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  1. winterbbytumblr

    The Problem With No Specific Dungeon Order

    Your point is completely valid. I'm not sure how they could manage to have a game get progressively harder, which I personally would prefer, when there is no set order to the dungeons.
  2. winterbbytumblr

    Does Anyone else Want a 50+ Hour Game?

    I would like a 50+ hour game as long as the content is solid content throughout all 50+ hours. If its just going to be a waste of time or pointless side quests (don't get me wrong, i love side quests, just not boring/lackluster ones.) If the creators can manage to create a wonderful game and...
  3. winterbbytumblr

    General Zelda Popular Dungeons You Dislike

    Stone tower temple from Majora's Mask was one I really, really disliked. Not sure why, but it sticks out in my memory. Another is the Shadow Temple from Ocarina of Time. It was too linear for my liking. Finally, I'm not sure if this is a popular one people like, but Lanayru Mining Facility...
  4. winterbbytumblr

    General Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 46!

    Just Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time, only ones I could do.
  5. winterbbytumblr

    General Zelda What Characters Could Quailify As a Possible Hero?

    Sheik. Or that Pippit guy from Skyward Sword, he seemed like he could do the job. Or Groose, that'd be cool.
  6. winterbbytumblr

    General Zelda Your First Impression on the Zelda Series?

    My first game was Wind Waker, and all I could think, from then on, from that game to every game I have played since, was "man, I wish this was my life." I was so incredibly impressed by the idea of the game, and so fascinated with Link and his adventures. I just hoped some day I would get to...
  7. winterbbytumblr

    General Zelda Dungeons in Quantity or in Size?

    I'd rather have 6 or 7 good length, not too short but not too long, challenging dungeons. That is my idea of a perfect dungeon concept.
  8. winterbbytumblr

    General Zelda Best Soundtrack

    Skyward Sword takes it for me! I loved how the whole soundtrack was orchestrated- It was just BEAUTIFUL!!! I wish that i could download every song onto my iPhone, but i'm not sure if I could. Other than SS, Wind Waker has some of the best songs too! Not necessarily the songs played on the actual...
  9. winterbbytumblr

    General Zelda What Has Happened To the Trading Sequence?

    In WW I believe you actually get the magic armor from the man who works at the shop in Windfall Island, which I did find to be pretty rewarding for the final battle. And also, I really would like to see them make a come back! Maybe not timed like OOT because then it is just a fetch quest, but...
  10. winterbbytumblr

    General Zelda What Music from Any Zelda Game is Your Favorite?

    Almost all of the music from Skyward Sword, I loved that it was orchestrated. Zelda's Lullaby in specific is my favorite. I also enjoyed the Wind God's Aria, and Earth God's Lyric from Wind Waker, along with the Dragon Roost Island theme, and Molgera's theme. Along with many other songs, of...
  11. winterbbytumblr

    Zelda Boss Ideas for Zelda Wii U

    I want to see bosses that progressively use all of the elements from the game. Say in the first dungeon, it is a fire dungeon, so the boss for that dungeon uses fire elements and the weapon you got in that dungeon. Say in the third dungeons you've done the fire, ice, and water dungeons, so the...
  12. winterbbytumblr

    General Zelda LOZ Monster: Like Likes

    My theory is that they are a misnomer, something named the exact opposite of what it really is. It's called a "Like Like" because no one likes them, they are actually very disliked.
  13. winterbbytumblr

    A Link Between Worlds Dungeon Themes You Would Like To See In Zelda 3DS

  14. winterbbytumblr

    Top 5 Zelda Overworlds

    5. Minish Cap- i felt it was worth exploring 4. Ocarina of Time- it was really fun discovering new things 3. Majoras Mask- it was so much fun going back through all the places multiple times 2. Skyward Sword- If i got bored when playing it I would always just go to the different islands or...
  15. winterbbytumblr

    Biggest Badass In Skyward Sword

    I'm gonna say Demise, seeing as how he is the creator of all evil Link beholds in his multiple lives..
  16. winterbbytumblr

    Ocarina of Time The Mysterious Cow

    Play her a tune your animal seems to like and in return she will aid you in your journey. that is all.
  17. winterbbytumblr

    General Modern Favorite/Least Favorite Zelda Boss

    Demise, Koloktos, Stallord, Argorok, Ghirahim, and Molgera. Honestly, I can't say one of them is better than the other.
  18. winterbbytumblr

    Majora's Mask Just Watched BEN Creepy Pasta...

