titles in the series. Ocarina of time and majora's...
  23. HatredHazard

    General Zelda Having More Bosses Outside of Dungeons?

    This is EXACTLY the kind of things I want to see in future installments, as a way to break up the ol' formula without shattering it to pieces. More non-dungeon bosses, more dungeon-esque puzzles in the overworld...essentially, more of a blending between the overworld and the dungeon. I've never...
  24. HatredHazard

    General Zelda With or Without the Lore?

    It's definitely more about each individual installment. Although, I think there's an aesthetic appeal to all the games being interwoven. It's not like Final Fantasy or Fire Emblem, where most of the games take place on completely different, unrelated universes (correct me if I'm wrong). And it's...
  25. HatredHazard

    Twilight Princess How Many Scents Did You Actually Use?

    I always followed the scent trail on the first run. Somehow, my mind didn't comprehend that you had the option of NOT using the scent trail.
  26. HatredHazard

    Skyward Sword Basic Ways Skyward Sword Could Have Been Improved

    -Remove treasure notices -Remove load time after you jump off of Skyloft and onto your bird (seriously depreciated the epicness) -Time of day/weather cycles both in the Sky and in the Surface worlds (the game was seriously lacking in atmosphere as a result of this "minor" negligence)...
  27. HatredHazard

    General Zelda Should There Be A Zelda Musical?

    I'd love to see a group of creative kids make a Zelda musical in their backyard or something and post it on Youtube. But as a professional show...the franchise itself isn't quite ready for that. Let's make a successful movie that somehow appeals to the mass audience and then let's consider a...
  28. HatredHazard

    General Zelda Bosses- Which is Better Okami or Zelda?

    I agree with Darkest Link. Maybe it was because I played the Wii version, but the combat in the game was really frustrating and not engaging at all, IMO. I had a lot of trouble with the brush as well, I would draw something and it would come out as something different.
  29. HatredHazard

    General Zelda The Ultimate World Of Zelda Quiz

    Sweet. Never gonna solve all of that though XD
  30. HatredHazard

    Weather Patterns in Zelda Games?

    Yes please! Weather changes gives the game an atmospheric edge. Its presence was one of WW's strong points; its absence was literally one of the most disappointing things in SS for me (they didn't even have time-of-day changes except for Skyloft night/day...took a lot of potential atmosphere...
  31. HatredHazard

    General Zelda Zelda Character(s) Deserving Of A Spin-Off

    A spin-off starring a common Bokolobin from the TP universe. He starts out pillaging villages along with the other bokos but rebels against King B. after falling in love with a beautiful human maiden, lol. I could also see Colin from TP as spin-off material, because he equips his own sword and...
  32. HatredHazard

    General Zelda In Regards to the Collector's Edition of HH on Craigslist...

    Haha, I like your logic. I always thought people like that were crafty and smart. Selling stuff on Craigslist is lucrative business, and it's not even illegal, so why not take advantage of it? All the other butthurt people can whine all they want.
  33. HatredHazard

    Smash Bros Brawl: Were the Final Smashes Implemented Well?

    I was fine with smash balls. When I wanted a more hardcore round, I'd just turn off all the items. On more casual rounds they were fun to chase after. Plus one of my biggest Brawl hypes before it was released were all the different final smashes, they just looked so kewl.
  34. HatredHazard

    General Zelda Should Zelda Be More Fantastical?

    You mean Zelda should focus on creating more breathtaking, quirky, imaginative environments/characters? Yeah, sure. I think the creativity level might've dropped a bit. None of the environments in SS struck me as being really different and out-of-the-box. I think a good example of a fantastical...
  35. HatredHazard

    General Zelda If You Could Pick One Zelda Item from the Whole Series to Own, What Item Would It Be?

    The ocarina of time, 'cause sometimes I just want to do things over again (song of time). I could also troll people with the song of storms, where I live we get maybe 10 rainy days a year.
  36. HatredHazard

    General Zelda What Does the Title "The Legend of Zelda" Mean to You?

    It means we need a Zelda game that will explain what Zelda (any incarnation) did to be deserving of such legendary fame. I thought SS would do it, I honestly thought Zelda would sacrafice her life to save whatever, and we would all tear up, and we'd be like, "So THATS why it's called the Legend...
  37. HatredHazard

    General Zelda Are Girls Supposed to Be Limited?

