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  1. zeldawesome

    Spoiler Fi's Analyses

    Ok so merge if needed.Can some people analyse the enemies and post pictures on their description?Thank you if it's possible and also its spoiler because people may want to discover them on their own.
  2. zeldawesome

    Spoiler Ghirahim and Phi

    Ok so As you know,Ghirahim is a sword,like Phi but Did any notice... Phi=Good sword Ghirahim=Evil sword heres the point: Ghi Phi Ghirahim has Phi's name in his name but replacing the P with a G.AAAAAnd depending on how you say it,Ghi can rhyme with Phi!Sorry:i forgot!Phi is now Fi.But...
  3. zeldawesome

    Zelda Picture Contest

    Ok so you try to find a zelda picture,screenshot and edit it or sometihng ill rate it then also the 3rd person to get a 10/10 will also be able to rate the pictures. OOPS!i forgot:Have fun!
  4. zeldawesome

    What Would You Like to See in Skyloft?2

    Ok so im remaking this thread with more things.Note its timed to vote because of the release settling in soon.DON'T FORGET TO POST!
  5. zeldawesome

    My Lil Brothers Battleshop

    My lil brother will battle a 50+ battle in white. FC:1377 6628 4693 lv.s rotom:60 zekrom:62 serperior:87 Giratina:51 not using:Absol:50 and shiny samurott:37 Double battle 4VS4 absent mind proof-you may not make the opposing pokemon confused-he made this one up tell me if its not...
  6. zeldawesome


    Ok so the cat is almost 100% confirmed to be Named Mia and Is Zelda's.Now thoughts on Mia's Role and what part of the game,she is cursed?Also i think when you return to skyloft one night Mia gets controlled by evil power and thus attacking you At night.My guess is she will be involved in 2...
  7. zeldawesome

    If You Lived in Hyrule Would You Rather...

    if you lived in hyrule would you rather... Live in kokori forest of live in the temple of time. (merge)
  8. zeldawesome

    Ask an Enemy!

    You all know how to play. Redead,do you like being scary?
  9. zeldawesome

    Rate the Story

    you rate the zelda story someone tells you above youyou pass if you have none.and i have none.(Merge if exists!)
  10. zeldawesome

    Zelda Alphabet Game

    Basicly what the title says.can be enemy,item or person.oh can be merged if exists,thank you! Ache
  11. zeldawesome

    3ds Zelda Game?

    will there be a 3ds zelda i mean a completly new game not a remake but a real zelda
  12. zeldawesome

    What You Do when Watching a Movie?

    I eat popcorn and water sometimes soda and pizza :D
  13. zeldawesome

    Spoiler What Area Are You Wanting to See and Think Will Be Fun?

    Id like to see eldin Volcano how about you?
  14. zeldawesome

    Spoiler New Species

    If the gorons are in and i think dekus then is there a zora apperance?And what about the mogmas?are there going to be 2 more speices or just 1 more with the loftbirds?think about this nice and slow to understand it.>:( I have bad spelling >:( sorry
  15. zeldawesome

    WW-Wii U The Boss You Had Trouble with Most.

    Get rid of this Thread if its alive already.Ive only gotton to the middle of the earth temple so i would have to choose...Kalle demos It was a long fight i just had trouble with him.
  16. zeldawesome

    Has Anyone Been Playing Kirby Lately?

    My lil bro was at school and came home sad.he was talk about kirby to his friends and they said kirby is for girls!hes stupid!and hes pink! so does anyone think thats bullying?anyway,has anyone been play kirby d3,64 or something?For me its kssu!
  17. zeldawesome

    Real Cucco Attack!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8XuYeZs1Yw&feature=relatedmy lil Bro found it.He thought it was funny so i wanted to share this!
  18. zeldawesome

    Rate the Profile Pic!

    ok sorry if theres one in existenst please close this if so.You can't rate mine but there needs to be 2 people that have relplied to play this proparly dangit sorry bad spelling!the scale is 0/10 or 0/5 your choice.
  19. zeldawesome

    For Kirby Fans(kirbys Adventure)

    ok this fake game is called kirby adventure.it is a 3d game.you go on and fight bosses in 3-d.Theres quests. Race:People will race you.(20-80 EXP) Fetch:People will ask you to get something.They will ive a fair amount of EXP(40-60) Other:others include minigames,abilty quests and stuff like...
  20. zeldawesome

    Favorite Dkc Game

    ok so whats your favorite donkey kong country game?and your order of favorite to least as well as your difficultly level my favs are dkc2 dkc dkc3 then my difficultly level list is the same as favorite though for me dkc3 is hard on emulader with no controller! if you want to...
  21. zeldawesome

    Your "Facepalm" Moments in Video Games

    that thread your facepalmoments gave me this idea what made you facepalm in video games? in mario party i was 1 step from getting the star that night i woke up playing and i never got that score!i woke up again it was a dream i really HAD gotten the score soooooooooo :xd:
  22. zeldawesome

    My Seires Custom Made

    ok im making a series called critter battles my creatures so far Wolfifs:blue wolf with purple eyes Diggr:a machine like mole with razor sharp claws Clingo:A monkey with very short tail and pink fur i may show their pics but i suck at my paint drawing so say in your posts if you want me to...
  23. zeldawesome

    The Element Game

    ok so whats your element you want to be? ice beat water water beats fire fire beat ice poison beat wind wind beat grounded grounded beats static static beats poison after choosing have a magic adventure
  24. zeldawesome

    What Your Favorite Music?

    my favorites are TWW mini boss theme and MM boss
  25. zeldawesome

    Who Still Plays the Dkc Games?

