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  1. Ryuken

    Musings of a Champion: The Timeline Connection

    I made this theory for the ZD Christmas Magazine, and I've decided to put the more detailed draft here. It might be a little less fun to read compared to my previous theory, but I hope you still find it interesting. Fingers are pointed. Hairs are pulled. Fans are divided. Why? Three words: the...
  2. Ryuken

    Spoiler Musings of a Champion: The Power Source of the Timeless Sheikah Tech

    This theory will make three points: 1) The goddess of Time's identity is Hylia. 2) Hylia powers the Timeshift Stones from Skyward Sword. 3) The Sheikah Technology in Breath of the Wild are powered by these same Timeshift Stones. The first point is relatively simple, and its answer can be found...
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