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  1. toonlink

    I'm gonna be at school and work almost all day, but I get home around 6pm PST, is that alright?

    I'm gonna be at school and work almost all day, but I get home around 6pm PST, is that alright?
  2. toonlink

    Pokémon Sun and Moon SPOOKtacular 2019 - Game Thread

    GG, thanks for the match!
  3. toonlink

    Thank you!

    Thank you!
  4. toonlink

    Thank you very much!

    Thank you very much!
  5. toonlink

    Thanks a ton! I'll do my best!

    Thanks a ton! I'll do my best!
  6. toonlink

    Thank you so much! ^_^

    Thank you so much! ^_^
  7. toonlink

    Platinum Games X Nintendo IP

    A Zelda or Fire Emblem character action game would be an obvious fit, but I can totally see a Wario Land or Donkey Kong 3D beat em' up.
  8. toonlink

    Is it worthwhile to play an unfinished series?

    I think if the games that do exist in that series hold up on their own, you can still enjoy them. The narrative may never come to a proper conclusion, but when it comes to stuff like Mega Man Legends and Half Life, the story you do get is great!
  9. toonlink

    Rate the Last Game That You Played

    The Outer Worlds - 9/10 Pretty amazing, dense game, if a bit shorter than its contemporaries. The writing is pretty great, and there's a lot of neat little details all throughout the world, though I still hold my opinion that Fallout New Vegas has slightly better visual storytelling. The great...
  10. toonlink

    Lost Items Thread

    Have you lost anything recently? Maybe you lost something really important a while ago? Got any stories about losing things? I wanna know! Myself, I lost my wallet twice in the past year, and both times there were long searches before I gave up (the first time) and found it in my bathroom (the...
  11. toonlink

    Recommend your favourite video game

    I have so many favourites, but I'll just choose two. Fallout New Vegas This game has some of the best design in every respect, and it has some despite being nearly a decade old, it has the amazing ability to immerse you in its world. It can often feel like a living breathing world, with some...
  12. toonlink

    First Exposure to Anime?

    How did you get into anime? What kept you watching it? If you didn't keep watching it, what kept you from it? I either started watching anime through on demand anime network recordings or watching Toonami late at night with my cousin. I had to be only 11 or 12, sometime a bit before I started...
  13. toonlink

    Releases You're Looking Forward To

    I accidentally got one of the Persona 5 Royal songs to autoplay while I was writing, and never before have I wanted a game to get localized more.
  14. toonlink

    Second Favorite Genre?

    I'm sure you've asked someone, "What's your favorite game genre?" and it provided some insight into that person. Maybe it told you about their tastes, what they grew up with, that sorta thing. But what's your second favorite game genre? Was it maybe something you originally really loved, but got...
  15. toonlink

    Most consistent gaming franchises in terms of quality

    Etrian Odyssey, Dragon Quest, Persona, Shin Megami Tensei, and Smash Bros are all some great series with pretty consistently fun and high quality games. With all these series', it's pretty clear what players want from them, and the devs always deliver. I'd also add Yakuza, but I've only played...
  16. toonlink

    Stamina vs Magic

    I find stamina a bit more appealing, just because it's more flexible. You can be more creative with your limited abilities if you don't need to find a pickup to fill the bar for em, and instead just have to hold out until you can use them again. Like you said, I really loved ALBW's stamina/magic...
  17. toonlink

    Great Postgame

    I feel like this is sorta cheating, but Pokemon HGSS have some of the best postgame ever. Just a whole new region with tons of stuff to do and a really killer final boss, it's all pretty amazing. Beyond that, I found River City Girls has a pretty fun "postgame", which is
  18. toonlink

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Impulse bought The Outer Worlds, loving it so far~
  19. toonlink

    Pokémon Sun and Moon SPOOKtacular 2019 - Game Thread

    I don't :( I wasn't able to get any contact info of any sort
  20. toonlink

    Rate The Last TV Series That You Watched

    Gundam Build Fighters - 7/10 I had this autoplay on youtube while I was making models, it was a pretty entertaining watch. Neat little references to all the Gundam series and a pretty standard tournament shonen. Fate/Zero - 9/10 For my first attempt at the Fate series, it's pretty dang good! I...
  21. toonlink

    Least favorite Chore?

    I hate folding laundry. Washing, drying, bringing down the baskets to the laundry room, I'm fine with everything about laundry but folding.
  22. toonlink

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Twitter posts about the new FFXIV Nier raids got me back into its amazing ost
  23. toonlink

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    I've recently gotten back into gacha hell, with Fate Grand Order and King of Fighters ALLSTAR. I've been planning on grabbing a new game for switch or ps4 in a few weeks too, either outer worlds, digimon cyber sleuth, or pokemon sword, but I cant decide >_<
  24. toonlink

    Post a Video Game Tune That Has You Feeling Nostalgic

    This track reminds me of the nights in middle school where I'd pretend to be asleep, playing emulated SNES games on my laptop. I'd play the music at really low volume, and my mom would sometimes walk by my room, so I'd quickly cover myself with a blanket. For some reason, its a really vivid...
  25. toonlink

    Renaming foods.

