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    OoT Sages

    Ocarina of Time Spoilers: So, as much as I like OoT, I've always been confused on how exactly the Sages were awakened. Specifically, what were the sages doing in the seven year gap? They clearly all haven't been in their respective temples the whole seven years, right? For example, Sheik...
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    Should There Be New Pokemon Types?

    There hasn't been a new Pokemon type since Generation II. Some may say it's high time for a couple of new Pokemon types could keep things fresh. It may also allow for a more diversity for new Pokemon. Similarly, some may say this isn't necessary, or even a bad idea. The two types added in...
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    New OoT Speedrun (23:29)

    Has anyone else seen this new speedrun for the original OoT? Ocarina of Time any% speedrun in 23:29 - YouTube Skip to about 15:30 for the really crazy part. It's amazing people are still discovering things about this game even today! :)
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