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  1. Hippppo

    Game Informer Impressions

    I agree with this quote. There was nothing new
  2. Hippppo

    Twilight Princess Do YOU Hate Twilight Princess??

    Good: -Harder enemies were so fun, it felt AMAZING to stick your sword into 4 darknuts and not die. -Dungeons were great -I thought that a big world was cool (more on this later) -Sidequests were fun Bad: -alot of weak enemys that you felt nothing for when you kiled -easy bosses...
  3. Hippppo

    Twilight Princess Lowest Amount of Life You Lost in the Last Room of the Cave of Ordeals

    Without magic armor, one time i took 2 1/2 harts, normally i take 3 harts and if I mess up realy bad/get unlucky I take 4, but not to many more than that. Edit: Lowest spelling fail. Is there a way to edit the title?
  4. Hippppo

    Double Claw Shots

    1)Hell no 2)Prolly not 3)Fire mode 2 - Hook shot 4) Whip, I can see some creative upgrades out of it.
  5. Hippppo

    Bridge to Termina

    I realy want to see termina. I would prefer to see other dimentions though, preferably one with no moon face. 72 hours breaks MM for me.
  6. Hippppo

    Ocarina of Time Vs. Wind Waker Vs. Twilight Princess

    'nuff said 30 caracters- I want to go to taco mania and get my tacos
  7. Hippppo

    Comparing TP to Past Titles.

    Its my favorite game, but i know now how easy it is. I took 4 harts of damage in the entire Cave of ordeals.
  8. Hippppo

    Comparing TP to Past Titles.

    Yah alot of the enemys just require the know how and patience.
  9. Hippppo

    Guaranteed Only Sword and Shield Combo?

    I think you flick the nunck to use the shield, if that answers your question.
  10. Hippppo

    Comparing TP to Past Titles.

    Thank you for responding I guess your righ. Do you think they should have increased the damage of all enemies in TP? Becaue they do do very minimal damage. Its like half the damage of Oot.
  11. Hippppo

    Comparing TP to Past Titles.

    I dont understand why so many people hate on aspects of Twilight Princess. Alot of the time people hate TP for things that past 3D titles (you cant compare 2D games to 3D games) didn't even accomplish. People hate on Tp for vacantcy! Oot was realy empty, exept for like a Phat or 2 and...
  12. Hippppo

    Guaranteed Only Sword and Shield Combo?

    Since Skyward sword involves the forging of the master sword i doubt that we will be getting a 2 handed sword or 2 daggars or somthing cool like that, just sword and shield, which made TP (as much as I love it.) a little bit repetitive. reply below
  13. Hippppo

    What Enemies Do You Want to Return in Skyward Sword?

    Yah wall masters are actualy a hard enemy. Also i agree with your sig ^_^
  14. Hippppo

    Skyward Sword: The Use of the Lyre.

    If they dont have day/night change i will eat a kitten
  15. Hippppo

    What Enemies Do You Want to Return in Skyward Sword?

    LIke giant spinny, deathyyy kind or friendly cudly TP kind? For sure, althought i think darknuts are just awsome and are pretty hard, i can take 8 harts of damage from four at a time if im rushing, probly less if im patient...... but i do have alot of expirience with zelda though...
  16. Hippppo

    Spoiler Twilight Princess or Wind Waker?

    I loved TP, it had some good items then a TON OF HORRIBLE items. Its AI was good, and a few enemies were actualy fun to kill (EI darknuts and the realy armored lizards) becaue the enemies attacked and you could attack them in many ways. I liked the TP over world but I wish there were more...
  17. Hippppo

    What Enemies Do You Want to Return in Skyward Sword?

    Hmm I guess it could work, but they werent as cool as darknuts. Darknuts had different attakc patterns, and moves like the shield bash and each one you respond to differently, wich makes it fun. Iron nuckles were the same every time. But that was on the N64, mabey Iron Nuckles if they were...
  18. Hippppo

    What Enemies Do You Want to Return in Skyward Sword?