    Nutrient Mush Souffle
  26. toonlink

    Pokémon Sun and Moon SPOOKtacular 2019 - Game Thread

    Um, Fig hasn't logged on since last Tuesday, does anyone have a way to contact them?
  27. toonlink

    Your biggest gaming regrets

    I once reset my copy of Pokemon Platinum, and I didn't realize until after that I had forgotten to transfer a shiny bidoof I had caught.
  28. toonlink

    Be honest, do you know who Terry Bogard is?

    I knew about Terry, but I'd never played any games he appeared in before the announcement, save for an SNK arcade machine at a laundromat I think I played on once. I tried playing KoF, but I tried out that the guy with the glasses and claw hands, and I didn't like it much. I was one of those...
  29. toonlink

    How often do you taunt in Smash Bros.?

    I taunt a lot after taking a stock, but only if the character doesn't have a move that charges like Hero or Samus. I especially love how Ultimate lets you cancel a taunt into another taunt, the ones with voice lines are really great at annoying people > :3c
  30. toonlink

    Siblings and game systems

    I have a younger brother, and I'm quite thankful that our parents usually bought us separate handhelds, since both of my brother and I would play on our DS's and 3DS's a ton. When it came to consoles, we usually don't end up bickering too much, as one of us is usually too tired out at any given...
  31. toonlink

    Pokémon Sun and Moon SPOOKtacular 2019 - Game Thread

    Hey @Fig , what time will you be free to battle? I'm [usually] good Mondays/Wednesdays 4:00pm-10pm PST, Tuesdays/Thursdays/Fridays 6:00pm-10:00pm PST, and Saturday/Sunday any time after 10:00am PST. If you can't do any of those times I'm sure I could move some stuff around and fit in a battle :)
  32. toonlink

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Playing through River City Girls with my girlfriend and brother, having a fun time! Also playing YuGiOh Duel Links before my classes and during downtime~
  33. toonlink

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Technically not my last purchase, but my Limited Run Games copy of River City Girls came in!!
  34. toonlink

    Never Played (insert name)

    Oracle of Ages, mostly because I haven't beat Oracle of Seasons still.
  35. toonlink

    Pokémon Sun and Moon SPOOKtacular 2019 - Game Thread

    Ohhhh right! I forgot about Losers Bracket >_<
  36. toonlink

    Pokémon Sun and Moon SPOOKtacular 2019 - Game Thread

    https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-996517551 I have been defeated, and Scarfed continues on to the next round! I'll be watching from the sidelines, best of luck to the rest of ya!
  37. toonlink

    Releases You're Looking Forward To

    Games: N1RV Ann-A Pokemon Sword SD Gundam G-Generation Cross Rays Movies: Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 (Is it called 4.44 now? I've kinda lost track) Gundam Thunderbolt 3 (This one hasn't been announced but the manga is likely ending soon and they'd be dumb not to...
  38. toonlink

    Book and Movie Quotes.

    Riddhe Marcenas: Laplace's Box isn't just an issue for your family. Our ancestors who ushered in the Universal Century didn't simply abandon the excess human population in space. They embraced a glimmer of hope for the distant future and sent them out with as big a prayer as they could offer...
  39. toonlink

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    Gundam Narrative - 6/10 Narrative is a confusing blur of a movie. It has plenty of interesting concepts and scenes, but it's bogged down by a rushed, sloppy script. The movie has far too much going on, and suffers from assuming that the viewer knows all the lore already, which was kind of a...
  40. toonlink

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    This album is sooooo good, wonderful synth compositions of classic Gundam songs.
  41. toonlink

    Do you behave differently online?

    I write a heck of a lot more eloquently than I normally speak, so text format stuff usually ends up making me less all over the place
  42. toonlink

    Are you into difficult games?

    I love a good challenge, although usually I stick to tough RPGs and roguelikes. My reflexes are decent, but I can't really get into soulsborne games, probably due to a lack of interest in the gameplay+setting. I enjoy games with very deliberate controls and bosses with patterns like Monster...
  43. toonlink

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    I bought Samurai Shodown V Special on the Switch, it's a great SNK fighter with some amazing visuals and gameplay. Each fight feels like a mini story, like a smaller version of those great action scenes that are a culmination of two character's differences clashing. You can knock an opponent's...
  44. toonlink

    Fav hangout spot

    At home, I really like just lounging around in my room, either slouching at my desk or slumped over my bed. It's right next to my desk so I can still type on my computer if I stretch my arms over the bed's end~ Although, I often leave things scattered around so I end up spending more time...
  45. toonlink

    Post a Video Game Tune That Has You Feeling Nostalgic

    Reminds me of a nice sunny day, the kind where you're just sitting around and playing Pokemon. Bugs are flying around outside by the flower garden. You ate a whole ream of cookies. You're laying on your stomach, the fabric of the couch nice and fuzzy. You have no obligations, no work. Just Pokemon.
  46. toonlink

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    Banned for accepting ignorance
  47. toonlink

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

  48. toonlink

    Double Post Game

  49. toonlink

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    Banned for knowing you dont know
  50. toonlink

    Pokémon Sun and Moon SPOOKtacular 2019

    Alright, I'll join then
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