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    Excited for the ZD Marathon?

    so pumped for this. It is going to be awsome, cant wait!
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    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Im going through some of the albums i havent listened to in my Itunes library. So i guess im listening to "Story of My Life" by Automatic Loveletter
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    Movies Vs Video Games

    Video games hands down. You are the ones who is controlling the character. You decide what you are going to do. Its way more immersive than watching a movie
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    My Theory on What Termina REALLY Is.

    damn dude i never thought of that. It makes a lot sense, especially the part with Kafei who gets turned into a child. I think i can speak for everyone and say MIND BLOWN
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    Do Big-Name Zelda Games Need the Master Sword?

    hmmmmm thats a really good question. Because all the great Zelda games have The Master Sword in them. But i think Nintendo should try something new for the next Zelda because the items are starting to get old.
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    Graphics Vs Gameplay

    I really dont care for graphics at all. Its like looks on a real person. If the games fun im going to enjoy it no matter what
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    Favourite First Level in a Video Game?

    Def Level 1-1 from the Original Super Mario Bros
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    Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven Vs. Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody

    HOw can you hate Queen? Its one of the best bands ever. Fredy Mercury is a Legend. Bohemian Rhapsody HANDS DOWN
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    Favourite Dungeon Music

    Earth temple hands down. Its always stuck in my head. DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DO DO
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    Favourite Skyward Sword Feature

    When you get all of you items stolen and you only see the bokoblins faces in your puch. I thought it was pretty funny
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    Hardest Enemy

    The Moblins because it took me like 2 playthroughs to figure out how to properly kill them
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    How Many Dungeons Should a Zelda Game Have?

    In my opinion, the more, the better. However they need to be unique dungeons and not be repetive so that the players dont get bored
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    What's Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    Ocarina of Time and Skyward sword. Top 2 games i have ever played... EVER
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    Super Mario Galaxy or Super Mario Sunshine?

    Im caught between the two of them. theyre both awsome games but i just cant determine a winner. Sushine and Galaxy are some of my favorite games of all time
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    Replaying Video Games

    it depends on the games. I mean i played so much zelda i basically know the games by heart. However if i would have to replay to Metroid for example, it would take me way more time because ive only beat it once and the game is already pretty hard. Sometimes i would replay the game on the harder...
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    What is Your Dream.

    My dream would be to be in a band and tour the world. I wouldnt even care for the fame i would just want to do what i love the most which play music
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    What Color Are Your Hair and Eyes?

    Brown hair and Brown eyes. Like a lot of other people
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    What Would You Like to See More of Out of Zelda Dungeon

    i wish they would fix all the non-completed walkthroughs such as OoS & OoA put images and what not
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    What's Your Favorite Cartoon?

    Family guy, Napoleon Dynamite, South Park. I used to love Dexter's Labatory when i was a kid
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    You know when You buy something, but don't use It?

    Most of the things i buy i use but with clothes its a little different. I could really like the shirt and buy and then wear it for a day or two and not wear it anymore
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    Favorite Soup

    My mamas soup! I have no idea how she makes it tho
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    Links Age in Ocarina of Time

    Young Link sould be around 11 years and Adult Link should be around 18
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    If You Could Be Any Zelda Character Who Would It Be?

    id be Link....obviously haha. He is the main character after all
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    If I Love the Zelda Series, What Other Video Games Would You Recommend?

    if you like Zelda you would probably like the Metroid Prime Trilogy. People consider it as a 1st person shooter but its really a 1st person action game. I gotta say i just beat the Trilogy and it was one of my best experience in gaming. Its challenging and so fun. Has all the core aspects of a...
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    Longest Gaming Session

    So i was wondering what was your longest non-stop gaming session. Mine was 8 hours long and was actually when i played Skyward Sword! I wanted to beat the game before the end of the weekend and i ended playing it until i finished it haha
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    LOL i still have at least 1000 YuGiOh card sitting in a drawer somewhere in my house. I tried selling some of them but nobody care about them anymore haha
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    Do You Play Any Insturments?