    I didn't get creeped out by it.. but I thought it was very creative and entertaining.
  19. winterbbytumblr

    Stupid Things You Did? (in Zelda Games)

    I spent hours in Wind Waker trying to get the seagull to fly farther and to other islands.. i tried taking different routes and flying faster. I never realized the game just wouldn't allow you to go to different islands until a few years ago..
  20. winterbbytumblr

    Ocarina of Time Give Up on It or Keep Going?

    It is actually a very fun game! However, i'm sure it won't be your favorite. The reason most people consider it there favorite or "the best" zelda game, is because at it's time, it was the best game ever created. Now, things have moved on and gotten better and the game is nothing more than...
  21. winterbbytumblr

    Who's Preordered Hyrule Historia?

    I NEED IT :) I'm ordering it as soon as my new debit card comes in the mail.
  22. winterbbytumblr

    Which Zelda Game Has the Worst Bosses

    Twilight Princess or Legend of Zelda. They were both too simple, but i'll give TP the upper hand because of it's amazing boss fights with Argorok, Morpheel, and Stallord.
  23. winterbbytumblr

    Which Game is the Most Over-rated?

    Honestly, I think Ocarina of Time is the most overrated. Don't get me wrong it is an amazing, revolutionary game, however, while people still consider it the best zelda game of all time and say nothing will ever compare to it, is quite silly. It was the best game of its time and remained so for...
  24. winterbbytumblr

    Favorite/Least favorite Dungeon

    My favorite dungeon is either the Forest Temple from Ocarina of Time, Ancient Cistern from Skyward Sword or Wind Temple from Wind Waker. My least favorite dungeon is probably City in the Sky from Twilight Princess or Lanayru Mining Facility from Skyward Sword.
  25. winterbbytumblr

    What Manga Are You Reading?

    I'm watching death note. Actually, this is my 16th time watching it..
  26. winterbbytumblr

    The Definitive Zelda Game

    Ocarina of Time is definitely the most definitive Zelda game. Skyward Sword & Wind Waker are my favorites, but I can say that OOT is certainly the most definitive.
  27. winterbbytumblr

    Poll: Should There Be a 'Zelda Day'

    i would love the idea of a day dedicated to Zelda, however national holidays are usually only created if it is for an event that has influenced a large percentage of the world. Yes, many, many people play Zelda, and it has made our lives wonderful, but it isn't something the government would...
  28. winterbbytumblr

    Why All the Hate for Skyward Sword's Bokoblins?

    A lot of people don't dislike the bokoblins themselves, just the lack of many other enemy types. I personally felt the Bokoblins were, not difficult but not easy. I took damage from the ones with the electric sword fairly often, and I considered myself great at the game. Another thing I could...
  29. winterbbytumblr

    Poll: Who Would You Think Would Win a Fight?

    1. Curiosity shop man. 2. Link, obviousy.. 3. Sakon. 4. Ganondorf. The Zora's don't have the Master Sword, which is the blade of evil's bane..
  30. winterbbytumblr

    Link's Arrows.

    Light Arrows & Ice arrows from Wind Waker are my two favorites. :)
  31. winterbbytumblr

    Does Zelda Really Need Music?

    Music is one of the major parts of the Zelda series.. of course it needs it.
  32. winterbbytumblr

    When You Die, What Game Would You Choose to Live In?

    I would live in Wind Waker for sure! Not a single doubt in my mind. I love the water, and i love the laid back atmosphere of the game.
  33. winterbbytumblr

    How Long Do You Think the Zelda Franchise Will Go on For?

