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  1. ~SkullKid~

    Did You Think That Zelda's Lullaby Was in Walking Dead?

    Did anyone else think that the Governor's whistling sounded like Zelda's Lullaby? I know it wasn't but it was funny how similar it sounded to Zelda's Lullaby.
  2. ~SkullKid~

    What is It About Zelda That Makes You Like It?

    What makes me like Zelda is the Story and the dugeon solving. It has an amazing story and great gameplay that you wont want to put the controller down.
  3. ~SkullKid~

    What Do You Like About Your Favorite Zelda Character?

    What is it about you favorite character that makes it your favorite. My Favorite Character is Zant from Twilight Princess because of how cool he was and how mysterious he looks, kinda reminds me of me.
  4. ~SkullKid~

    Zelda Art Link's Path

    I drew this last year so it's not my best but it's decent
  5. ~SkullKid~

    What is Your Favorite Zelda Partner?

    My favorite Zelda Partner is probaly Midna because she was funny and always fooled around with Link in his wolf form. Who is your favorite?
  6. ~SkullKid~

    Would You Like TP if It Was in WW Graphics?

    I remember hearing TP was suppose to have the graphics of WW, so I wonder if I would still like TP. I decided that I would still like it because games are games and graphics shouldn't madder. Yeah I still prefer the graphics TP has now but it still would be the same game.
  7. ~SkullKid~

    WW-Wii U Why Do Some People Hate Wind Waker Because of the Graphics?

    That seems to be a big thing about games today, people judge them on graphics and not the game play. This is a big disadvantage because people can miss out on a really fun and cool game. I actually like the cartoon style of Wind Waker, it gives you a whole new feel of Zelda. Do you agree or do...
  8. ~SkullKid~

    Spoiler WW: Did You Think That Puppet Ganon Was Hard?

    I'm not sure if this is Spoiler but just in case. Everyone of my friends say that Puppet Ganon was hard but I beat him without dying. I think it was all easy until that last hit where he kept going in circles, other then that it was easy. What do you think?
  9. ~SkullKid~

    Do You Want Dark Link to Appear in SS?

    I think it would be cool if he appeared. He will follow your sword movements and will be a hard enemy to beat.
  10. ~SkullKid~

    How Long Do You Think It Will Take for You to Beat SS?

    Im thinking since its around 90 hours of gameplay it might take me a month or 2. I played the demo and the dungeon was hard to figure out. I was starting to get a lead on it but the time ran out. But yea the longer it takes the more fun right.
  11. ~SkullKid~

    Whats Your Favorite Memory of Zelda?

    My favorite memory of Zelda was when I was playing OoT and I really wasn't in to Zelda I just messed around because I didnt know what to do after the deku tree. Then my Sisters BF came and took the controller and helped me haha I had a blast with him. But then they broke up before we beat it and...
  12. ~SkullKid~

    What is Your Favorite Zelda Boss and Mini Boss?

    My favorite boss is the final fight with Ganondorf in TP because it was very epic having a sword fight. My favorite Mini Boss is Dark Link from OoT because I like the epic illusion you fight on.:)
  13. ~SkullKid~

    General Classic Do You Think That They Will Make All of the Classic Zelda Games for 3ds?

    I think that they will make them for the 3ds eshop they already have Links Awakening and their making Four Swords
  14. ~SkullKid~

    Ocarina of Time Whats Your Favorite Ocarina Warp Song?

    Mines the Sernade of Water I just like the way it sounds.
  15. ~SkullKid~

    Are They Gonna Stop Making Zelda Games?

    Idk if they are but I remember my friend told me that they were going to stop making new ones after Skyward Sword:(
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