    I want to see a darknut enemy, they were so perfect in TP, probly the hardest enemy in the game. They were harder than the sword fight with ganondorf and could attack in many ways. They could hit you with their shield, then you would have to roll away or if they try to slice you, you can back...
  19. Hippppo

    Swing Timers on Enemies.

    Have you guys noticed that alot of enemys have very slow swing timers, that give you alot of time to find their weak point? In a video i saw a skeleton had his swords up while link was right in his face for about 3 seconds, so it took the skeleton 3 seconds to realize link is right under his...
  20. Hippppo

    Poll: Favorite Race in Zelda

    Human and hylian are the same thing, but I voted shikas, just because they are interesting, just like zelda hunter said.
  21. Hippppo

    Favorite Ganon Battle

    I loved how the TP gannon battle felt, it was great. That said i just ran throught the ENTIRE Hyrule castle and gannon only losing 5 1/2 harts and 2 due to my very fail horse back battle.
  22. Hippppo

    Spoiler New Gameplay?

    Dang, I didnt look at the home page, only the fourms
  23. Hippppo

    Spoiler New Gameplay?

    http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6VFxG9yUQc&feature=feedu This shows a claw shot and a whole buch of other stuff, looks pretty ligit to me. Edit link is not working copy and past this URL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6VFxG9yUQc&feature=feedu Gameplay starts later into the vid BTW
  24. Hippppo

    Spoiler Big List of New Info from GoNintendo.

  25. Hippppo


    Vaati101 has a point, zelda does kinda get eated.
  26. Hippppo

    Skyward Sword DEFINITE Graphical Down-grade from Twilight Princess

    I dont think that is the best example, the character modles in TP were very good, but alot of the backround was just... meh
  27. Hippppo

    Twilight Princess Why Did Midna . . . ?

    I dont think that is out of the question you know thems nintendos.
  28. Hippppo

    Twilight Princess Twilight Princess-The Sequel

    Tp is my favorite game, im 100% and have compleated the cave of ordeals to the end twice, and I chalenged my self by not using recovery items during combat. That being said I would rather them use a different Link in a different part of the time line, expanding on the child timeline because I...
  29. Hippppo

    Twilight Princess Ball and Chain: Too Good?

    Like many have said its powerful, but only agains slower, or very very weak enemys.
  30. Hippppo

    Twilight Princess Was TP Ganon's Final Appearance?

    If i was getting the living S*** kicked out of me i would be giving it my all, I think that ganondork is just strait up weak... I cant remember a game he was realy hard to beat.
  31. Hippppo

    Do You Think Ganondorf Knows That Link's Best Tennis Weapon Isn't the Master Sword?

    I have always considered the fishing rod cheating... but it actualy makes to fight harder.... easy fight is easy :triforce:
  32. Hippppo

    New Skyward Sword Overworld Questions

    They have confirmed this, can we get a link or can you tell us a place to go to find this, because I have never seen that hinted.
  33. Hippppo

    New Skyward Sword Overworld Questions

    I would very much like to see that happen. I'm realy hoping that there will be a ground overworld, but Im not putting my bets on it, because I am pretty sure they would have a screen shot of it by now...
  34. Hippppo

    Skyward Sword DEFINITE Graphical Down-grade from Twilight Princess

    Please go watch some Total Biscut. He talks about graphix in games very well. To sum it up, Graphix is about textures and polycount, NOT art style.
  35. Hippppo

    Best Link of Them All

    I personaly think you over rated him, but I still think he is the 2nd best. My #1 is TP link, hes faster than OOT and MM link (Moving and rolling around the world) and knows crazy jump attacks and rolls. Also combat is faceroll in TP so hes either good with swords and shields, or enemys are...
  36. Hippppo

    Twilight Princess What's Your Most Annoying Thing in TP?

    WHO VOTED DARKNUTS! Darknuts were one of the best things in the game, they had great AI and were the most chalenging enemy. Tears were so bad. Darknuts=awsome Tears=epic fail
  37. Hippppo

    Twilight Princess Twilight Princess Why Do People Dislike It???

    I like TP, but mostly the enemys with good AI. Darknuts=much fun.
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