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  1. ~SkullKid~

    A Link Between Worlds Did You Use the Pins and For What?

    I used the pins to mark Heart Pieces. It really helped because usually I would just forget where the piece was.
  2. ~SkullKid~

    Did You Think That Zelda's Lullaby Was in Walking Dead?

    Did anyone else think that the Governor's whistling sounded like Zelda's Lullaby? I know it wasn't but it was funny how similar it sounded to Zelda's Lullaby.
  3. ~SkullKid~

    Who Are Your 5 Favorite Video Game Characters?

    1. Ezio 2. Altair 3.Connor 4. Leon 5. Link
  4. ~SkullKid~

    Skull Kid

    They could be the same. In fact I bet they are.
  5. ~SkullKid~

    What Was Your First Zelda?

    The first Zelda game I ever played was TP. I didn't even know how to swing my sword.
  6. ~SkullKid~

    Twilight Princess Realistic Graphics Mistake [NOT HD]?

    Yes, TP would look amazing with the HD Graphics.
  7. ~SkullKid~

    Zelda Game You Really Didn't Enjoy

    I didn't enjoy the Minish Cap. I just didn't think it was all that fun.
  8. ~SkullKid~

    Which Seemingly Easy LoZ Boss Do You Think is Actually Quite Difficult?

    I too has had trouble with Volvagia.
  9. ~SkullKid~

    Should the Wii Get a Second Zelda Game?

    No, I want to experience a new feel to a Zelda game.
  10. ~SkullKid~

    Majora's Mask I Never Have Trouble with the Collectors Edition Disc.

    My disc doesn't work. It is the disc because it doesn't work at my friends.
  11. ~SkullKid~

    Which Zelda Game Are You Currently Working On? 100% or Not 100%?

    OoT and TP. I wonder which one I'll beat first
  12. ~SkullKid~

    What is Your Favorite Zelda Boss?

    I would say the very final battle with Ganondorf in TP. It was epic and I enjoyed it. I also beat it on my first try.
  13. ~SkullKid~

    WW-Wii U Wii U Wind Waker?

    It's probally gonna be another game like WW. Such as PH and ST.
  14. ~SkullKid~

    Toon Link, Adult Link, Kid Link, or Adolescent Link

    I like Adult Link. He's more mature and he looks great.
  15. ~SkullKid~

    Love It Or Leave It: Twilight Princess

    I love TP. Its the first Zelda game I ever played and it was really fun.
  16. ~SkullKid~

    OoT-N64 Can the Biggoron Sword Break?

    Only the Giants Knife can brake
  17. ~SkullKid~

    Longest Gaming Session

    18 Hours playing Skyrim when I first got it
  18. ~SkullKid~

    How Many Dungeons Should a Zelda Game Have?

    I think 8 is the perfect number of dungeons.
  19. ~SkullKid~

    Skyward Sword V Skyrim

    Their both really great but I like Skyrim better because you could do whatever you want and it's almost like real life (Stealing, going to jail, etc). Don't get me wrong though, Skyward Sword is a really great game.
  20. ~SkullKid~

    Tunic Link

    I like the Blue Tunic Link. It looks great on him plus you can breath under water with it.
  21. ~SkullKid~

    Favourite Character Sounds

    I liked when Midna talked.
  22. ~SkullKid~

    Kakariko Village?

    I like the TP version. So many memories.
  23. ~SkullKid~

    What Was the Creepiest Moment in Any Zelda Game?

    Almost everything in MM. Especially turning into a deku.
  24. ~SkullKid~

    Who Also Noticed That There is No Magic Meter in the New Legend of Zelda Games!

    Wow, I just realized that. I hope they bring it back in Zelda 3DS
  25. ~SkullKid~

    Best Opening to a Zelda Game

    I liked the MM opening because it was cool and funny with Majora and all.
  26. ~SkullKid~

    Favorite Ocarina Songs?

    All the Warp songs from OoT...ah the memories I get when I hear them.
  27. ~SkullKid~

    Which Console Do You Think Had the Best Zelda Games on It.

