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  1. Braivety

    Ocarina of Time Does OoT Suck? Sequilitis Discussion

    For those of you who don't know, Egoraptor is a Youtuber that animates, does Game Grumps, and occasionally other stuff like Sequilitis, which discusses games and their sequals and why they suck or why they were awesome, etc. Recently he did a video on A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time, and...
  2. Braivety

    General Art Braivety's Drawings

    It's the return of Ryoga! Except I'm Braivety now o3o But whatever I'm back, it's been like a year I think and I wanted to make a new thread, except I'll probably only be posting Digital art since that's what I do now. Also, I'm gonna try to post more often then I did. SO YEAH. Here's a pic of...
  3. Braivety

    Tad Tones Are Zoras?

    Just to let everyone know, there might be a small spoiler in here, but I don't think I did. So, I was watching LavaAnon play Majora's Mask, and he was collecting the eggs for Lulu and to get the New Wave Bosa Nova. When the eggs hatched and made the song, I thought, wow, those look a lot...
  4. Braivety


    Ok, so this is for Pokemon Emerald. What are your accomplishments in Emerald version? How many badges do you have, have you beaten the Elite 4? How may symbols do you have? How many Pokemon do you own? How many stars do you have on your trainer card? Stuff like that. Just leave your answers in...
  5. Braivety

    The Legend of Zelda Origin of the Goddesses Discussion

    This is for discusion on Origin of the Goddesses. I was thinking, we could have the 3 pearls of Nayru, Din, and Farore.
  6. Braivety

    Do You Think This Girl Has Ghirahim's Haircut?

    This is my friend Jamie. Me and my friends all think she has Demon-Lord Ghirahim's Haircut. But she disagrees. Tell me what you think! You probably can't see cuz it's so small but just click on it
  7. Braivety

    The Legend of Zelda Origins of the Goddesses

    Link walks over to an apple tree. Picks an apple. Link:Here's a good one. Puts apple in basket. to sign up,just send me a message. Treat this roleplay as a real Zelda game, and we're telling the story.
  8. Braivety

    Spoiler Multiplayer Zelda

    OK. So I was thinking. Me and my friend are always going on about how we are both better at Zelda than the other. We wanted to prove it to one another, but just ''who can beat Skyward Sword faster'' isn't an accurate way to decide. So then, I thought, what if there was a Zelda game or an ad-on...
  9. Braivety

    General Art Ryoga's Awesomely Cool Art

    Just Link.:):(:):(:):(:):(:):(:):(:):(:):):):):):):):):):):) I drew Dry Link. It's like Dry Bowser but Link. Is cool. If it dosen't show up, and it just shows the file above, then I don't know how to do this..... I drew Dry Link. It's like Dry Bowser but Link. Is cool. If it dosen't show up...
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