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  1. bellum

    How Do You Play New Super Mario Bros. Wii?

    There are two ways to play New Super Mario Bros Wii: With the sideways Wii remote or the Wii remote and the nunchuck. I want to know which way you play this game. I'll add a poll to this thread also. I completed the game for the first time with the sideways Wii remote, which I found to be...
  2. bellum

    Bellums Paint and GIMP Skillz

    I made some banners for a site Yes. This one was BASED on Zd's old mod banner.
  3. bellum

    Links Awakening for the Dsi

    I've heard from another member that Links Awakening will be released for the Nintendo Dsi Virtual Consle. I hope this is true. What do you think about this?
  4. bellum

    Why a Shiekah?

    Why do you think Zelda Disguised herself as a Shiekah? There could be many possibilities to this so I decided to make a thread. A checked around and could find stuff about Sheikah but nothing about this topic, lucky me:D. I she disguised herslef as a Shiekah beacause it reminded her of her...
  5. bellum

    Shows You Watched During a Younger Age

    Well when you were younger, what kinda shows do you watch. I've watched many things, Barney, Telletubbies, Dora the explorer:xd: and much more wait, there must be a thread like this somewhere. I'm going to search
  6. bellum

    Wierd Al

    Do any of you like to listen to parodys' of songs, well here ya go. His anme is Wierd Al Yankovich, and he makes amazing parody's of songs. Like Micheal Jackson's "Beat it" is now Wierd Al's "Eat it". I really have liked these songs and will listen to the songs whenever I here one. Amish...
  7. bellum

    Gaming Magazines?

    Do you ever get any gaming magizines, for the heck of it? I've gotten The Magizines GamePro, and GameInformer.
  8. bellum

    Wii Injuries

    Wow, I just read an article in Gameinformer, about all these injuries, from the Wii,and they're making this thing called the Wii, full body pod. The article goes as following "We've all seen the YouTube videos of televisions ruined by an overexcited gamer throwing a Wii remote through...
  9. bellum

    Star Game

    I've been trying to get the awesome quiver, but I can't beat the star game, any tips?
  10. bellum

    Kotake & Koume

    did kotake and kotume suprise you in MM when you came into the magic Hags shop to get the Pictograpgh well yeah they scared me it was really wierd and when they grunted it creeped me out they looked like little I don't know but when they squinted it scared me. Anyways they really suprised...
  11. bellum

    Biggoron sword

    Did you actuall take your time to get the biggoron sword before you beat Ganon? And did it take many tries to actually get the Biggoron sword for you? Me oh yeah I'm at the part when I'm going into ganons castle and I'm doing the quest now so far I have the odd potion and I will not go into...
  12. bellum

    Ocarina of Time Stalfos

    what's your opinion on Stalfos from OoT I really liked the stalfos cause st first they were a challenge to me then I found out some techneques and can beat them without hurting me also they have a cool look^^ I just have always loved stalfos they inspired me to make this thread
  13. bellum

    Shadow Temple w/o Lens of Truth

    here is my Impossible test Can you make it through the shadow temple without the lens of truth and it really could seem impossible for some people but I'm gonna try to do it and if any one else can do this please post here and I will honor you in the shadow temple hall of fame
  14. bellum

    Gerudo fortress (OoT)

    I'm reading the guide on ZD and I can't understand it so I'll just ask you people I'm having lots of trouble getting past the guards to get to the second carpenter:S can anyone help:puppy:
  15. bellum

    Ocarina of Time guinness book of world records

    You might think this has nothing to do with OoT well think again in this one guinness book of world records I remember I record that really suprised me it was the quickest time to beat OoT and it was 5 hours something but to you think ypu could beat OoT in less than 5 hours was this guy who set...
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