    I play drums... never took a single lesson in my life. I started with Rock band and then bought the real thing. Everyone says i could join a band and kill it hahah
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    Who's Your Celebrity Crush?

    omg theres so many out there but my top 3 is 1- Lights 2- Shenae Grimes 3- Natalie Portman
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    Facebook or Youtube?

    Facebook is everything now: Almost every youtube video i watch is linked to FB, i use it to chat with my friends. ITS A DRUG
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    Avengers Opinion

    best movie ive seen in two years! Heck its even my favorite superhero movie of all time!
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    Are You Going to Buy the Wii U?

    YES I WILL.....when i find the money to buy it...
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    What Gaming Console/Handheld Do You Own?

    3 xbox 360s PS3 (Collecting Dust) Wii 3DS
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    What if You Never Came Across Video Games?

    i would be impossible. everyone has played at least one video game in their lifetime but if i hadnt come accross any of them my life would be pretty boring. I dont what i would do with all this free time
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    Do You Like Pants?

    Id wear shorts over pants any day of the week! Im just 100x moe comfortable
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    What Kind Of Bellybutton Do You Have?

    innie bro.... fo shooooo haha but mine is shaped like a star haaah
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    Post Your Phobia!

    i dont know if there is a name for it but im scared of any kind of bugs. Spiders, bees, flies even ants! I just hate them
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    What Are the Fun Little Things You Do When You're Bored?

    PLay video games... DUH! haha but seriously i listen to some music, take naps, play drums or just chill outside on my porch
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    Too Old to Play Zelda?

    Anyone has the right to play any game they want. You cant be too old or too young for a video game. Every game can be fun or boring in all depends on the players POV.
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    Which Dungeon Did You Not Enjoy and Generally Hate?

    LoZ: Death Mountain (Confusing as hell) AoL: Great Palace (Hard as Hell) ALttP: Turtle Rock (Really Annoying) LA: Eagles Tower (Teadeous) OoT: Water Temple MM: Woodfall Temple (Just Boring) WW: Earth TEmple (Re deads haa) TP: City In The Sky PH: Ocean King
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    How Old Were You when You First Played Zelda?

    i think i was 5 or 6 years old
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    What Were the Last Three Games You 100% Completed?

    Assassins Creed 2, Metroid, Spirit Tracks
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    Best DS Games to Pick Up?

    geezz how many good games were on the DS, Zelda, Metroid, Star FOx, Animal Crossing, Castlevania, Mario 64, New MArio Bros, All the Pokemon games!
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    Favorite Band?

    Bon Jovi. Ive listened to this band my entire life mostly because my father loves it but it is really good
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    Your "Facepalm" Moments in Video Games

    when i played Metroid Prime 2 for the 1st time. Had to activate a switch for a cannon and it took me at least 20 mins to find out it was right in front of me the whole time hahaha
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    Favorite Non-Zelda Game

    damn there are a lot of games beside zelda that are awsome! Im currently playing throught the Metroid franchise but my favorite non zleda games would be the Resident Evil franchise, Mario franchise, and Assassin's Creed franchise
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    I Don't See the Big Deal About Ocarina of Time.

    Ocarina of Time is a big deal for many Zelda fans because it was the 1st Zelda game to make the jump from 2D to 3D. It was revolutionnary back then. Also this game has a nostalgic factor for many gamers because it was one of the 1st games they ever played. I mean when your 1st game is THAT GOOD...
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    What Legend of Zelda Game Had The Best Soundtrack?

    Definately Skyward Sword! The songs just get stuck inside your head and just make the overall experience a lot better
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    The Legend of Zelda What Zelda Game Was Your First?

    mine was probably OoT or ALttP i cant quite remember but i know i couldnt get passed the 1st levels in both of those games haha
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    Can You Beat Skyward Sword Without a Shield?

    yes its possible! i havent tried it but it doesnt look all that hard
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    Is Skyward Sword the Most Challenging Zelda Yet?

    They are exagerating way too much! It is definatly ot the most challenging game yet. I only died 6 times during my 1st playthrough of SS (3 deaths due to Demise) and I died 123 times during my 1st playthrough of ALttP. SS is one of the easiest in the franchise IMO.
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