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  1. Hippppo

    Twilight Princess Lowest Amount of Life You Lost in the Last Room of the Cave of Ordeals

    Without magic armor, one time i took 2 1/2 harts, normally i take 3 harts and if I mess up realy bad/get unlucky I take 4, but not to many more than that. Edit: Lowest spelling fail. Is there a way to edit the title?
  2. Hippppo

    Comparing TP to Past Titles.

    I dont understand why so many people hate on aspects of Twilight Princess. Alot of the time people hate TP for things that past 3D titles (you cant compare 2D games to 3D games) didn't even accomplish. People hate on Tp for vacantcy! Oot was realy empty, exept for like a Phat or 2 and...
  3. Hippppo

    Guaranteed Only Sword and Shield Combo?

    Since Skyward sword involves the forging of the master sword i doubt that we will be getting a 2 handed sword or 2 daggars or somthing cool like that, just sword and shield, which made TP (as much as I love it.) a little bit repetitive. reply below
  4. Hippppo

    What Enemies Do You Want to Return in Skyward Sword?

    I want to see a darknut enemy, they were so perfect in TP, probly the hardest enemy in the game. They were harder than the sword fight with ganondorf and could attack in many ways. They could hit you with their shield, then you would have to roll away or if they try to slice you, you can back...
  5. Hippppo

    Swing Timers on Enemies.

    Have you guys noticed that alot of enemys have very slow swing timers, that give you alot of time to find their weak point? In a video i saw a skeleton had his swords up while link was right in his face for about 3 seconds, so it took the skeleton 3 seconds to realize link is right under his...
  6. Hippppo

    Spoiler New Gameplay?

    http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6VFxG9yUQc&feature=feedu This shows a claw shot and a whole buch of other stuff, looks pretty ligit to me. Edit link is not working copy and past this URL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6VFxG9yUQc&feature=feedu Gameplay starts later into the vid BTW
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