    hey who still has these games?and still play em?anyhoo this is the offial dkc thread so you can talk about your fav levels your most hated and bosses too!ive beaten only dkc we got to screeches sprint never got to screech and never beat baron rollenstein
  26. zeldawesome

    Is 3ds Worth It?

    my lil bro and i want one but is it worth it?should we get them or no
  27. zeldawesome

    The Random Chitchat Forum

    here is a place where can have fun and talk about anything rules:no trolling no swearing be nice and have fun! ill start a random topic Whats your favorite DS game?
  28. zeldawesome

    Zelda Quiz!!!!!!

    theres probally another thread but this is a diffrint version if there is 5 questions per day 1:its impossileble to get more hearts T/F 2:OoT sages are in TWW T/F 3:what is not a ranch Lon Lon ranch/Terimina ranch/Romani ranch...
  29. zeldawesome

    My Games Are Too Hard Understand So No One Plays Them :(

    no no ones plays them so this is my game thats easy to understand adventures in forums 1:your name is your forum name. 2:you have a thing/monster around you 3:you get to choose your creature 4:go around...
  30. zeldawesome

    Did You Know Video Game Style

    ok that did you know thread i thought was cool so this is the video game stlye with info you may not know in any video game existed did you know in OoT octaroks looked like crap in the beta and instead looked like LOZ incarnarations?
  31. zeldawesome

    Ocarina of Time What Would Make You Swear?

    dont swear here but what would make you want to yell at the game for me the owl after he tells me a hour long story i get on my screen Would you like me to repeat that? -->YES YES F
  32. zeldawesome

    The Real Zelda Game

    you do the ocarina game but pretend your link and your struggling to survive like barly "escaping a moblin i thought i was going to die" you sepratly start your own story and do what you feel like and just if too people are at the same place you can even let them meat (zeldawesome:hi...
  33. zeldawesome

    Create a Creature/dungeon

    here you can create a fake and custom zelda enemy this is a diffrint thread so im a aware of other threads like this Forme Name Apperance How it attacks How to kill Heres the forme for dungeons Type(temple or mini dungeon) Element/s Item got Have fun!
  34. zeldawesome

    Demis Adventure

    this is an rpg game you choose charcters and fight monsters or even fight each other!rules:no swearing or reporting or stuff and only one post at a time no double posting instead edit your post you can help other fighters every 5 battles only 1 fighter helping a time Myhirz:pow:80 hp:100 Talmin...
  35. zeldawesome

    Dear Link

    so i saw the ask link thread and this time you ask link what to do!like if you need help or something
  36. zeldawesome

    Army March

    ok heres a fun war game its where you build an army and attack people on the forums ok you get money by destroying armies you start with 3 simple warriors and 1,000 money rules:only builders and simples can build!it takes 1 day for a builder to build and 2 days & 1 hour for a simple(no matter...
  37. zeldawesome

    The What Am I Game

    ok itts simple you give hints on what you are i dont care if theres threard like this this is diffrint ill start your only 3 hints to give out im big im in TWW and my element is water
  38. zeldawesome

    Four Swords Adventures I Was Dissa Pointed

    i thought 4sa was going to be in 3d with cpu controlled red blue and purple links or player controlled i think the games great but who thinks itd be cool like that? this tread probbally might not fit move if it dosent
  39. zeldawesome

    Who Loves Games Up to the Point Where You Must Mash Buttons Remote

    i loved these games but not these mashing parts i always fail :| what about you guys?
  40. zeldawesome

    Spoiler How Long Do You Think a Shield Will Last

    i marked as spoiler because some do not know sheilds can break i think hylain will take like 30 hits or so
  41. zeldawesome

    WW-Wii U How Do I Get Across the Bridge in TWW?

    How?Plz help!(The Endless night and rest of the game.not the start you just walk across)
  42. zeldawesome

    Ocarina of Time What if the Beta Game Existed

    im glad the ranch wasnt burned down we lost the market not the ranch too but if you were an teenager itd be burning by dusk its just a shambles and malons crying what do you think or feel about this?
  43. zeldawesome

    Spoiler My Theory

    I think The storys is like partly a dream y'know links in that dark room with phi in a trailer!it looks like a cutsecne so what do you think?post your theory on this too!
  44. zeldawesome

    Spoiler Now What Does Everyone Expect in the Overworld

    now what do you want to see in the overworld i want grottos entered by bombing stumps and stuff
  45. zeldawesome

    Most Stupidest Thing You've Ever Done in Any Zelda Game

    i was being dumb attacking pigs for no reason XD
  46. zeldawesome

    Another Handheld Zelda Game?

    hey everyone would you guys like a third ds zelda?just wondering if a third should come out
  47. zeldawesome

    What Would You Like to See in Skyloft?

    id like a mini-game sort of thing like hide-n-seek!
  48. zeldawesome

    WW-Wii U What's Your Scariest Moment in TWW?

    i may sound like an idiot but i was never fond of redeads i listined to a redead scream on wind waker it sounded like a banshee then i finally got to the redead place even though i was ready for its scream,it nearly made my heart stop if you were sacred of redeads then you may understand me.i...
  49. zeldawesome

    WW-Wii U Whats Your Least Favorite Dungeon in TWW?

    whats yours?i hated the wind earth temples wind was annoying because of those stupid floormasters!they take makar!they should of took link!makar would of been helpless!they could of took link then makar!earth because it was confusing becuase of it took me an hour to relise i had to shoot a fire...
  50. zeldawesome

    WW-Wii U What's the Best Way to Kill Redeads?

    i dont know with items i should have ready
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