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    Visiting Other Regions?

    I would actually like to see them all... I haven't played all of the pokemon games, and only have a few of them. so if they could just wrap it all up in one game. that'd be nice. They could have Orre, Hoenn, Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, Almia, Unova, and those other regions in the Pokemon Ranger games...
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    January 8th: What Are You Hoping For?

    What if it's something completely different than what everyone would think...like, Nintendo saying their not making any more pokemon games. They never said it was a good announcement... I don't really think they'll say that, but it's a small possibility. :love: TheVampireSlaye
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    Okay, so I recently made my own challenge thing, and one of the things that are in the challenge is to get a different type starter from a different region AND use it in your team. So you would need, say a Tepig from Unova, a Mudkip from Hoenn, and a Bulbasaur from Kanto. However, in Heartgold...
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    Most Annoying Zelda Enemy?

    The most annoying are cuckoos, My scariest would be the wallmasters(Whatever those things are called) In Soviet Russia... :love: TheVampireSlaye
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    The Dark Trifoce

    I like the idea, but it would obviously need a better story. You're exploring one day. During the traveling, you find Ganondorf there . You fight him and find out what he's doing; He's trying to find a portal to the other realm. He tells you about the evil Triforce he accidentally...
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    Stupid Things You Did While Playing Pokemon.

    I used my brothers on a bidoof in Diamond.
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    What Is Your Signature Pokemon?

    My level 100 Deino (Kapuno), or my soon-to-be Charizard.
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    New to Pokemon! Help!

    You can only raise your pokemon's HP by leveling up by fighting other pokemon, or by using an item called "HP up". As for the bulbasaur, you can't find it naturally in the game, but I can breed one and trade it to you. For trading, Beat the first gym and get the C-Gear. Connect to the internet...
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    What Move Would You Create?

    I would call my move <censored>-slap, where you <censored>-slap a pokemon. and win. INSTANTLY :love: The VampireSlaye P.S. I know instantly is in caps.
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    Should They Add Double Type Moves?

    I think that they should. That's all, no reasoning or anything like that, just that I think they should. :love: TheVampireSlaye
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    Yes, O high Master. In time all will fall into place. I am sorry for disturbing my place as part of an eyeball.
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    Zelda 3DS Predictions (No Remake)

    I would think it's cool if they made one with ,like, an ancient portal thing. You could go between dimensions and things. Each time you, or someone else went through, something would change. And you could get Exclusive items and customize your Toolkit thingy... And go back and get the items from...
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    Not anything in particular, it's not necessarily for me. What ways? I'd like to know things like this. :love: TheVampireSlaye
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    I know, but I am doing a giveaway also. If they want to be kind enough to give me one in return theycan. :love: TheVampireSlaye 1. How did you get multiples? I can trade alot in the future, more when some events happen. But, I can trade.
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    I'm now doing a giveaway on pokemon Black and White. I don't have much, but comment and I'll reply if I have it or not. If you want to do a trade on this, then you can, within reason. I will only do fair(ish) trades. I will not trade a kyurem for a lillipup, or anything like that. If you want to...
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    Which Enemy Scares You the Most?

    <.< >.> I would say but they might start raping my head...
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    Zoras Evolving Into Rito: Explain It to Me!

    I thought Ooa and Oos didn't count as real zelda games anymore?
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    Does Raichu Suck?

    No pokemon are particularly terrible some just have better stats than others. My brother beat the mewtwo in silver and gold with a rattata, level one, so it doesn't really matter the stats so much more of movesets and items they're holding. While stats are important, in my opinion, emphasis on...
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    Could Happy Mask Sales Man Could Possibly Be Immortal?

    O.o 'm being completely honest, and no offense if you think I'm being mean or rude or anything. But I thought everyone knew that... I don't like mean he's a total god and everything just... kinda...a guy tht lives forever and make make organs appear out of nowhere... :love: TheVampireSlaye
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    NPC Who Should Get Their Own Game. (Does not Include Zelda, Ganondorf or Sheik)

    1.Tetra 2.Linebeck 3.the evil peeps(Bellum,Ghiraham,Majora Etc.) 4. THE DEKU TREE 5.KING ZORA Things in caps means it would*cough*should*cough* be the best ones:3 :love: TheVampireSlaye
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    Your Favorite Champion

    I approve and agree with WHY IS SHE THE CHAMPION?! WHY?!?!!! If there were a new champion in B/W2 Why not Drayden, Why Iris though?!? In my opinion I would choose Drayden or Chili/Cress/Cilan to be the champion. If it were up to me, I would make it to where you had to fight Chili, Cress, and...
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    If You Were a Gym Leader, What Would Be Your Specialty?