    Tetra, Impa (OoT and SS)...those two are the only female characters I can think of, at the moment, who we've seen engaged in combat or look like they could/would. The vast majority of girls in the series, Saria, Malon, SS Zelda, Ilia, are so kind and sweet and supportive, they look like they...
  38. HatredHazard

    General Zelda Link's Gender

    I love female action leads in general, they're still kind of new in our society so it feels more unique. I completely understand all the arguments against turning Link into a female, because that screws around with his iconic-ness. I don't know how I feel about it myself. So instead of a...
  39. HatredHazard

    General Zelda Ever Had a Crush/strong Emotional Attachment to a Zelda Character?

    I'm guessing a lot of people will say no because Zelda isn't that kind of game. But still, have you ever admired a Zelda character, and to what degree? Maybe just liked his/her design (not necessarily in a crush sort of way). The only character I've felt an emtional attachment towards was...
  40. HatredHazard

    General Zelda Which Recurring Zelda Character Should stop Returning?

    GANONDORF. Most cliche and unthreatening villain ever. And no Ganondorf-esque villains either; Demise was just Ganondorf with flaming hair. I'm sick of your speeches about taking over the world and blah. I'm very pro-SOMETHING NEW in futures Zelda titles, so I support all this female Link...
  41. HatredHazard

    Interesting Idea: Arbiter's Grouds Return

    Nice idea! In fact, I think a return to any iconic dungeon in general could work out very nicely. Of course we don't want to do the same puzzles all over again, so it would be in a different time period. Maybe it wouldn't be a dungeon at all. It would be a nice way to connect ZeldaU to another...
  42. HatredHazard

    I Don't Want Hyrule

    I completely support this. I don't know how happy I'll be if I see the same old Hyrule Castle again, the same Forest, Fire, Water, and Desert themes, etc. I was thinking it would be cool if we could see a new land based on an ancient Asian civilization. Go on and say Link and Zelda are white and...
  43. HatredHazard

    General Zelda Intricacy or Difficulty?

    I'd say difficulty. Challenge makes things more fun. I find timed challenges, when you're given just barely enough time to run away from a boss, complete a puzzle before the ceiling crushes you, etc to really test my gaming skills and be exhilarating at the same time. They never did anything...
  44. HatredHazard

    General Zelda Sparse or Cluttered Overworld?

    TP had what I would call a "sparse" overworld, the devs purposefully made SS more "cluttered" because they felt like there was too much open space in TP. I for one loved the open space, what the OP described as beautiful landscapes stretching out far as the land can see. Hyrule Field, the Gerudo...
  45. HatredHazard

    Link's Awakening Why is Link's Awakening So Underrated?

    I don't know, maybe because it was released between two of the most popular Zelda games, Alttp and OoT? But I agree, it deserves a lot more. LA and MM are my top 2 Zelda games storyline-wise, mostly because they're kind of the black sheep of the series; they don't feature Hyrule or princess...
  46. HatredHazard

    Twilight Princess Best Twighlight Princess Boss Fight.

    Lots of people complain that TP bosses were too generic gameplay-wise (sticking too closely with the formula). While I agree, they were still my favorite because they had such great presentations, they were enormous in scope, and in general the most exhilirating and memorable. The coolest for...
  47. HatredHazard

    General Zelda Unnecessary Zelda Installments

    ST and New Hyrule wouldn't be pointless if Nintendo extends upon it in future installments. We saw more technology in ST with the train, so perhaps New Hyrule will be more modern in the future. That could lead to a steampunk Hyrule (which I really want to see for whatever reason XD). Here's to...
  48. HatredHazard

    General Zelda Has Zelda Ever Made You Cry?

    Has playing a Zelda game, listening to Zelda music, etc ever inspired so much emotion that you cried: tears of joy, sadness, etc? If so, what particular moment? If not, has Zelda ever flooded you with emotion at all? I don't cry very easily, but the ending of TP did make me tear up. I know...
  49. HatredHazard

    General Zelda Is the Legend of Zelda Losing Steam?

    Great point. I think if Nintendo had just given the Wii the same graphics capabilities (HD) as xbox360 and ps3, things would've been VERY different. For one thing, people would have the option of playing 3rd party games like COD on the Wii, and both TP and SS probably would've had goregous...
  50. HatredHazard

    General Zelda Are You a Liberal or Conservative Zelda Fan?

    I'm not asking for your political views, lol. Looking around the threads I've noticed that some of us want Zelda to make major changes to the classic formula in upcoming titles; our biggest complaint of the former titles is that they haven't changed much from OoT's template. Others think that...
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