    I vote for the n64 because OoT and MM were on it and they were fun games.
  28. ~SkullKid~

    Top 5's

    Characters -Zant -Majora -Link -Ganondorf -Groose Dungeons -Temple of Time -Dragon Roost Cavern -Water Temple (OoT) -City in the Sky -Earth Temple (Skyward Sword) Games -TP -MM -WW -OoT -SS Weapons -Hookshot -Bow and Arrow -Gale Boomerang -Ball and Chain -Bombs
  29. ~SkullKid~

    Blond Link Or Dark Haired Link?

    I like the Dirty Blonde Link from TP, I don't know why just something about it makes him look better.
  30. ~SkullKid~

    Twilight Princess Best Dungeon In Twilight Princess

    I Liked the Temple of Time. It was cool and was a great dungeon.
  31. ~SkullKid~

    What is It About Zelda That Makes You Like It?

    What makes me like Zelda is the Story and the dugeon solving. It has an amazing story and great gameplay that you wont want to put the controller down.
  32. ~SkullKid~

    Jello or Yogurt?

    I like both because their both really good.
  33. ~SkullKid~

    How Old Were You when You First Played Zelda?

    I was nine years old and I played Twilight Princess on Christmas of 2006
  34. ~SkullKid~

    OoT-N64 Fire Temple

    That music always creeps me out when playing in the fire temple.
  35. ~SkullKid~

    Twilight Princess Ordon Vs. Master Sword

    Thanks for the Idea of playing the game with just the ordan sword. I will do that next time I play it.
  36. ~SkullKid~

    Twilight Princess What Was the "Worst" Part About TP?

    I Really liked the game. It is my favorite Zelda game of all time. Oh and why is the difficulty an option, it wasn't hard or easy it was just perfect.
  37. ~SkullKid~

    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    I have a replica of the Master sword from OoT. (Real Sword)
  38. ~SkullKid~

    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    I really didn't like Minish cap. I just didn't have fun playing it and got bored real easy. Oh and same with Spirit Tracks, just really boring to me.
  39. ~SkullKid~

    The Legend of Zelda What Zelda Game Was Your First?

    Twilight Princess. I remember trying to figure out how to get my sword out and how to jump haha.
  40. ~SkullKid~

    Most Hated Enemy in Zelda

    Yeah, I really hated the wallmasters since they take you back to the start of the Dungeon.
  41. ~SkullKid~

    Twilight Princess Do You Consider TP a Gamecube or a Wii Game?

    I never tried it on the Gamecube before so im gonna pick the wii and it was the game that got me into Zelda.
  42. ~SkullKid~

    Who Would You Pick? Main Villains

    Zant, Majora, and Ganondorf from TP. They would make an awsome team.
  43. ~SkullKid~

    Twilight Princess Which Item from TP Would You Want in Real Life?

    Definetly the Double Clawshot that would be awsome hooking on to one thing then to the other.
  44. ~SkullKid~

    May Giveaway Contest: Most Anticipated Game of 2012

    My most anticipated game of 2012 is Assassin's Creed III. I am a big fan of the Assassin's Creed Series and ACIII looks really interesting and fun.
  45. ~SkullKid~

    Zelda Art Link's Path

    Thank you, as I said before I drew this last year I draw much better than this. I will post my better ones later.
  46. ~SkullKid~

    What Do You Like About Your Favorite Zelda Character?

    What is it about you favorite character that makes it your favorite. My Favorite Character is Zant from Twilight Princess because of how cool he was and how mysterious he looks, kinda reminds me of me.
  47. ~SkullKid~

    Zelda Art Zelda Art Work

    Nice, your first one reminds me of a Link I drew
  48. ~SkullKid~

    Zelda Art Link's Path

    I drew this last year so it's not my best but it's decent
  49. ~SkullKid~

    Who is Your Favorite Link?

    TP Link. I think that it is the most realistic looking Link so far.
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