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  1. Link 2 the past

    General Classic Dungeons That Effect the Over World

    Other than the four in MM, can anyone think of other dungeons in the series where, when you complete them, something changes in the over world? Of course it’s common for you to be able to do new things after you complete a dungeon because you have a new item. But aside from MM, I can’t think...
  2. Link 2 the past

    Majora's Mask A Little Game We Can Play in MM

    Play the song of time to go to dawn of the first day. Go out into Termina field and start collecting rupees any way you want, as long as you don't leave Termina field, unless it is to go back into clock town. Once your wallet is full, go deposit them in the bank and make a note somewhere, then...
  3. Link 2 the past

    WW-Wii U 100% Run Help Needed

    I'm going to attempt to do a 100% run of WW. But could someone just clarify for me everything thing there is to get in the game, just some I can be sure it is truly a 100% run.
  4. Link 2 the past

    Twilight Princess 3 Heart Challenge Advice

    I've just started a 3 heart challenge and I'm finding it pretty easy so far (I'm in the Lakebed Temple currently). So does anyone have any advice on how I could make a little harder for myself. For example should I get the magic armor?
  5. Link 2 the past

    Twilight Princess The Room Where You Fight Morpheel is Rarther Odd

    First of all it's a huge circular room filled with water when you enter. Assuming Link is a normal sized human it looks to be about 40 meters in diameter and about 60 or 70 meters high. So there is a massive amount of water in this room. Yet when Link defeats Morpheel, he crashes into the...
  6. Link 2 the past

    Is "bombable" a Word?

    Of course it is use all the time when talking about Zelda. Meaning something that will be destroyed or damaged if you place a bomb next to it. Can you think of any other situation, other than Zelda games, where you would use the word “bombable”?
  7. Link 2 the past

    Are Side Quests and Mini Games Really About the Reward?

    Reading what Mases wrote on Tuesday, a couple of thing he said got me thinking: “Too many times in recent games such as TP, PH, or ST, I found myself entrenched into an interesting mini-game or a secret cave in the overworld, only to find that the end result is some lousy rupees or a random...
  8. Link 2 the past

    Is the Epona in This Game Related to OoT Epona?

    I found it interesting that you have Epona from the very start in this and not only that but you can name her whatever you want. That suggests to me that Link has had her since she was a foal. How can this be? Well maybe the Link in OoT and MM had a child and likewise for the Epona in...
  9. Link 2 the past

    Odd Similarity Between OoT and Star Wars

    Star Wars SPOILER ALERT Watching Return of the Jedi today. Well at the end when they are having the sort of party to celebrate the destruction of the death star and Luke see the ghost of his farther, it struck me that this is oddly similar to the ending to OoT. You know the bit on the end...
  10. Link 2 the past

    Where Nintendo Might Have Got the Mask Idea.

    I was watching the 1994 movie "The Mask" with Jim Carrey today. I was thinking that it was interesting how similar the idea in the film of becoming someone eles by putting a mask on, is to that in MM. Then I thought about how this film came out a good five years before MM. Five years seems just...
  11. Link 2 the past

    Will We See Tingle Again?

    He wasn't in TP or PH so you you think Nintendo have given up on him?
  12. Link 2 the past

    Hardest puzzle

    What is the hardest puzzle ever in a zelda game? Personally the status in TP you have to move to get into the sacred grove, took me forever. It's not like it's even a simple case of moving them up, down, left and right, you have to be on a square where you go in that direction. Or if not that...
  13. Link 2 the past

    Should Zelda have Voice Actors?

    I've found the lack of voices in the later game very distracting, also I'm lazy and don't enjoy reading pages and pages of text. But I think if they ever did add in voice acting, Link should remain mute. And maybe I've become so used to it not having voices, maybe it wouldn't seem like a Zelda...
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