    :) You are so right, I would Choose Dark type, Dragon type, or Fighting type!
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    I though since she is a Sage, She could control how she looks. I also just referred to sages as god-like beings.God-like beings could control how they look. Just a thought. :love: TheVampireSlaye
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    Another Hero Shade Thought

    Speaking of Knight's Armor, In SS Link is trying to get to the rank of Knight. Whereas in ST you have to use the Knight's armor or clothes. Just a thought, but people, in my opinion, Do not bring ST or PH in forums like this very often...just think about it. :love: TheVampireSlaye
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    What Do You Want to See in Future Games ?

    The only thing I don't necessarily like about this list is number 2, 4, and 5 . With number two, I actually like the way they did in pokemon black and white.You can put as many as you want on it, and not just two.The thing with number four is, I wouldn't really like them to be...
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    Pokemon Trade?

    Well, actually I can trade it in either pokemon black, white, or heartgold, guess I should've written I had black and white....I must edit now!
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    Why Can't the Kokiri Children Leave the Deku Forest?

    I'm going to quote a "friend" of mine, but I will change some words around:It doesn't have to make sense for them not to leave, IT JUST DOESN'T.
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    Pokemon Trade?

    Hello, thank you for having the courtesy to wave your mouse over this post. Moving on, The reason I want people to at least respond to this forum thread is: I am, or rather was, looking for a Dratini. Sadly, I couldn't find one. I was hoping someone would reply to this post on this forum thread...
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    On December 21st 2012

    I so want to do that now.
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    Do You Stick With Your Starter?

    I would keep most of the starters as long as they get two types later on.exceptions: Snivy, Squirtle, The grass Hoenn starter, and almost all water types and fire types. :love: TheVampireSlaye
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    Catching Pokemon with Regular Poke Balls.

    I once Caught a Ho-oh in heart gold with a pokeball on my first try without it being damaged.:):nod:o.o:cooky:<3 pure luck. :love: TheVampireSlaye
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    I think the "fuss" about it was 1.I'ts ranked 000 in the pokedex meaning it's almost an unregistered pokemon 2. It's a rare legendary that you cant get without trading or an event. That's what I think, though, I'm not sure. :love:TheVampireSlaye
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    Your Favorite Pokemon?

    haha Mandi, Those are all high on my list of favorites! Along with the pikachu and alot of others on here. :love: TheVampireSlaye
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    Kyurem Theory

    What if Kyurem Is the original Dragon? I mean think about the place in Platinum.(I forgot what it was called.) It was all Twisted and Messed up, What if when they broke apart,They made a portal through time and space. Which the old kyurem could go through said portal to the time the portal was...
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    Your Favorite Pokemon?

    I like Shinx and Darkrai, They just seem different to me! :love: TheVampireSlaye
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    Your Favorite Pokemon?

    All cool pokemon Especially Ninetails, Espeon, Gallade, and gardevoir. They're definately high in my list. :love: TheVampireSlaye
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    Your Favorite Pokemon?

    What is your favorite pokemon.And Why? Do you use the pokemon often? What moves do you use for it? Answer or not. It's your choice. :love: TheVampireSlaye
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    Your Mom in the Game

    I HATE she spends my money on crap . all crap. i dont need, though it's nice to save money the calls are annoying though.
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    Breeding Problems

    yes, i've beaten the game...champion and such wise not pokedex wise (obviously).
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    Trading "Post"

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    Breeding Problems

    No. my game isn't screwed up, unless all of my other PKMN games were screwed up too.That's always happened!
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    Breeding Problems

    Thank you for your info about ditto.
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    What Was Your Best Pokemon Card As a Kid?

    I have a mew, and the five legendary birds including the "lati's".:)
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    Poll: Favorite Minor Character

    I didn't know beedle would be on their, how do you get all the stuff you get without Beedle?
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    Breeding Problems

    Okay, I want to delete this post so just don't go here.
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