    As long as nintendo continues producing high quality zelda games and doesn't slack off, I don't see the series ending for quite awhile! And by that I mean in our lifetime. It will continue for a very long time..
  34. winterbbytumblr

    Game Help Majoras Mask Great Bay Temple

    okay thanks guys! Can't believe I missed that hehe.
  35. winterbbytumblr

    Game Help Majoras Mask Great Bay Temple

    I am playing through MM again, and this time when I got to the room with the boss door, i turned the last green lever, like I am supposed to, but it didn't trigger the water pump elevator thing to work, therefore I cannot reach the boss room, amd complete the game. How do I fix this, why has it...
  36. winterbbytumblr

    Zelda Generations?

    It sounds like a little too much, it would be too overwhelming and tedious.. a little over the top.
  37. winterbbytumblr

    Ocarina of Time >>> Wind Waker

    It is confirmed that the zora turned into the rito. and the gorons are the traveling merchants.
  38. winterbbytumblr

    Spoiler Which Incarnations of Link and Zelda Are You Favorite?

    SS are my favorite Link and Zelda incarnations! :) And then 2nd place is WW. and 3rd is OOT. :)
  39. winterbbytumblr

    OoT-N64 Best Ocarina of Time Screenshots.

    This is probably one of my favorite screenshots. Along with this, just because it looks so cool.
  40. winterbbytumblr

    Spoiler The Buildings After the Story

    Hyrule, (HY)lia was the (RULE)r of the kingdom.. so yeah, they probably called it Hyrule because of Hylia being the ruler.. I don't know why I felt that needed to be said.. but I did. And it was confirmed in Hyrule Historia that your first theory is correct. As for the isle of songs being...
  41. winterbbytumblr

    Spoiler What Makes Ghirahim So Popular?

    Because, he's fabulous.. No, it's because he's the first flamboyant villain we've ever gotten out of the Zelda series. He's definitely the strangest and people aren't going to NOT talk about something strange. Its the way the world works, anything out of the ordinary is a huge deal and should...
  42. winterbbytumblr

    Ideas Taken from Twilight Princess?

    I wouldn't consider it being taken from TP, it just seems like the easiest way to fly a bird in a video game.. lol
  43. winterbbytumblr

    Ancient Cistern

    Ancient Cistern has the best boss battle, aside from the final boss, in the entire game. Also, the secretiveness that is the Ancient Cistern is very appealing. You are in a dungeon, hidden by a waterfall. Then you come to find out that this dungeon, that is a secret, is holding a huge secret! It...
  44. winterbbytumblr

    Skyward Sword Silent Realms

    I have a love/hate relationship with the silent realms. I really enjoyed them because they were one of the most challenging parts of the entire game. However, I hated doing them becuase by the time was finished, my heart would be racing at a rate of what felt like a million beats per second. NOT...
  45. winterbbytumblr

    Cutest Kikwi?

    Machi! He was just so lovable.. <3
  46. winterbbytumblr

    How Would You Rate Skyward Sword?

    I'm just going to post a blog a wrote a while ago.. Controls The controls on this game, were absolutely amazing. I couldn't have imagined them better. They were a little hard to get used to at first, but after you got comfortable and figured them out, they were simple and made the game SO much...
  47. winterbbytumblr

    Did You Like the Imprisoned?

    It was too repetitive and should not have happened. It was an immature mistake. That being said, the third phase of the imprisoned was actually very fun.
  48. winterbbytumblr

    Oracle Series What Do You Think About The Legend Of Zelda Oracle Of Ages

    They were too surface deep.. if that makes sense. I felt there wasn't enough depth to the game, and they're probably my least favorite in the series. That being said, they both are great games, and oracle of ages has some serious puzzles! They were pretty fun, but as a zelda game they were a...
  49. winterbbytumblr

    Does Anyone else Miss the Hover Boots?

    I miss the hover boots quite a lot! I would like to see an updated version in a new game, absolutely! They are a bit outdated though and could use some upkeep on design and execution, but I really do miss them! I also think we should be able to choose our gear again, unlike in Skyward Sword. We...
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