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  1. Alex

    The Wind Waker Wind Waker Hacks?

    Just downloaded Wind Waker to PC cuse i thought it'd be fun to download some hacks and glitches like infinite hover, moon jump, etc and stuff, anyone know where i can download hacks in general to Wind waker on PC?
  2. Alex

    NPC Game - Zelda!

    Comment below a NPC from TLoZ Series, it can be from any game! NOTE: You're not supposed to post the same NPC as someone else has already said. Ima start off with Makar from the Wind Waker!
  3. Alex

    Twilight Princess Would You Like to See a TP 2?

    So this is something i've thinked about a while and i was wondering what you're thoughts were. Would you like to see a Twilight Princess 2? SPOILER ALERT So basicly at the end of Twilight Princess you talk to midna for the last time and then she destroys the Mirror right? So what i was...
  4. Alex

    Make a Loz Collection Video!

    Hey guys! So i thought it would be nice to see everyones Zelda collections! This could be the Zelda historia book, characters, or the video games! I'll be editing this thread tomorrow and add in a video of my own Collection!:) NOTE: You can also just post pictures if you don't want to make a...
  5. Alex

    The Shop!:)

    So i just found out about the Shops here on the Forums and wow... This forum is so amazing, i'd rate it 10/10. It has so much achievements you can unlock and so much motivation! Great job to the Community. :)
  6. Alex

    Zelda Piano Covers!

    Hey guys, i've started lately with making Piano Covers on YouTube and mostly i've done Zelda songs so far, feel free to check some i've done so far :) Ocarina of Time Opening Theme: Ocarina of Time Opening Theme Piano Cover! - YouTube Grandma's Theme (TWW): Wind Waker Grandma's Theme Piano...
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